New Comics for 06.27.2011 Is Harder Than It Looks

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

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This week Josh has the Pick!

Bonus Question: What's the worst or hardest job you've ever had?


  1. Picking up Detective and Ultimate X.  Hopefully my shop will have the Rocketeer, since they didn’t end up getting it last week.

    BQ:  I used to drive a tow truck, that was sometimes awesome and sometimes awful.  I also worked at McDonalds when I was 15, that was never awesome, but not particularly hard.

  2. Avengers: Children’s Crusade is at the top of my stack. Detective Comics, Ultimate X, and ThunderAgents as well.

  3. -Walking Dead
    -Young Avengers

    BQ: Landscaping in Arizona during summer. Like a furnace blasting your face all day.

  4. Worst/Hardest Job – bakery for a small town grocery store.  I would get there at 5 or 6 to start baking bread.  I would burn my hands all the time.  And it was filthy dirty.  Like, dirty dirty DIRT DIRT.  I used to wonder why the floors in the back area were painted black.  Then one day they had a cleaning crew come in.  The caked dirt was washed away, revealing Superman-cape RED underneath.  Disgusting.  I would discourage friends and neighbors from buying from there.  

    It was condemned a year after I quit. 

  5. BQ: Working at a sporting goods store where I was stabbed with a fishing pole through the hand.  They gave me a bandaid and I had to work the rest of my shift.  I had to pull the pieces of the pole out myself with pliers.  I do not regret leaving the place.

  6. BQ: Roguing, which is essentially wading through infinite acres of mosquito infested alfalfa (whose resistance is not unlike walking in waist-high water) and using a spade to dig out sweet clover. The best part is that between the bugs and the heat it’s generally so unbearable that most farmers get up around 4 or 5am, rogue to exhaustion until a few hours after sunrise, then go farm all day.

    …yeah I live in the city now

  7. These are fantastic stories. Please more.

  8. Just the She Hulks trade.

    BQ: Worst job. Answering phones at Hammacher Schlemmer.

  9. BQ: Riding bison is really hard.  Harder than riding horses at least.  And Ted Turner is a tough boss to work for.  Sometimes you just wanted to get off the bison, but then Ted would come riding up beside you and you’d see that look in his eye.  He’d scream and raise his shotgun into the air, and forward into battle you’d ride.  

    Those were frightening times that I don’t want to talk about anymore.

  10. Working at Wal-Mart wasn’t too bad but I did slice part of my fingertip off.  It did turn out okay since it all grew back and since I returned to work immediately after wrapping it up, I proved to be awesome.

  11. Also, that finger didn’t have fingerprints for a while and that feeling never gets old.

  12. Yikes, one of those weeks where if I didn’t work part time at the LCS, my broke ass wouldn’t be reading comics.

    FF #5, Batman Inc. #7, American Vampire #16, Sixth Gun #12, Death of Zorro #5, and who knows what else I might grab on a whim.

    Worst job?  The Texaco from Walking Dead where the zombie girl walked past all the wrecked cars.  It was seriously like a zombie apocolypse there, with all the desperate drunks walking up to me with handfuls of change asking how much beer they can buy with it, rednecks spending hundreds every week on lottery tickets, and just overall backwoods misery and malaise.  I came home filthy every day from cleaning out deep fryers and grills too.  There’s a damn good reason they used that gas station for that scene.  It was/still is depressing as hell out there.

  13. lots of stuff coming out this week…almost too much. =(

    BQ: worked at my dorm cafeteria during college on the “late night” shift, so it was ala cart burgers, fries and anything fried and greasy. Got 100 bazillion grease burns, always got attitude from Frat boys cause there was never enough curly fries or wings. Was embarrassed nightly by having to serve my dorm neighbors wearing this horrendous turquoise uniform that hadn’t been updated since the 80s, but the worst was the cleanup. Cleaning all that grease and stuff off the grills and out of the pans. YUK. It didn’t matter how many showers you took, you always smelled like grease. The job actually reminded me why i was going to college…so i’d never have to work in one of those places ever again!

  14. BQ x2 : the second worst job ever was when i was a kid and we’d clean our neighbors gutters and rake leaves for extra cash. Raking wet leaves was tough, and getting up on the ladder was fun, but those gutters got NAST-EEE…..fermented, rotting leaves that turned all black and sludgy. Gag reflex bad.  

  15. BQ – Worst job was working in the kitchen for a summer camp. Drove up with my parents to drop off my brother and one of the camp managers asked if I wanted a job for the summer. My parents looked at each other and the next thing I knew I was watching them drive off and my father was bringing me clothes the next day. That was a long summer.

  16. Only four books this week, but damn it are they amazing!

    Batman INC, Detective Comics, FF, and Xombi

    BQ: It wasn’t a job per say, more as manual labor. I lost my job at Borders and their was an ad for working at a MovieStop. MovieStop is like Gamestop, but with movies! So they ‘hired’ me and 10 other people to unload all of the boxes containing the DVD’s into the store. After 5 grueling hours later the task was done and the manager said he’d call us back. Well he called 2 of those people back and neither of them was me. Also, didn’t get any type fo pay from them for like 3-4 months after the fact before taxes were filed. 

  17. Only 3 for me. Detective, Flashpoint: Superman, and Butcher Baker.

    BQ: My sophomore year of college I had a summer internship at this Kinko’s type place with 3 designers. They just lost one of their designers, and expected me to pick up the slack. I had to design fliers, and it was not fun. To my surprise I was fired. I luckily got an unpaying internship at a small ad agency a week later and I had a great time there even though I didn’t get any money.

  18. Just Butcher Baker for me.
    Young Avengers: Children’s Crusade is being oversized hardcover-waited.
    Mayyybe Ultimate Comics X if it actually exists. I mean it is the last issue and is (hopefully) drawn by Art Adams.

    BQ:Eh. They’ve all been not that bad so far. I guess I can’t really complain. Some of my bosses were assholes though. Or insane. Or insane assholes.

  19. Quite a few books this week: Tec, American Vampire, FF, Xombi, Arkham City (though I think it will be released next week), ASM, Batman Inc. and FP: Project Superman.

    BQ: Peeling flower bulbs (tulips). Yep they need peeling! It was hard work, boring and didn’t pay very well. Luckily it was a long long time ago.

  20. Wow, contrary to most, this is a big week for me (relatively – but the first time in a while I’ve had 4 issues for a single week)!

    American Vampire
    Detective Comics
    Sixth Gun

    Worst job… tricked into vacuuming a unfinished basement ceiling with an old 60-lb vacuum cleaner. Exposed rafters = 3x the surface area. For 5 bucks. Them’s step-parents for ya.

  21. My worst job was working at a Dunkin Donuts for a summer before college. The hours were long, the  customers were so rude that a few actually made me cry, there was a co-worker that was a sexist pig who would say demeaning things in spanish about female customers right in front of them, and so many health code violations. I was so glad to get out of there and I’ve never stepped foot in a Dunkin Donuts since. FYI: I suggest not going into any Dunkin Donuts in the Chicago Loop area. Trust me.

  22. BQ: Worst job ever, working at a Grandy’s fried chicken joint.

    One of their specialties was fried livers. When you put a batch in the fryer to cook, they would routinely pop scalding hot projectiles of burning grease. These hazards could fly over a dozen feet. They were random, unpredictable, and there wasn’t a single safety measure in place to avoid them.

    Even though you’d learn how to stay away for the maximum amount of time possible, if it got busy, and you had to do things in the vicinity, you’d let your gaurd down, and you’d forget. And then suddenly, without warning, some random spot on your body would get hit with small glob of boiling grease.

    And, oh yeah, the managers would routinely perform fraud – they would claim they had to “clock everyone out” as part of the shutdown procedure, so, you’d lose 10 minutes here, 20 there, and each pay period be shorted an hour or two compared to your actual work. 

  23. A couple of exciting-to-me sounding books, including Project Superman, Canterbury Cricket, Iron Age and Uncanny X-Men.

    BQ: Working in the engine room on a trans-Atlantic cargo ship. In college, my major was in engineering, but for a few years I had a minor in maritime engineering (which is what you’d need to become, for lack of a better term, a sailor). For this minor, I had to log in a certain number of sea days, and so I logged about 6 months of time crossing the Atlantic in that perverse steel hell before I eventually stopped. There was alot of stuff I had to do…worked with huge and insanely hot boilers, did alot with all of the A/C and water systems, and occasionally had to clean the dreaded MSD tanks…aka The Shit Tanks.

  24. I don’t think i have brought a single issue in two months. i don’t feel like i’m missing anything either

    BQ: i used to work as a “designer” in the “marketing department” of a hardware store in australia. I had do there press ads and catalogues. I was also involved with “writting” TV ads for the store. It was basically coming up with the lamest crap for a character like The Wiz of Seinfeld. So shit.

  25. off the top of my head — American Vampire, Batman Inc, Detective Comics, Gotham City Sirens, Batman: Arkham City, Walking Dead, Xombi.  this is a great week for me

  26. So much! Sorry wallet.

    Batman Inc.
    Butch Baker

  27. My Comics this week

    BQ: My jobs have always been good. But I used to work at a bank in college. The day I was not working there, the tellers were held up at gun point. I wasn’t there, but it was dangerous.

  28. Only 3 books this week, which Im happy about. One of those books is FF, so it’s a great week. Quality over quantity, I say!

    BQ: Worst/hardest job: being a son-in-law to my wife’s mother. Seriously, she is just the most vile person imaginable. She’s racist, she’s miserable, she hates men, she’s judgmental, she’s negative, she thinks everyone owes her something and that she is the only person alive who has ever had anything bad happen to them. She’s in competition to prove she’s had it harder than anyone ever. Which is a joke because she hasn’t really had it all that bad. Also, she is the dumbest person i have ever met. Normally, this is very aggravating, but there is a slight bright spot. Every so often, I look at my wife and say “HEY! Remember that time your mom thought dragons were real?” 

    True story, swear to God. SHE THOUGHT DRAGONS WERE REAL! 

  29. I will be picking up the following:

    American Vampire #16
    Batman: Arkham City #3 (OF 5)
    Batman Incorporated #7
    Detective Comics #878
    Flashpoint: The Canterbury Cricket #1
    Flashpoint: Green Arrow Industries #1
    Flashpoint: Hal Jordan #1 (OF 3)
    Flashpoint: Project Superman #1 (OF 3)
    Gotham City Sirens #24
    Hack Slash Eva Monsters Ball #2
    Red Robin: Hit List TPB

    As an aside, I would like to say that I have not been pleased with hardly any of the Flashpoint miniseries.  I’m going to try these last two, but as it stands now, I will only be picking up the 2nd and 3rd issues of like two of the Flashpoint tie-in series.  I’ve tried every single one of them, and only two of them are worth enough of a damn for me to purchase the other two in the series.  Does anybody else feel this way?  Maybe I am being too harsh, but other than the main title in the series, Flashpoint has left a lot to be desired for me.

  30. Flashpoint tie ins, Detective, Batman Inc, Hellboy Library Edition Vol.4, Rocketeer #2 cause it was pushed back for a lot of shops and a variant for Brightest Day Aftermath:Search for Swamp Thing cause they held it for me and I like to frame covers with art I really like.

    BQ: Worst job has to be for a toxic waste company that dispensed chemicals, mainly solvents that cleaned machines for machine shops mostly connected to the big auto 3.The solvents burned the skin, which would be all over your arms often (penetrates clothing too) from wheeling the drums of sludge from the machine shops out of the trucks with solvent all over em and from filling up new drums of solvent to load onto the trucks for the drivers to take to the sludge factories. Wheeling all these on average 200lb drums off and on all day n night was rough. We (me and one other guy ran the whole shift, often 12-17 hrs, they had me work 17 hrs my 1st day) had a special dolly for the 500lb drums that made it possible to load and unload those beauties. Pre mixed large square containers of cleaning chemicals, ran a hi-lo off and on and at the end of the solvent burned shift, dead tired boots wet with steel toe exposed from erosion from chemicals we had to take a shower there and toss our uniform so as not to risk bringing contaminants into the world. Funtimes!

  31. BQ: Had lots of jobs. They all suck in their own way.

  32. Saving for the dc digital explosion. Bq. Lining a rubbish dump with plastic by running down a slope pulling a huge roll of plastic just before the jcb chain snaps and neary killed us waist deep I trash.

  33. One of those great weeks with Detective, Scalped, Batman Inc, American Vampire, Xombi, Thunder Agents, Butcher Baker, FF…i.e. something from each of the best writers in comics.  Amazing Spidey’s on borrowed time tho’.

    BQ:  Chicken factory…I lasted 5 days.

  34. Picking up:
    Batman Inc #7
    Super Dinosaur #3
    Witch Doctor #1

    BQ: Sweeping streets at an army base… with a push broom… I lasted 6 and a half hours.

  35. FF
    Batman Inc.
    Emerald Warriors

    – dropped a lot of books lately, as Fear Itself and Flashpoint/DCNu are getting running, it seems a good time to drop titles and start making some switchovers from monthlys to trades.  Hoping Flashpoint trades will be out in time to pick ’em up at NY Comic-Con.