New comics for 03/04/09 are buried under 14 feet of snow

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

This week I’m excited for Kingpin’s return in Daredevil, the first issue in the “Battle for the Cowl” storyline with Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead?, a double shot of Jonathan Hickman in Secret Warriors #2 and Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1 (his prelude to writing the main FF book), Garth Ennis’ Back to Brooklyn, Juan Doe drawing Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in Spider-Man & The Human Torch: Bahia De Los Muertos! What am I not excited for? Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #3. Loved the series when it first started. Too bad about the delays because there is no way I’m going to pick up the rest of the issues.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question:
How was your weekend?



  1. BQ: it was good, saw a cool band, got drunk, saw a fight get broken up by my bestfriend. all in the same night

  2. I’m gonna pick up the rest of Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk!

    Small week: Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk #3, Hellboy the Wild Hunt #4, and Deadpool #8.

    BQ: It was okay, no work….no homework…and at the time no xbox. Thank god I got my 360 back

  3. A thankfully small week after last week’s deluge.  The Boys, Hellboy the Wild Hunt, Secret Warriors, Secret Six, Solomon Grundy and Deadpool.  Should be an enteraining week.

     What a minute…where’s Amazing Spider-Man?  

     BQ:  The weekend was good but uneventful.  Thanks for asking.  

  4. Daredevil, Buffy, Echo, War of Kings, Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk, Hellboy the Wild Hunt.

    BQ: Great weekend. Went to my first Con, saw the first 20 min of Watchmen. Picked up the first volume of Scott Pilgrim, and saw the boys do a live panel. I had a great first experience and I think I’ll be going next year.

  5. Superman World Of New Krypton #1 (OF 12)

    I hope I can get a variant!  This better make up for last week’s really sucky issue of Superman.

    Batman Cacophony #3 (OF 3)

    I wish Kevin Smith would sign on for a Batman title FULL TIME!!  That would be so awesome.  I really loved the first two issues of this mini series.

  6. a mediocre week so far. excited for the start of battle for the cowl, secret warriors #2, and some others.

    bq: ok except for the fact that i hate snow in CT oh and i hate my job so much…

  7. No one should pay for that Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk book.  It’s an insult to us all.

  8. @jim: I hope it wont be my pick when wednesday comes….Cause then everyone will murder me….more so.

  9. I wasn’t reading the first time Ultimate W vs H came out so I didn’t get burned and I am enjoying it and will continue to;) Also looking forward to Batman Cacaphony, Echo, and Mighty. Buffy I’m still getting but praying it doesn’t suck like the last two issues:(

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    HELLBOYYYYYYYYYYY!!  Solomon Grundy too!!  Buying Hulk vs. Wolverine in trade.  

  11. Black Lightning Year One #05
    Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead #01
    Terror Titans #06
    Dark Reign – Fantastic Four #01
    New Avengers The Reunion #01
    Secret Warriors #02
    Sub-Mariner The Depths #05
    War of Kings #01
    Boys #28
    Locke & Key: Head Games #03

    Looks to be a good week. I’m thinking of dropping The Boys, though.

     BQ: Good, just went out for a friends birthday and got caught up on a lot of ‘to do’ list type things.


  12. My weekend was very fine.  I especially enjoyed the 4-6 inches of snow that we got in Richmond.  We haven’t had a good snow in ages.

    As for my comics this week, I thought initially that it would be a lite week, but then it turned out to be bigger than expected.  Among my picks for the week: Buffy, Hellboy Wild Hunt (I love this mini), Batman Cacophy, Black Lightning, Gotham Gazette, Jonah Hex (man do I love me some Hex), Superman World of Krypton (I’m actually starting to look forward to this – the new Krypton storyline is fascinating), Killer of Demons (thought I would give it a try – looks interesting), Agents of Atlas (I liked the first issue), Daredevil (POW for certain), Dead of Night (great series), New Avengers Reunion, Secret Warriors (liked the first), Ult. Wolverine and Hulk (no apologies), War of Kigns – and finally, my personal favorite comic, Echo.

  13. Wow, I’ve clearly been way too harsh with cutting my stack as I’m only getting three books this week: Daredevil; Secret Six; Sub-Mariner. Secret Warriors looks kinda appealing though so I may pick that up too if the guilt of only getting three books finally gets to me.

    BQ: I had a fabulous and relaxing weekend. Met a friend for lunch on Saturday, went to the gym, went swimming, played some kick ass Mario Kart on my Wii. ;o) 

  14. Pretty good week.  Looking forward to Secret Warriors, Secret Six, Locke & Key and Superman World of New Krypton.

    Hoping War of Kings and FF: Dark Reign don’t suck.  Picking up Ult. WvH, but don’t expect much from it.  I should be pissed about the lateness, but I didn’t feel that strongly about the book to care too much.  Its not like it was the only book I was reading or anything.

    BQ: Tiring, fun, exciting, and Brian Azzarello laughed at me 🙁

  15. Nice week for me, might pick up the new Shrapnel (really loving the art).  Also going to pick up Locke & Key, Sub-Mariner and Echo.  Really looking forward to Locke & Key and Sub-Mariner. 

    BQ: Good weekend for the most part.  Got to hang out with family which was the good part.  Had to do lots of homework as well, so that’s a not so good (and really boring) part.

  16. It will be a draw… wolverine vs hulk…

    BQ: uneventful. Just getting through my stack of books and comicbooks. down 2 and 2 and more are on their way. 

  17. Hellboy and Secret Warriors lead the pack for me.

    BQ: Very fun! WonderCon was great and I had a lot of fun in SF. Now I must recover from it this week. 

  18. Did anyone notice they’re killing the Sentry in the ‘Age of Sentry’ book?! Almost makes me wish I’d followed it the whole way – dropped it after the second issue. Should have been more funny than campy.. I blame it all on Marvel. Which means, I have no books this week. Still sitting on a King size issue of Thor #600 and who knows maybe my other Marvel books will show up this week. Damn subscription service.

    BQ: finally saw Hulk VS. Both films were excellent. I’m a sucker for Loki though, so my mind was made up soon as he hit the screen.

  19. Cant wait for war of kings! Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy in the same book! Sweeeeeet

     My weekend was nice. Finally got my hands on Scot Pilgrim#5

  20. Nozzing again. Is it bad that I feel like I need to pick up a few more monthlies so I won’t have two or three weeks of emptiness?

    BQ: Awesome! I finally saw Slumdog Millionaire which was brilliant and took first place in a couple of competitions for karate. Having not won anything in tournaments past, I was pretty happy.

  21. I really don’t understand why people hate on Wolverine Vs. Hulk…

  22. Looking forward to more "Agents of Atlas."  This is highly recommended if you’re interested in stories within the Marvel universe, but a bit off the beaten path.  Also excited for the start of "New Avengers: The Reunion," "Dark Reign: Fantastic Four" and "War of Kings" proper.  Let me note that all three of those have been featured in previews in the back of a bunch of other Marvel books, so clearly that strategy is working on me.

    I’ve been weighing moving to trades for "Daredevil".  But this issue has David Aja + the Kingpin so . . .maybe next month.  I really am planning to drop "Buffy Season 8" for the time being.  I’m sure I’ll end up catching up with it at some point but this has stopped being a book I need week in and week out.

    BQ: Saturday was awesome, Sunday sucked.  But today was a snow day, so that sort of makes up for it.

  23. Just Hulk vs Wolverine #3 here. I’m still waiting for my LCS to call me to tell me if Scott Pilgrim 5 came in. It’s taking FOREVER. And I could picked up at Wondercon too.

  24. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I am switching to trades for Buffy.  I keep buying issues and neglecting them.  No more!  

  25. Yes, Paul, because your trade stack is so utterly light.

  26. This week I’ll be looking for Daredevil, Sub-Mariner, World of New Krypton, and this seems like a good point to jump back into Madman. And only one issue left in Batman: Cacophony? Sigh. I guess I’ll finish it.

  27. Just War of Kings #1 for me this week.  I will probably fill my quota with a TPB, maybe some Annihilation or Infinity Crusade Vol. 2

    BQ: It was convention time for me.  A Latin convention, not WonderCon or MegaCon.  Much smaller, but just as loud and with somewhat similar clientele

  28. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Tork – I’ve been attacking that stack pretty good and I totally didn’t just order three more trades with my coinstar money today!!!

  29. Stoked On: War of Kings (Yay!), Daredevil (Return of Kingpin!), Echo (getting better all the time!)

    Kinda Excited For: I am Legion (hopefully I’ll figure out what’s going on!) Madman (Darwyn Cooke!), New Avengers: The Reunion (COULD be great.)

    Suspect: Boys (this needs to go somewhere fast), The Mighty (issue 1 was good, hope this is too), Superman World of New Krypton (I hope this writer doesn’t drop the ball on all the awesomness this has been)

    B.Q.Got to spend some q.t. with the girl, see my brother in Berkley, & party with the iFancrew in San Francisco, how bad could all that be?! Hell, even the 8 – 10 hour drives weren’t terrible!


  30. Small week for me; Just Buffy, Echo and Gotham Gazette. All sound gravy though.

    BQ: Weekend was tiring, still getting over jetlag from my hols. Sunday was good, went to see Richard Herring do a stand-up gig. Tonight was amazing too, went to see Elbow play… best gig ever!

  31. Can I be the first to request a "Paul goes to Coinstar" video segment?

  32. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ohcaroline – It’s gonna be another 2 or 3 months.  I gotta stock up on coins all over again!  

    It might actually be a fun video, watching me walk several blocks to Path Mark with my Mott’s applesauce jar of coins, loading them into the machine, checking the coin returns on the surrounding machine multiple times.  Buying stickers from the sticker machine, hurrying home to place the Amazon order.  Going to the door every time I think I hear the UPS guy.  Even if it’s ten minutes after I’ve placed my order. 

  33. Hellyboy the Wildhunt 4

    FlashGordon 4 ( I am waiting for this to go away I swear I’m the only one reading it)

    Kabuki the Alchemy Hardcover ( on the fense wether to buy this now or at booth at ECCC)

    BQ: It was family game night so corny fun was had by all. 

  34. I don’t give a damn about any comic not named Secret Warriors this week.

  35. Conors pick, eh?  What will it be?  World of New Krypton? Maybe Daredevil?  No matter what, I’m most looking forward to War of the Kings and Secret Six.


    BQ: Awful.  I probably have to buy a new refrigerator.

  36. Most excited for Secret Six, Daredevil, and Back to Brooklyn.  I can’t wait for ASM!  I want it now!

    BQ:  Had a cousin’s birthday party and my grandparents’ anniversary, so…lots of cake!  Always good.

  37. Echo!

     BQ: I caught up on Battlestar Galactica.  The 5th Cylon was a bit of a letdown. 

  38. Flash Gordon #4 finally!  My wife and my friend don’t believe that Ult. Hulk vs wolverine is coming out they believe something will go wrong.  Well I work on the weekends but it was good because of all the snow many planes were cancelled making my work easier.

  39. Most excited for everything on my pull list:

    Black Panther 2 #2
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #23
    Secret Warriors #2
    Terry Moores Echo #10
    War Of Kings #1 (OF 6)

    BQ: I worked all weekend and paid a crapton of money to get my car fixed. Not so great, actually.


  40. Back To Brooklyn #4 (OF 5) – story’s great but the art not so much.

    Daredevil #116 – holding on, but barely

    Gotham Gazette Batman Dead #1 – quite excited

    Hellboy Wild Hunt #4 (OF 8) – fantastic book

    I Am Legion #2 (OF 6) – the last issue was fantastic, contender for POW

    Jersey Gods #2 – an in-store decision

    Mighty #2 – an in-store decision

    Secret Warriors #2 – an in-store decision

    Superman World Of New Krypton #1 (OF 12) – 12 issues?

    Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk #3 (OF 6) – cool

    BQ: check out to see how my weekend was.

  41. OH, i just remembered. Forgot the comics this weekend. There’s a bloody Watchmen movie coming out! holy moley!!!

  42. Firebreather #1 from the iFanboy package. It’s a number one and I’m happy. Screw jumping on points. 

  43. I’m gonna give daredevil a shot, I can’t say no to AJA and Hollingsworth.  I’m also looking forward to trying out Madman, Allred, Cooke, JBone. 

    PS  ComicCon in Boston this weekend

  44. Most lookin’ forward to — Batman Cacophony, Daredevil, Gotham Gazette & Secret Six.

    BQ — Pretty good. Had a BBQ, drank some beers & saved the universe … on PS3.

  45. Gary Frank can really draw Superman. Untill secret origins comes out, I’m just gonna stare at the WONK cover.

  46. New Avengers: The Reunion, War of Kings, and Secret Warriors for me. Maybe I’ll get a trade of Nova or something…

    BQ: Well and truly awful, found out I had an ear infection and had to listen to my parents tell me that I’m never going to amount to anything because I don’t have a job for after college yet (I’m a sophomore in college) 

  47. I’ve got a pretty big week (for me) of 15 books. The 16th book Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine, I will be downloading illegally.

  48. Batman Cacophony #3 (OF 3)

    Black Panther 2 #2

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #23

    Cable #12

    Daredevil #116

    Dark Reign Fantastic Four #1 (OF 5)

    Deadpool #8

    Gotham Gazette Batman Dead #1

    New Avengers Reunion #1 (OF 4)

    Secret Six #7

    Secret Warriors #2

    Superman World Of New Krypton #1 (OF 12)

    Trinity #40


    Big week in quality at 1st glance.  Hopefully Superman, Secret Warriors, and the beginning of Battle for the Cowl live up to expectations.


    BQ: My sinuses started killing me so I had a massive headache all weekend.

  49. I’m pretty stoked about a new No Hero, w00t Warren Ellis!!!

    BQ:  Good, if uneventful, my wife gave up drinking for lent, so by association I sort of have too.  Sort of.

  50. Gotham Gazette – Hellboy – Mighty – Secret Six – Superman – ECHO!!

    Should be a good week. I’m still whittling down my pull list, gradually becoming a bit more picky.  My checkbook can’t handle the rampant spending.

    BQ: Not bad. Rehearsals, dinner with friends, down time on Sunday, didn’t get done everything I should’ve but am now caught up with Grey’s Anatomy. 🙂

  51. the comics im most looking forward to are: Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead?, Madman, Superman: World of New Krypton, Agents of Atlas, Daredevil and Secret Six.

    Im also gonna buy the ending of McKlevies Cable arc and i might check out the Solomon Grundy mini.

    BQ: Great!!! I got to spend most of it with my girlfriend.

  52. Submariner  THE DEPTHS – beautiful, haunting  …. all without a direct appearance of Namor.

  53. BQ:  spent a few hours reading comics in the comic book store.  My store is awesome!  I am a regular that buys a fair amount each week, and they allow/encourage me to read any new titles in the store;  that is always their response when I asked for their opinion about a new (to me) title.  Even though they have a good gauge on what I like, "you never know."

  54. @voodomama:  that is a great idea.  I think I will wait until ECC also to decide whether to buy the Alchemy or not.  If so, it’s always so easy to get him to sign things.

  55. I really enjoyed Secret Warriors #1.

    Off topic:  just watched the Wonder Woman movie.  I was pretty impressed other than the presence of a certain WW accessory which DOES NOT fit with the story at all.  You’ll know it when you see it.  It gives me hope than a live-action WW movie is doable.

  56. I’m picking up Secret Warriors. Other than the coloring and sometimes silly muscles, I enjoyed the first issue quite a bit. Looking forward to the next part!

    BQ: Rough actually. I worked two 12-hour days! I’m in janitorial and Eastern Canada has had several snowstorms back to back. Makes floors very dirty and my job tough. Oh well, I’m still happy to have work at least! And summer’s are hilariously easy in this business. Just a few more months…

  57. I will land in MI tomorrow and get my books then.  It should be a good way to end the vacation.

    BQ:  It was filled with Booze and not a whole lot of sleep.  Wondercon was indeed as awesome as I hoped it would be.

  58. Conor, Ron, Josh – awesome hanging out with you guys this weekend. Looking forward to doing it again in Seattle.

  59. Secret Warriors is basically flawless save for the blasted colouring. This in house, ultra ps filtered colouring style is pretty unacceptable. I don’t know who likes this, but they’re clearly insane and to be pitied.

  60. Nice timing