New Comics for 06/03/09 really wish that the weather would make up its mind

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

It’s a great week of comics!  Everyone mourning the cancelation of Captain Britain and MI13 can take heart in a the Captain Britain and MI13 Annual! It’s like an extra issue!

Plus Astro City: The Dark Age Book Three, the last issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, Irredeemable, Superman: World of New Krypton and Scalped!

Oh, and a little thing called Batman & Robin!

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Let’s say that the entire staff of iFanboy (listed above) is locked in a room with a baseball bat, a hockey stick, a two foot length of rebar, a copy of Absolute Watchmen, a bar of soap in a sock, a blackjack, a pair of Hulk Hands, a rusty spoon, and a bullwhip.  Who would be the last one left to walk out the door, bloodied but still standing?


  1. Batman and Robin!

    Batman and Robin!

    Batman and Robin!!!!!!

    …..oh and Punisher Max: Naked Kill

    BQ: I go for the Dark Horse; Dave. Since ya know….he posts the least on here.

  2. Batman and Robin, man that was quick!


    BQ i figure it would be Sonia. She’s bide her time and no one would touch her cause she’s a girl and you all seem like gentleman. soon though it would become apparent that she was using that to her advantage and she’s have to pick up the rebar(which josh used earlier to impale Jim) and fight off Conor and Ron. I think she wins, seeing as how they would be already worn out from killing the others.

  3. Batman and Robin, Captain Britain and MI13 Annual, and ASM.

    BQ:  I gotta go with Ron because for some strange reason, I think he would be the only one who would hit Sonia.

  4. Captain Britain why must you hurt so good?

    BQ: Josh, and he won’t even need any of the weapons, just his pent up 2005 comic hating rage.

  5. Amazing Spider-Man, Captain Britain Annual, World of New Krypton, and I think I’ll give Batman and Robin a chance.

    BQ: Ron. He hides extra weapons in his hair.

  6. Great week.  Namor shows up in ‘Agents of Atlas,’ Becky Cloonan writes ‘Buffy,’ more ‘Exiles,’ and more ‘Mighty Avengers.’  Plus, I seem to be reading ‘Scalped’ in issues now.  At least until the end of this arc.

    BQ: Wait, what’s the object of the game?  Oh, it doesn’t matter.  Sonia.

  7. Amazing Spider-Man, New Krypton, Dark Avengers, Batman and Robin, Jonah Hex, Secret Six, Muppet Show, and still debating on Chew.

    Kinda pissed that got my hopes up by saying Savage Dragon 149 was this week.

    BQ: Ron for the same reason as YoSoyJu 

  8. Jersey Gods #5 anyone?

    BQ: Hands down it’s Sonia. I think she could handle herself quite well in a fight.

  9. I’m breaking my Quietly-in-Collections-Only preference for B&R #1. Man, I hope he’s far enough ahead of everything… 

    "Oh, you are totally underestimating the never-say-die scrappiness of a survivor."

    "Hey, guess what? Nobody cares who would win in a crazy fantasy fist-fight between Anne Frank and Lizzie Borden."

    BQ: Conor with the Absolute Watchmen.. Sonia if she could substitute the American for the British (cricket) bat. Jimski with the Hulk Hands.

  10. Didn’t expect a Cap Brit annual but more is good, at least until Marvel gets its ass outta its ass and continue this series!


    BQ: Conor. He has that look in his eye that’s one step away from serial killer.

  11. Batman & Robin!  Finally get G-Mo continuing his story.  Also, I’m hopeful Chew from Image will be a fun romp.

    Oh, and Secret Six too!

    BQ:Sonia.  Although I agree that Ron would be the only one to hit her, who’s to say that everyone would just stand around while Ron did the deed?  In a big ol’ battle royale, Sonia would take that bar of soap in a sock and clean house

  12. @Ottobott: You shouldnt have brought the henchmen! Your gonna be the only person with henchmen to your LCS! *sighs* Just pull over so I can just kill them.

    Btw I love it how there is a hair joke and an implication of Ron as a wife beater already. This is gonna get ugly…

  13. Looks like a stellar week! Dark Avengers, Irredeemable, Mighty, and Ultimatum.

    BQ: Ron, because he’s the only one of the iFanboy’s that I know exercises. He can run them in circles until they’re tired and suffocate them with his sideburns.

  14. BQ: Gordon is kind of creepy,  and you should never underestimate a creep.

  15. I can’t fucking wait for Batman and Robin!!

    How many more hours until the comic shop opens on Wednesday morning?

  16. A small but good week for me.  I’m lovin’ that Scalped cover and of course, Batman and Robin tops my list.  I may just have enough scratch to get I Kill Giants, but we’ll see.  Can’t wait for Wednesday though.

    BQ: Jim.  When pressed, I believe his rage turns him into the Hulk.

  17. 2 books……….2 books Wow. 

  18. BQ: Sonia. She’s a pretty British girl who likes comic books. There’s no way she’s really human.

  19. Another big week! 

    BQ BQ: Who on the iFanboy staff would have a hockey stick? 

  20. I really gotta start picking up Irredeemable, it seems like such a cool series, the guys really hyped it up. Captain Britain is coming out this week, so there will be at least 60% of the iFanboy community that will be crying uncontrolably. I’m looking forward most to that issue and Batman & Robin.

     BQ: Jim, but only if he goes psycho and imagines that everyone is Deadpool. That would send him into murderous rage.

  21. Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    BQ: I am going to go with Sonia she seems pretty ruthless. Also Paul would be the first to go.

  22. Either sonia with the soap sock or Conor with a bloody bent copy of absolute watchmen with tears streaming down his face

  23. Most excited for Dark Avengers and War of Kings!


    BQ: Josh with the rebar. He’s got the most to live for.

  24. BQ: No one. I saw that movie and they shoot whoever gets out. Stupid government/corporation and their over-elaborate projects.

  25. What’s with this $500 Boys hardcover?


    BQ: Sonia with a bullwhip.

  26. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I can do wonders with a spoon. 

  27. Scalped, World of New Krypton, Batman and Robin. 

    BQ: Feel like Conor is the best pick. He is the biggest and also seems like he could be the maddest when pushed far enough.

  28. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    World of New Krypton and Conan!!!

  29. Chew #1

    Jersey Gods #5

    Batman and Robin #1

     BQ: Conor because of the weapons available. Sonia as my backup. I think Ron and Josh are too soft. Jim, Paul, and Mike are jobbers. I don’t even know who Dave is. 

  30. World of New Krypton, Spider-Man, Jersey Gods. I might be dropping Dark Avengers.

    BQ: Paul. He’s got that crazy look in his eyes.

  31. Captain Britain! Conan! Irredeemable! War of Kings! Oh, and a Kal-El/Hal Jordan smackdown on New Krypton! Hot damn, this is a good week.

    I’m also picking up Chew #1. Could be good … could suck. Let’s find out!

  32. The only bad thing about Scalped coming out is that I have to go to a different LCS to get it, & the shop kind of licks ball bags. But, what am I gonna do, not read Scalped?

    Lookin’ forward to Scalped (not the shop) Superman WONK & Secret Six & will be giving Chew #1 a try.

    BQ-  Sonia. No question.


  33. Slow week for me,I’m not much of a superhero guy 🙁    That said,even I’ll probably buy Batman and Robin,didn’t mind Allstar Superman.I feel like I have to buy the last Seaguy too even though its just kind of entertaining,not great.

    BQ: I don’t know but I have a scary feeling this weeks podcast will be like Battle Royale crossed with Videodrome.

  34. My comics of interest are:

    Batman & Robin(Fuck yeah!!!)

    Seaguy Slaves of Mickey Eye(Double fuck yeah!!!)

    Superman World of New Krypton

    Secret Six

    The Muppet Show (Yay, the Gonzo issue!)

    Final Crisis Aftermath: Run!

    Agents of Atlas

    Ultimate Spider-man

    I might pick up the Buffy: Tales of the Vampires one-shot and Echo vol.2

     BQ: I don’t know. But, it would make an excellent video show.:)

  35. I am geniuinely excited by all my books this week. It’s gonna be difficult making my pick. So much potential here! Amazing Spider-Man, Atomic Robo Shadow From Beyond Time, Batman And Robin, Captain Britain And MI:13 Annual, Chew (How could this not be awesome?), Dark Avengers, Irredeemable, Secret Six, Superman World Of New Krypton. The only problem? This is the week before finals, trimesters be damned.

    BQ: I’m not convinced anyone would survive. I think Ron armed with Hulk Hands and rebar is a threat to everyone, including himself.

  36. I hope ‘Batman and Robin’ lives up to the ridiculous squeal I let out the first time I saw the ad for it.

    BQ: There will be fallen bodies except for a bloodied and bruised Conor and Sonia. But, Sonia will definitely win.

  37. Jonah Hex.

    This is the first issue of six issue arc. This will be the first time Hex has a storyline over 2 issues in this run.

    The rest of the comics look great too.

  38. Really want to see what’s coming up with Batman and Robin I’m not the biggest fan of Grant M. but i want to be a fan hopefully this will be the book to sway my mind. 


    BQ: I feel that Gordon the Intern will channel his inner Rorschach and beat everyone with the absolute,  The only one who might stand a chance is Josh but i feel the hulk hands wont do any good against a 5 pound book!!! 

  39. Too many good comics. I usually draw a hard line at 5 books a week and 2 trades a month. I see ten books I want this week 🙁

  40. Scalped, Seaguy and Secret Six for me. It’s an awesome week for books that start with S!


    BQ: Sonia, no doubt. But if it was just the main three iFanboys I would have to go with Ron.

  41. I can’t wait to read Superman:World of New Krypton…..


    BQ: Ron would win! I have a feeling he bites……….. 

  42. Quieter this week, but man what quality!!  Captain Britain annuel, Scalped and BATMAN AND ROBIN to wash away the bitter taste of Battle For The Cowl…

    BQ: Conor-all those Batman books he’s read were just training for this moment, as he takes out everyone with their one weakness that only he knows…

  43. Looking forward to a lot of good stuff this week – The Boys (Always), Batman and Robin, the Buffy one-shot, Scalped (excellent!), Irredeemable, Ultimate Spidey, Secret Six, Ultimatium (which I am enjoying, despite the lateness) – some very promising books this week. I’m also going to try Chew – I’ve enjoyed Layman’s creator-owned stuff in the past – and Werewolves on the Moon Vs. Vampires – greatest comic title ever!

    BQ: Sonia – 1) She’s British and has all that seething anti-American sentiment most Brits supress; 2) She’s a woman, and has no reservations about going for the nut shot; 3) She’s a woman, and in a room full of comic nerds, an anomaly.

    But I will agree with @odare77 – if there is a second round, Conor comes out on top. Like they say, you may beat Batman once, but you’re very, very unlikely to beat him twice.

  44. I choose to be encouraged by the fact that none of you believe in me. This just tells me that the rage is being repressed effectively, and not coming across. That’s a relief.

    (I think I’d put my money on Sonia too.)

  45. Batman and Robin

    BQ:  No one.  In the end it would come down to two men, warily circling each other, waiting for the opportunity to strike.  Being the smaller and more cunning of the combatants, Josh makes a mad dash under the legs of the hulking Jimski, giving him a righteous smite on the back of the head.  Victory would be short-lived, however, as Josh falls prey to the slippery bar of soap, broken free from the sock wielded by Romo.  Having crashed to ground, he only has time to wonder at the cosmic significance of Conor’s reluctance to fight with his coveted Absolute Watchmen, opting instead to finally read all of the prose sections before literally being eaten by Sonia and Ron…

    For the curious, Paul and Gordon killed each other not with weapons, but with words: specifically over who was a better intern during this year’s conventions.  And Dave?  Well, from what little remains we can only surmise it was from a broken heart.

  46. …Sorry.  Ater feating on Conor, Ron and Sonia’s lust for man-flesh culminated in them cannibalizing each other.

    Apologies for "going there."

  47. @Jimski: Dude, my pick was you up there…but only if you imagine that everyone was Deadpool!

  48. I’m actually excited about the Boys this week. Interesting. Deadpool. Reprint of Incredibles. Muppet Show and I think I might have to go to trade on Scalped.

     BQ: I’m torn between P-Money and Sonia. I think Sonia could just come up with some crazy philosophy and blow the minds of the rest of the staff without using any weapons. But then again Paul could probably just destroy everything. Also I have a weird feeling that Josh would have the key from the start and just quietly sneak out when everyone else is rumbling.

  49. Amazing Spider-Man #596

    Batman And Robin #1

    Black Panther 2 #5

    Captain Britain And mi13 Annual #1

    Dark Avengers #5

    New Avengers Reunion #4 (OF 4)

    Secret Six #10

    Superman World Of New Krypton #4 (OF 12)


    Light week, but excellent quality week.


    BQ: Sonia (because she’s British)

  50. Batman & Robin

    Superman/New Krypton

    Solomon Grundy


    BQ: Sonia… Bullwhip… wait. What was the question again?

  51. there seems to be an incredibly obscure comic coming out this week called Batman and Robin.  I know no one else cares but I think i’ll check it outl





    BQ:  you’d all destroy each other and as usual only the cockroach survives 

  52. Batman and Robin #1 – like everyone else in all comicdom

    New Avengers Reunion #4 – I feel I owe it to my LCS guy, he dug up the first 3 for me because he knows I like New Avengers.  Not digging this mini, but hey only one more ight?


    Exiles #3  – prob gonna drop this one too, too many bat books coming out in june


     And the Cap Britain annual – I am glad to see that my early foray into comics (my first comic I ever bought was Thor #600 if that gives you hint to my newbie status) has already killed a comic.  And looks like a second one is also headed for the crapper in Immortal Iron Fist.  Oh well, these new bat titles will be around for EVER!  Right?

  53. EVERYONE DIES………..But then they get ressurected during next weeks podcast.  With a variant. 

  54. Superman WONK

    BQ: Gordon the Intern (GiT) choreographs the entire fight between everyone else, forcing them to kill each other.

  55. I am excited for Batman and Robin, The Muppet Show (gotta love Gonzo)! and Flash Gordon( finally) I am picking up Dark Avengers too  but kindda on the fence on this title


    BQ:Sonia would have the key and walk out unscathed but only after out l she took enough film of the hilarious nipple tweaking, bitch slapping, and hair pulling that would ensue to put up on youtube