New Comics for 02/24/10 Wish There Was A Curling Club in NYC

Green Arrow #30 Variant CoverGet to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, and Mike.

It's a great week of books: Batman and Robin! The Marvels Project! Blackest Night! Fantastic Four! The Flash: Rebirth!

Most exciting of all: I'm back on Green Arrow this month! J.T. Krul takes over writing duties and I've really liked what I've read from him so far. The idea that I can start reading Green Arrow again makes me so happy, I can't even tell you. And check out that snazzy variant cover by Mike Grell!

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If you could wake up tomorow and suddenly be a world class athlete in any Winter Olympic event, which would you chose?


  1. Really good week. Lots of good books.

    Batman and Robin#9
    Black Night #7
    Black Night JSA #3
    Flash Rebirth #6
    Green Arrow #30
    New Avengers #62

    BQ: Skeleton. It looks like tons of fun going head first down a track at those speeds. 

  2. Relatively small week of comics. Can’t wait to see how Flash Rebirth comes to a conclusion.


    BQ: I’d be a hockey Forward.  If I were world class, it would translate to a potential career in the NHL. Better to earn a living than to be the greatest ski jumper alive. 

  3. 8 books for me, my biggest week in a while.

    Flash: (finally getting) Rebirth(ed)



    Marvels Project


    Muppet King Arthur – the first issue was hilarious, hoping for more of the same

    New Avengers

    On, and something called Blackest Night…


    BQ – The US Curling team need my help!  Plus, its about the only event that I could compete in and not risk serious injury and/or death.

  4. Cowboy Ninja Viking #4

    Green Arrow #30

    Deadpool #20

    Black Night #7


    BQ – I would say Curling FTW.. but yesterday watching Ski Cross, I was blown away. It looks awesome, I want to do that.

  5. 9 books in total.  I’m iffy about picking up the second issue of Ultimate Enemy.  YAY for more Robocop!

    BQ: I’ve barely watched any of the Winter Olympics, but while Curling is fascinating, I’d want to do something like Ski Jumping or something else crazy.  Mostly because I’m deathly afraid of heights.  I think it would be neat to do a sport where I overcame that. 

  6. amazing spider-man 622
    Batman and Robin 9
    Blackest Night 7
    Flash Rebirth 6
    Green Arrow #30
    BQ – Biathalon, or as I prefer to call it … Nordic Assassin.  Ski, ski, ski, shoot, ski, ski, ski, shoot.  It would be interesting to see a summer games version, like steeple chase with hand guns.
  7. 9 picks for me this week


    BQ:Curling or Hockey

  8. BQ – if I trained, I think I could actually be an Olympic Curler, so I’m gonna go with Ski Cross!

  9. Nine books for me this week. It seems that all the Vertigo books I read (Madame Xanadu, Unknown Soldier, and Northlanders) always come out the same week. Not that I’m complaining, because they are all great books. Blackest Night, Batman and Robin, and Fantastic Four will be at the top of my stack, and I’ll get to Flash: Rebirth after a quick re-reading of the previous 5 issues.

    BQ: Biathlon. That way I’d be good at both skiin’ and shootin’.  

  10. Slow but solid week for me. Good stuff.

    BQ: I’d rather be a world class olympic commentator. Those are much harder to come by and are a necessary part of the olympics regardless of who wins.

  11. Anyone else find it funny that Marvel is re-releasing the Cable & Deadpool team-up book now with it being called DEADPOOL & Cable. It’s kinda fucked up if you ask me, but it’s marketing so i can’t blame them. They had to add Cable to a Deadpool book to get sales, now that the Deadpool character is a lot more populour then Cable, let’s change the name of the book around….

  12. BQ: Speed Skating. It looks super cool, and no one "doesn’t get it" unlike curling.

  13. @siraim: The greatest ski jumper alive — that Harry Potter looking dude — is quite wealthy. These sports are huge in a lot of European countries.

  14. BQ: Hockey player, defensive.

  15. BQ: I’d be like Ovechkin (Hockey player). And I would love to lay out Jagr just like the other day. Best hit ever!

  16. Blackest Night #7 (OF 8)

    Blackest Night JSA #3 (OF 3)

    Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman Prem Hc Vol 01 

    Green Arrow #30

    BQ: I would love to be a hockey Defensemen.  With me Zedeno Chara are similar in size it still gives me some hope, but Flying Tomato money and snowboarding is hard to pass on as well.

  17. Also, how about that hockey game last night?

  18. I predict the POW will be…Blackest Night #7.  It will be the end that Conor is looking for, that skews to his sensibilities in several ways…Now I wait.

    Not sure what my pick will be.  Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, or New Avengers all seem like candidates for my pull list.

  19. BQ: I’ve been wondering how much training, minimum, I’d have to take in order to do ski-jumping just because it looks like so much fun. So I guess I’d go with that.

  20. @Roi: It was amazing, but what makes it even better for the USA is that we don’t have to see Russia or Canada until the gold medal game!

  21. Amazing Spider-Man #622

    Batman & Robin #9

    Blackest Night #7

    Cowboy Ninja Viking #4

    Flash Rebirth #6

    Irredeemable #11

    New Avengers #62 

    BQ: I’d have to go with Speed Skating, but I would have to make some adjustments to the outfit. Like adding a cape, a cowl, a utility belt, under roos, you know essentials. 

  22. Lots of good stuff this week…. Blackest Night, Flash: Rebirth, a couple of other good things. This’ll be a good week.

     BQ: Downhill Skiing. I raced for a couple years and it was the most fun I’ve ever had in a sport. I’d LOVE to do it again

  23. Lots of cool stuff this week – Blackest Night and Seige books, Flash: Rebirth finale, Batman & Robin, Northlanders and Scalped from Vertigo, Image United, Walking Dead, Ultimate Enemy, FF, Irredeemable.

    BQ: Lindsay Vonn’s ski pants

  24. BQ: I am pretty sure I can use a broom, so Curling wouldn’t require any wishing. Norwegian female curlers are hot though. Makes me go like that wolf from the Droopy cartonns.

    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaoga!*bang bang* aaaoh aaoh aaoh"

  25. Just Amazing Spider-Man, Irredeemable, and Robocop for me. And maybe Wonder Woman. We’ll see.

  26. Batman & Robin, Scalped, Ms Marvel and Image United #0 for me this week.

    BQ: Wait, so curling is a real thing? I thought they just made that up on the Simpsons.

  27. Flash Rebirth, Blackest Night, Nation X, X-Factor, Batman and Robin, Fantastic Four, Black Lantern Green Arrow, and Spider-Man Clone Saga, because I’m an idiot.

    BQ: Speed skating short track.  Cause it seems like I’d get to hang out with, and eventually make my move on, that redhead on the women’s team. Katherine Reutter, I think.

  28. Could it be? Is Flash: Rebirth #6 actually coming out? What are the bookmakers’ odds for this?

  29. @roi & forestiwp~  That hockey game was really great last night.  Miller played an amazing game at goal.  Otherwise, I think Canada would have spanked us.

    Flash: Rebirth is finally going to end!  Wahoo!  Also looking forward to new Scalped, Choker, ASM, Batman and Robin, and of course, Blackest Night!

    BQ: Downhill skiing, Super G, etc.  Those look like crazy fun.


  30. @Neb @forestjwp  The twitterverse went apeshit during that game more son than i’ve seen throughout the entire olympics so far

  31. Add in Joe the Barbarian #2 (shop didnt have it last week) and I got some goooooooood stuff this week.

    Batman and Robin, Blackest Night, Deadpool (Hit-Monkey!!), and Thor.

    BQ: Curling. Not cause it looks simple but it does look very intriguing.

  32. BQ: If I could wake up tomorrow with a world class athlete in any Winter Olympic event it would be Scottish curler Eve Muirhead.

    I may have misread the question.

  33. Looking forward to Blackest Night 7 & Flash Rebirth 6. Felt like I had missed an issue it’s been so long.

  34. Blacknest Night, no shock. But New Avengers has been good lately too.

    BQ: I’d do one of the crazy jump based ski events. Either tricks or distance, whichever.

  35. Should be a good week with Blackest Night, Fantastic Four, and Scalped. Batman & Robin is on the chopping block…if this issue is as lackluster as the last two I think I may drop it.

    BQ: Alpine skiing, without a doubt.

  36. BQ:Whichever one has the highest profile,so I could use the limelight to voice my views in the media regarding governments wasting money on sport (and the arts I guess) when we haven’t solved the really important stuff like environmental issues,underfunded government agencies like child welfare departments and the hundreds of other vital things that deserve to have millions and millions of dollars thrown at them instead.

    I understand people like things like the Olympics but maybe it would help the world more to just get behind events where the athletes aren’t tax payer supported.

  37. Looking forward to Blackest Night, JSA Blackest Night and the FF on Hoth.


    BQ:Gotta go with hockey. 

  38. 7 books for me this week, which is a monster week for me these days. Flash: Rebirth is finally here!

    BQ: I’d be a hockey player. defensemen.  

  39. Great week for superheroes. Batman, green lantern, flash. DC, baby.


    BQ: so we’re talking world class or olympic level? Because i’m pretty sure i could make it on the australian downhill team now

  40. Why am i the only one with a big week, 22 damn books after last weeks 24 and i’m getting married in 61 days shoot me now

  41. Batman and Robin : Batwoman is awesome!

    Backest Night : Duh!

    Flash Rebirth : GEOFF JOHNS is good, flash fact!

    Unknown Soldier : If you don’t know you better ask somebody!

    Walking Dead : What will happen to our courageous gang of survivors now that they are "safe" 

    Secret Warriors : When nick fury asks you to save the world with him you don’t say no.

    The Marvels Project : 1940’s flashback by Brubaker +Epting = FUN

    BQ: Im from Miami (born in Nicaragua) and have never seen snow, Im to damn tropical for winter olympics!!! 

  42. Avengers Initiative #33
    Batman And Robin #9
    Blackest Night #7 (OF 8)
    Deadpool #20
    Fantastic Four #576
    Gotham City Sirens #9
    New Avengers #62
    Realm Of Kings Inhumans #4 (OF 5)
    Secret Warriors #13
    Thor #607
    Viking #5

    X-Force #24

    BQ: I have to go with down hill skiing or curling.  Skiing is fun and who doesn’t want to get to know the ladies USA curling team.

  43. Blackest Night, Batman and Robin, Flash Rebirth, Choker, Aazing Sider-man, Green Arrow, Fantastic Four, Thor, Scalped,New Avengers, Cowboy Ninja Viking, Secret Warriors, X Factor, and last but not least Wall-E


    BQ: To answer a question with a quetion: "What would Brian Boitano do?"

  44. There’s really no curling clubs in NYC?  Really?  None? 

  45. None.

  46. Batman and Robin & Flash o and the King Tut tpb.


    @fugmo:  "use the limelight to voice my views in the media" really, voice veiws?

    Action speaks louder, we all know things are not perfect, we do not need somebody to tell us,

     we need soemthing done. 

    BQ: Snowboarding the halfpipe looks awesome and they (usa team) have the best outfits.

  47. add Superman to my list.

  48. Nice Sized week.

    Blackest Night 7

    Batman and Robin 9

    New Avengers 62

    BN JSA 3

    Thor 607

    Gotham CIty Sirens 9

     BQ: Hockey, hands down hockey. 

  49. Wow.  16 books.  Biggest pull of the New Year.  So much for that resolution. 🙂 

    Looks like a great week. Most excited for:

    1) Avenger The Initiative #33 (Lovin Constricter)

    2) Fantastic Four #576 (Hickman has made melove this title)

    3)  Secret Warriors #13 (Finally a Druid story!)

    4) Thor #607 (Finally the Thor book enters Siege)

    5) And like every month…X-Factor #202! (Peter David, Madrox, Layla.  It’s always good.)

  50. BQ:  Biathlon, no question.  Wanted to do it since I was a kid.

  51. BQ:  Super G (because it sounds gangsta)

  52. Why do I have 14 books on my pull list?   It looks like a huge week to me.

  53. Batman And Robin #9

    Blackest Night #7 (OF 8)

    Fantastic Four #576

    Flash Rebirth #6 (OF 6)

    New Avengers #62

    The Marvels Project #6 (OF 8)

    Ultimate Comics Enemy #2 (OF 4)

    BQ I;d love to be brave enough to do the luge

  54. Good strong week, with my standouts being more Fantastic Four by Hickman and a new Scalped.  Not sure how to feel about Flash Rebirth, it’s just been so long.  Also excited for more Nocenti and Jr Jr Daredevil reprints in the Lone Stranger TPB

    BQ: Biathlon – then I can have a second career as a James Bond villain.

  55. Seems like a good week

    BQ: Snowboarding

  56. a nice light week for me:

    Amazing Spider-Man

    Batman and Robin

    Blackest Night

    Fantastic Four


    BQ: I’d be on the jamacan bobsled team.

  57. @conor That’s insane that they’re no clubs.  Especially how eclectic NYC is.  One would think as least someone would’ve started one by now.  Do you curl?

  58. I would have guessed that you could find ANYTHING in NYC.  I guess I was wrong.  Curling’s actually a fun sport to play, because it’s a social sport that involves a lot of drinking.  Sort of like bowling. 

  59. BQ: Hockey player.  I really hope the pros are back for 2012 in Russia. 

  60. @vadamowens: Never have. I would like to give it a try, though.