New Comics for 06.08.2011 would only need one wild boar

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

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This week Josh has the Pick!

Bonus Question: How many wild boars would have to start roaming your neighborhood on a regular basis for you to become seriously concerned?


  1. At least a small herd.  Pack?  What is a group of boars called?

  2. One. I’ve not seen one in person before.

  3. BQ: One, assuming I am not properly armed.  Wild boars are mean and nasty.

    Batman The Brave And The Bold, Batman And Robin, Batman Arkham City, Booster Gold, 
    Flashpoint Citizen Cold, Flashpoint Deathstroke The Curse Of Ravager, Flashpoint Emperor Aquaman, Flashpoint Frankenstein Creatures Of Unknown, Journey Into Mystery
  4. Red Robin, Batman and Robin and Starborn this week … some of my favorite books … too bad DC is fracking the Bat books up with this cockamamie REBOOT. I’ll enjoy these while they last, but come September … well … Tony Daniels my arse … Things could be worse I suppose … I could be a Superman and Green Lantern fan as well …

  5. Trick question. They aren’t wild once they’re in my neighborhood. They would immediately become yuppies

  6. And journey into mystery is 1 solid issue away from being my favorite series. Fingers crossed

  7. @arkardo – we’ve got approximately 13 in the woods accross the street from my house.  We killed one that was @ 200lbs but the 300 pounder got away.

  8. Only the Sweet Tooth TPB for me.

    BQ: I’d say at least 7 boars. 

  9. Another big week with Flashpoint mini’s. Looking forward to Journey into mystery, Deadpool Fear It’s Self and GhostRider .1

    BQ: At least 40-50. The woman that roam my area look like wild boars any ways so I may not notice.

  10. Most excited for Moriarty #2.  (Why isn’t this on Josh’s pull list?)
    Curious about the new Flashpoint & Fear Itself minis.

    BQ: Two.  (it’s not long before two become a barrage of bouncing baby boars.)

  11. BQ: as long as they stick to eating hipsters, wild boars are more than welcome in my neighborhood.

  12. New Avengers and Punisher MAX.  Light week, but I have a backlog to clear. heh.

    BQ: The boar doesn’t worry me.  It’s the polar bear and the smoke monster that worry me.

  13. I’m ready to get on board w/Wolverine.
    Looking forward to what’s next in Red Robin
    It’s a light week and I have to pick up the books I didn’t get to last week. Very excited for X-Force and S.H.I.E.L.D.

  14. @PozrDu  Maybe because Josh didn’t pull #1?

  15. Really light week for me. Realy looking forward to the Deathstroke Flashpoint mini, and the new Ultimate Spider-Man issue.

    BQ- 1 or 2. Boars are scary. 

  16. @stuclach: Ah, let me revise my question.  Why isn’t Josh reading Moriarty?
    It’s Sherlock Holmes’ arch-enemy in a criminal underworld conspiracy that may have implications in WWI!

  17. BQ: Are they radioactive boars?

  18. BQ: Oh they’re fierce, with the horns and all, and big too.  That said, they do make superb sausages, so I’m seeing a silver lining.

    Decent week tho’, with Sweet Tooth trade, Wolvie, Scalped, Ultimate Spidey and others.  Blue Estate needs to prove itself though.

  19. It’s not the number of wild boars that concerns me, it’s the “regular basis”. Just one on a regular basis is an issue.

  20. Scalped, American Vampire, Journey Into Mystery, Unwritten, Annihilators.  This will be the make or break for Journey.

    BQ: We must learn the ways of the boars, breed with their women, and in time our differences will be forgotten. 

  21. Not a single pull this week, despite promising myself I’d wait until the softcover of the next Captain America (I buckled and bought the hardback). Guess I can now spend the next two weeks rereading Geoff Johns entire run on Green Lantern in preparation for the film.

    BQ: One, but I’d only be worried for the duration that it was in my line of sight. Then it’s somebody else’s problem.

  22. Very DC heavy week for me.. of course, since continuity is changing.. none of it matters… 

    BQ: As I suffer from short term memory loss, I’m going to say just one is sufficient. If it walks by regularly, I’ll think there are an ever growing number of boars.  

  23. @PozrDu  That I don’t know.  I wanted to read #1, but my shop didn’t get any copies, so I’m trade waiting it.

  24. BQ: More than one, to be sure.  My roomate has a boxer/pit mix that he has teased his girlfriend about training for boar hunting.  So, if there was a wild boar roaming our streets, I imagine he’d just finally splurge for that kevlar protective vesty thingy they use and get to hunting.

  25. one: Hogzilla

  26. Super light week – Emperor Aquaman and Citizen Cold.

    BQ: Sounds like someone’s been watching Hogs Gone Wild. Two is scary. Two can build an army.

  27. I pulled something like 10 books I think.  That’ll be the biggest in my very short issue-purchasing career.  I’m excited.  Make it be Wednesday.

  28. BQ: We learn to use the boar.  Eat the boar.  Ride the boar.  Make things from the boar.  We become people. of. the. boar.

  29. Have 3 books this week, Magus, new Avengers and Mystery men. I’m super excited for mystery men!

    BQ: 1, seeing as I live in CT 

  30. Two books?  How did that happen?  Not that I’m complaining. 

    BQ:  I live in rural southeastern Kentucky…I’d worry if there weren’t any hogs.

  31. Small week, this is the month where I get a dry spell in comics.

    Batman and Robin, Deadpool, and Journey Into Mystery.

    BQ: Funny, I was asked this before. 

  32. American Vampire Survival Of The Fittest, Batman And Robin, Flashpoint Citizen Cold, Flashpoint Emperor Aquaman, Flashpoint Frankenstein Creatures Of Unknown, Morning Glories, Mystery Men, Punisher Max. Probably most excited about Mystery Men, and the Flashpoint titles.

    BQ: One is plenty. We have them around here, they are mean as hell.

  33. Just Empowered Special #2: Ten Questions For The Maidman and Veronica #207 AKA Kevin Keller #1 for me.

  34. @camerlane: Sounder, Team, Passel, Drift or Parcel

    This week’s books: Annihilators #4, Black Panther #519, New Avengers #13, Super Heroes #15, and Warlord of Mars #7.

    BQ: I used to live in Hawaii. Pigs are smart, strong, fast and can be extremely vicious. Plus, they eat people, root up an area the size of a football field in about a day, and attack anything that moves. Think scary mean goats that outweigh a full-grown man. That’s why the were one of the last animals domesticated.