New Comics for 05/12/2010 Both Liked and Didn’t Like Iron Man 2

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

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This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What superhero movie were you most disappointed in, and which surprised you the most with how much you liked it?


  1. good week this week

    BQ: i was dissappointed in hulk (ang lee one) and i was surprised how much i liked fantastic four rise of the sliver surfer

  2. Geez I have a lot of books this week, really looking forward to Amazing Spider-man and the Siege books.

     BQ:  Most dissapointed in: Spider-man 3  Most surprised by:  I was surprised by how good Iron Man was but I have to say Batman Begins really caught me by surprise.

  3. Ron has the pick again? Sweet.

    Light week for me, but it has some juicy goodness!

    Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1, The Flash #2, and Punisher MAX #7. With special guests: Sweet Tooth vol.1 and Assault on New Olympus.

    BQ: Most disappointed in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. That just isn’t the Hellboy I know and love. Most surprising was…..I guess Watchmen? Cause I didn’t expect it to be that fantastic.

  4. Big week this week with what’s coming out


    BQ: Most dissapointed in Daredevil and most suprised by Blade II


    Does ron have the pick for two weeks in a row or something? 

  5. Light week for me, Just getting ASM, BPRD, Flash, and The Unwritten.

    BQ: Most disappointed in Ghost Rider, he’s one of my favorite charecters and there was so much good pulpy fun they could have done with the story and instead they just went with a boring son of the devil kind of thing.

    And one I enjoyed more than I thought I would was probabbly The Incredible Hulk, personally I think its just as good as Iron Man.


    Everyone should be picking this up. Templesmith-like art. 

  7. I’ve got the Pick. It’s fixed up there.

  8. Jeebus, I’ve got like 18 books. I haven’t had a pull list like that in ages.

    The BQ is a tough one because it involves expectations beforehand and not just a best/worst qualification. I guess in that regard: the 2nd Spider-man surprised me by being much better than the first. Runner-up might be Blade, which came after a bunch of BAD comic book movies and surpised me by being a totally FUN kinetic action flick.

    Most disappointing? Hmm, maybe Daredevil? I mean, I hoped there was a chance it would be great because the director was a fan and they seemed to be taking it seriously. And boy… that just… didn’t quite work out.

  9. Ultimate spiderman and Daytrippers for me.

    BQ: most disappointing for me was spider-man 3. I’m actually going to say that I was the most surprised by iron man 2. I just don’t see the problems that people are complaining about to be all that big, and I liked some aspects, like the villans, better than the first.

  10. Fairly large week. Totally looking forward to the return of Bruce and the finale of Siege…although, with New Avengers out last week, it kind of spoiled the ending just a little. Damn it Marvel, can’t you time the release of the books somewhat better? Guess it can’t be worse than Flash Rebirth.


    BQ: Most unexpected was Batman Begins as I don’t remember watching that many trailers or being spoiled for the movie. Most disappointing was Spider-Man 3 or possibly Iron Man 2 just because it was good but not awesome. And that first Iron Man was 100% awesome.

  11. Two weeks in a row that I’ll be getting more than 10 books.  The quality in comics as of late has been astounding to me.  But let’s face it – Return of Bruce Wayne is going to be on everybody’s radar this week for sure.

    BQ: Definitely has to be X-Men Origins: Wolverine that I was disappointed in.  I’d have thought Fox would have learned their mistakes from X-Men 3 (which was another train wreck, but I already knew it would suck, so it wasn’t a surprise) not to include every freakin’ character in a 95 minute movie, but there they went again with this movie.  It just didn’t click with me in a lot of areas.

    I was never a big Iron Man fan, so I had low expectations for the first movie 2 years ago.  I’m so glad both Marvel AND Robert Downey Jr. proved me wrong…

  12. Ouch!
    It’s a HUGE week!

  13. Flash and Siege

  14. This is a huge week full of badass from the big two, awesome!

    BQ: Spider-Man 3 was the most dissapointing. While X3 was worse i sort of expected that since the director changed but Spidey threw me for a loop with how bad it was. As for one that surprised me, hmmm I guess Watchmen just because I heard for years it was "unfilmable."


  15. Big big week. Flash, Giffen Justice League, Siege books wrapping up, Ultimate Spidey, World War Hulks (I like it), Punishermax, Marvels Project, the end of The Sword (‘tear’), Daytripper, Return of Bruce Wayne – nice week. Plus, I’ve got to pick up the books from last week – the bank account is taking a huge hit this week.

    BQ: I’ve got to say I was most disappointed in the Wolverine flick – it seemed like they tried to jam everything in there and didn’t give any kind of time to story or character development. I was most surprised by Blade – a movie whose character didn’t resemble the D-list character he was based on, but ended up being a kick-ass movie.

  16. Avengers Initiative #35
    Batman #699
    Batman Return Of Bruce Wayne #1 (OF 6)
    Birds Of Prey #1
    Dark Avengers #16
    Fallen Siege Flash #2
    Punishermax #7

    Siege #4 (OF 4)
    Sword #24

    I can’t wait to right The Sword finale!

    BQ: I was most disappointed in the Elektra movie. The movie that impressived me the most was Iron Man. That movie showed that Marvel Studios could get it right.

  17. Lotta heavy hitters this week with Seige, Bruce Wayne, War of the Supermen, Flash, New Avengers Finale, Ultimate Spidey and JLGL, but still room for a few old faves like Avengers: Initiative, Batgirl and Lockjaw.

    BQ: Disapointed, I’d say Hellboy 2. HB1 was a great movie with some serious flaws that demanded a sequel to fix ’em, and it just got a boring mess.

    Surprised: The Incredible Hulk. I had zero interest in this when it came out, but damn if it wasn’t an exciting, emotional fugitive flick.


  18. I’ll be buying Amazing Spider-Man, Booster Gold, Flash, War of the Supermen, and Unwritten.

  19. Batgirl #10Batman Return Of Bruce Wayne #1 (OF 6)Birds Of Prey #1Black Widow #2Daytripper #6 (OF 10)Fables #95Flash #2Siege #4 (OF 4)The Marvels Project #8 (OF 8)

    Elektra was really disappointing(never watched Daredevil). The Punisher (2004) was surprisingly good.

  20. Decent week for me. I’m excited for Return of Bruce Wayne and Birds of Prey.

    BQ: I’ve never felt more bruised by a superhero movie than I was by Spider-Man 3. That was a quiet ride home. On the flip-side, Iron Man was my most pleasant surprise to date. I was never a big Shell Head reader, but I was a fan of Downey long before its release so I gave it a shot. It blew me away. I’ll always cherish that realization that I can still be surprised by a comic book flick.

  21. Oh my God Bendisplosion. Is Powers the only book he writes that isn’t coming out Wednesday?

     BQ: Hrmmm. Actually, although I liked them well enough, the Spider-Man movies were never quite what I hoped they would be. As for pleasant surprises, I would list both Iron Man and Watchmen, actually.

  22. Light WEEK!

    The Flash #2

    Ultimate Comics Spider-man #10

    BQ: Felt cheated after watching so many its hard to pick. But spider-man 3 left a bad taste in my mouth.

    I guess I was surprised by The Incredible Hulk(2008), really enjoyed it.

  23. A real crap load of comics this week, with some nice variety in the superhero arena.  Reminders of the JLI glory days in Booster Gold and Generation Lost and the brace of Avengers books look good.Most looking forward to Return of Bruce Wayne and Flash, and most intrigued by Sam and Twitch The Writer, because of the "Euro" style.

    BQ: Disappointing- Spidey 3, just because 1 and 2 were so good.  Surprising is tougher, but probably Iron Man or Watchmen.

  24. This is an insane week.  Words can’t express my excitement for Siege #4, Return of Bruce Wayne #1, War of the Supermen #2, Flash #2, and the finale to The Sword.  A monster week that shall be nothing but great reads.  I’m so glad I don’t have to make picks professionally.  🙂

    BQ: My biggest disappointment would have to be Spider-Man 3.  My biggest surprise would have to be Iron Man only because I was stunned by its mass appeal.

  25. Josh’s pick I predict will be "Batman: Return Of Bruce Wayne #1" or "Flash #2."  The pick will likely fall in this assumed 10% of Josh’s pulls.  I’ve predicted it before easily enough.  Your move sir.

  26. Just the old Question TPB this week. Really enjoyed them all so far.

    BQ: For the record, I never saw Spider-Man 3, so make of that what you will… I suppose Superman Returns, which I enjoyed, but considering how good it could have been, it falls far too short. Batman Begins surprised me the most, because I was expecting another dumb Batman movie and BOY was I off!

  27. I was most disappointed in Daredevil. I should have known better with Affleck and all, but it was the dawn of the golden age of superhero movies. You live. You learn. Or not.

  28. A pretty healthy dose of comics this week, I’ll definitely be picking up the final issue of Siege and New Avengers. I wasn’t too jazzed with the last New Avengers issue and didn’t read the "Avengers Finale" that Bendis wrote, so I don’t know what to expect.  I’m just going to assume that this is going to be a talk heavy book where the teams sits around that kitchen table and dish about the actions of the series (which is a fine premise as long as Bendis is doing it). I’m on the fence whether or not I should pick up Dark Avengers or not, it’ll be an in-store decision.


    Besides that, I’m looking forward to Return Of Bruce Wayne and to see how all this business will unfold. I’m also really excited for the new Birds Of Prey book, as that’s one of my favorite series, and Benes always knocks it out of the park for me. Also going to jump abord Booster Gold and see how this new direction pans out.


    BQ: I was definitely most disappointed by X-Men: The Last Stand, but I think the fact that I had to wait untill 1 AM on opening day to see it factored heavily into my dislike of the film. I mean I gladly go to midnight showings of movies, but I find that when they’re bad, you tend to hate the movie a little bit more. I was definitely most surprised with how much I liked The Incredible Hulk, as I didn’t go in with any expectations, and walked away highly entertained.

  29. Super big week for me as it is for most of us!

    BQ – Disappointment is a tie between Spidey 3 and X-Men 3.  Surprises include the FF movies (sorry, but I really don’t hate them) and Iron Man really did come out of no where.

  30. Flash, War of the Supermen, Batman, Birds of prey, Return of Bruce Wayne and Iron-Man legacy are on the top of my pull list. 


    Disapointment SpiderMan 3,  the worst movie that should of been good.  The last Punisher movie was a big let down cause being on lions gate film I thought it would cross lines and be hardcore but it was fake gore and hard to watch, very corny but not as sbad as Spiderman 3 because of the film budget.  Batman and Robin was the worse pre Spiderman 3.

    Surprise The Watchmen, a comic film my wife enjoyed and IRONMAN  the best marvel movie ever.

    Batman Begins is still my favorite but it looked good from the begining, no surprise.

  31. Biggest disappointment was Ghost Rider.  Biggest surprise was Daredevil Directors Cut, all you Daredevil movie haters should check it out. 

  32. Light week for me

    Biggest dissapointment for me was Catwoman. Granted that I went into it knowing I would hate it but I had to see it since it was my favorite character and this was the one and ONLY time I have ever walked out of a theater. Biggest surprise is definitely Iron Man. I’m not an Iron Man fan but I love Robert Downey Jr, and this film totally hit me by surprise by how much I enjoyed it.

  33. I only get one book, and it doesn’t come out this week.

    My biggest disappointment is a tie between Daredevil and X2.  I’ve heard good things aout the director’s cut of Daredevil, but unless they got a better actress to play Elektra and portrayed Bullseye properly, I doubt it was that big of an improvement.  X2 was praised by most of my friends, but I didn’t like it very much.

    My most pleasant surprise was probably Superman Returns.  I had low hopes when I heard about the plot, but I thought it was pretty good when I finally saw it.

  34. a well recieved light week for me.  I’m so behind on my books.  I still have some from 2 weeks ago sitting in my hold bag back at my shop.  I must commit myself to not be influenced by suggestions/dont misses/general curiosity and too many new books.  Its terrible but I must.

    AMS #631

    BPRD King of Fear #5

    Daytripper #6

    The Light #2

    Savage Dragon #160

    BQ:most disappointed in Spider-man 2;most surprised by Fantastic Four and Superman Returns


  35. yeah, yeah… pretty light week. comics adn stuff whatever


    Here’s a list of the comic/superhero movies that were actually good films: X-men 2, Spiderman 2, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Watchmen.

    All of the other comic/superhero movies were pretty forgetable. Maybe some of them were good adaptations but not really good films

  36. Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis, Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne, Birds of Prey and Savage Dragon for me this week.

    BQ: Since you said "superhero movie" and not "comic book movie" I guess I was most disappointed in Hancock. Not that I had any real expectations there, but a friend put it on one time when I was hanging out over at his house and it was so bad that I made him turn it off about fifteen minutes into it. And I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked Watchmen, since I was previously one of those people who said no movie could ever do the comic book justice. But I liked it so much that I saw it in the theater two or three times.

  37. But if you want to talk about disappointing comic book movies, my big one would be X-Men 3. Or as I like to call it "What If… Storm Had Black Roots?" Long story short, it would be absolutely horrible and everyone would die. The End.

  38. Bring on Flash #2 and Return of Bruce Wayne!!!!!!!

     BQ= Disappointed Batman Forever! Surprised= Kick Ass…………

  39. Fables, Unwritten, BPRD (decided to jump back on after I dropped American Vampire and House of Mystery).

    BQ: Iron Man (the first one, haven’t seen the second) blew me out of the water.  I was hoping for a decent comic book movie and what I got was great movie period. As for the most disappointing X-Men 3 was a travesty on so many fronts but what made it even more appaling was that it was a bad, embarrasingly bad comic book movie following X-Men 2 which was a genuinely good movie by any measure.

  40. BQ: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was my biggest disappointment.  Incredible Hulk was a delightful surprise.

  41. Oh my god, ‘LXG’ — how could i forget? I think that was a fairly big disappointment to me because I had hoped that with James "Starman" Robinson writing the script, there’d at least be an attempt to honor the tone and influences of the comics. And wasn’t the director the guy who did the first Blade movie? Which was a fun action flick. So, yeah, even though I suspected they might fuck it up, I was HOPING that they’d pull something decent out of it. Alas…

  42. So happy that I’ll have a Bruce Wanye book to read!!!

    BQ: Most disappointing: pretty much any Alan Moore adaptation(even Watchmen). Most surprising: Fantastic Four 2 and Iron Man. i don’t really like him in comics and was shocked how much i liked the movie.

  43. anyone else who goes on the midtown comics website notice that they spoiled the hidden stuff for the fallen issue?

  44. nevermind i guess marvel released that? Kind of dumb, might as well have kept the secret

  45. I’m pretty interested in the Return of Bruce Wayne this week.


    BQ: I was most disappointed in Wolverine. I was most surprised by Fantastic Four; Rise of the Silver Surfr. It wasn’t a great movie by any stretch, but i had fun with it.