New Comics for 01/06/10 just knows that they have to do something on Wednesday…

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Did you all enjoy your week off from new comics? I know I did. I'm rested and refreshed and ready to get back into the game.

The book that I'm most looking forward to this week is Blackest Night #6, which was available at participating stores last week but is available to everyone this week. I am also really looking forward to Siege #1, even if Michael Lark isn't drawing it. I'm looking forward to the end of Norman Osborn's reign of terror over what seems like Marvel's entire line of books. And I hope that Steve Rogers is the one who punches him in the mouth. And is that Stumptown #2 I see? Oh, my — this is shaping up to be quite a week.

This week Josh has the first Pick of the Week of 2010!

Bonus Question: Which side of the great "twenty ten" vs. "two thousand ten" debate do you fall on? Or, like me, do you think this is among the stupidest wide spread debates you have seen in a long time. Incidentally, I've taken to saying "oh ten," which I quite like.


  1. I enjoyed my week without comics by getting the first two trades of Alias, and the first hardcover of Powers, which sadely had some of the worst production values of a book I have ever seen.  The story was good enough though that I am getting the next two volumes though.

  2. Not a lot for me this week; Siege #1, Siege: Embedded#1, Nation X X-Factor, and Haunt#4.

    BQ:  I was not aware of a debate….I guess I say "two thousand ten".

  3. Between Echo, Stumptown, Cinderella, and Cable (starring Hope) it’s a good week for kick ass women in comics.  Also, there’s some book about a Fort or something?  I forget what that’s about.

    BQ: I say Twenty-ten, and I also think it’s pretty stupid, but not as stupid as the argument about whether 1990 was in the 80s or not.

  4. Welcome back everyone! Back to the weekly grind…


    Nation X: X-Factor is obviously a must have, as even though its general consensus that X-Factor suffers when dragged into the grander X-Men events, its good to see PAD do a single issue to resolve whats going on in the world around XF Investigations and then immediatly move on. Cant forget about Siege #1! I really think this is going to stand tall amongst all the other events, since if theres one complaint that unifies all the other ones is that their overdrawn. So the brevity of this event can definitely work in its favor.

    And Stumptown #2…FINALLY! I feel its been forever since #1 came out, as I really enjoyed it and had all the elements of a great old school PI story. Glad to see it hasent been forgotten.

    BQ: I think the bigger (and incidentally, more pointless) question is…what do you call this new decade? The 10’s? And for that matter, what did we call the LAST decade?

  5. Good to get some books this week. Wondering where the hell Scalped is?

    BQ: Really?

  6. Blackest Night #6 had some great action and nice story twists in it. Enjoy.

    Really looking forward to Stumptown, Boys, the Blackest Night books (I am really enjoying this crossover), Proof 25 (FINALLY!), Haunt, of course Seige, Echo, Sweet Tooth, The Mighty (so I can finally read the whole thing in one sitting) and Ultimate Spider-Man. A nice, solid week.

    Dropping House of Mystery – it’s well done technically, but I just don’t care. This’ll be the last issue of Red Robin for me – again, it’s not doing anything for me. I was going to drop Batman Confidential, too, but damn it, Sam Keith!!!

    BQ: I like "twenty-ten" – makes it sound more epic than it actually is. I hate, however, how everything this last few weeks has been "Best of the decade" – yeah, what decade, ass? Make a decision.

  7. I’m really curious if Siege #1 will get me excited more than Blackest Night has so far, which I feel like I’m just reading because I’m supposed to.

    BQ: I’m pushing for the roman-numeralesque "X." Plain and simple.

    Incidentally, is it possible that in the grand scheme of things that nothing of significance will be remembered of the first 20 years of this century until we can start typifying things with "20s" and "30s" monikers again? I wonder. You never hear much about 1900 – 1919 in a grouped sort of way. But then there were the roaring twenties. the depression-era 30s, the wartime 40s, and so on.

  8. Wow, pretty light week for me as far as number of books but some big big books coming out


    BQ: twenty ten, but i don’t care either way. who cares, it’s language and we shape it how we want

  9. New comics? I remember those!

    I don’t like it when weeks are this big, and I’ve even got I think two books that have been delayed.  Speaking of which, how long has it been since Superman Secret Origins?

    BQ: I think once we hit the teens, everyone will adapt to "twenty ____teen."  "Two thousand ____teen" is just too much of a mouthful.

  10.  I dropped out of all the Marvel Dark Reign out of sheer exhaustion. I’m going to pick up The Seige and hopefully rekindle an old flame.

    Hows about ‘y10’?

  11. Blackest Night was so good I can see it overshadowing this week’s releases.  I’m actually interested in checking out the Mass Effect comic that’s coming out from Dark Horse. I really should finish that game.

  12. Just Superman: WONK and Stumptown for me.

    BQ: Twenty-ten. It sounds more futuristic.

  13. Great way to start the new year. Sadly two problems with me: A) No comics on Wednesday, cause of the New Years holiday. B) I got work on the Thursday it does come out. So a big week but I gotta worry about work. Blah

    Batman Confidential #40 (Sam Keith drawing Batman? Hell to the yes)

    Blackest Night #6

    Deadpool Team Up #897

    Punisher MAX: Get Castle

    Sweet Tooth #5

    BQ: Twenty Ten.

  14. Blackest Night 6, Seige 1, and Ultimate Spider-man this week.

    BQ:  Twenty-ten.  Saying Two Thousand Ten seems a little more of a mouthful

  15. BQ:  I think the dumber debate is if 2009 was really the end of the decade.  Anytime someone says that 2010 is actually the end of the decade, I want to punch them in the face.  Get an effin life.  Seriously.

    And I say twenty-ten. 

  16. My shop won’t get comics until Thursday, so that’s a bummer. But should be a fun week. I still have hope that World of New Krypton will end strongly. We’ll see.

    BQ: I don’t care. In fact, just to piss those two groups off, I’ll call it "two zero one zero"

  17. Twenty ten, all the way. ‘Ten in twenty ten’ has tainted me forever.

  18. The Siege is finally here!!  Got Blaskest Night last week and I’m also pumped for Sweet Tooth and USM.


    BQ: Twenty-Ten has a better flow than Two Thousand Ten, but I don’t care what others call it.  Oh-Ten is funny, I might have to steal that.

  19. 12 books for me this week. Some good reading to come

  20. Just one book for me, but I’m pretty jazzed to give James Stokoe‘s new title Orc Stain a shot. His work is pretty inspiring, so I’m glad to see him on a monthly.


  21. technically isn’t every year an end of a decade?


  22. This is the first week I will not be going to the LCS. I switched over to DCBS, and now must wait until the end of the month too read all of my books. My spirit is damaged, but my wallet is happy. My New Years resolution is to not spend more than $60 a month on comics.

    I’m looking forward to reading Siege, Sweet Tooth, and Orc Stain. Good times.

    BQ: I was at a wedding reception on Saturday. The DJ asked this very question, and was greeted with a roomful of mehs. I’ve never been prouder of a large group of people in my life.

  23. The Correct answer to the Bonus QUestion is "Aught 10". Let’s embrace our prospector roots.

  24. I kinda missed my weekly comics, but I did manage to read some good collections.  I finally read I Kill Giants, which kind of reduced me to tears, so I suppose that’s a good thing. A slower start to the new year for me though, although I am stoked for Stumptown and Siege. Still maybe I can find some stuff not on my pull list…

    BQ I have difficulty caring about the argument, and have so far managed to use both an equal amount of times.

  25. i missed you guys! i made a new year’s resolution to buy less comics. i don’t really want to spend as much as i have been.

    So with that in mind, i’ll be picking up sweet tooth, stumptown, the siege (even though i have  sinking feeling about the book) Superman: WONK (just end already!) 

    And here’s what i normally would buy but am not going to now, Seige: THe Embedded (i’m just tried of the not-quite-as-good-as-the-main-series tie-in book) All Blackest Night tie-ins (for exactly the same reason) Gigantic (very disdappointing.

    SO that’s extremely interesting, isn’t it? 

  26. Nothing to really get excited for this week.  Stumptown and Sweettooth.   Siege?  Definitly not in for embedded.

    BQ:  Twenty-Ten.

  27. Two-Hundred One Zero.

  28. BQ: "Twenty ten". Used to be "two thousand X", because saying "twenty Oh X" has the same amount of syllables. But now its redunadant.

  29. Just Haunt, Savage Dragon and Blackest Night: Wonder Woman for me.

    The trades for Marvel Divas, Muppet Show: Treasure of Peg Leg Wilson and the last of Joe Casey’s Youngblood will all have to wait until I can afford them.

    BQ: Who cares? I already have enough stupid shit to worry about. Which is to say I’m with you, Conor.

  30. There isnt a comic book store within 60+ miles from where im at. so a skip weak for me.

  31. Lots of trades for me this week, including the latest Walking Dead, the first trade for The Unwritten, and Vertigo Crime’s latest The Chill by Jason Starr, whose novels I enjoy.  Add to that Blackest Night #6 and Stumptown #2 and I’m psyched!

    BQ: I really don’t know, we’ll just have to see what happens…

  32. Siege 1

    Sweet Tooth 5

    Batman Confidential 40 (it’s Sam Kieth)


    twenty ten is easier to say but is kind of a slang because there is no such thing.

    I think two thousand ten is the correct one.


    Happy New Year, iFanboy and iFanbase.

  33. Looking forward to Siege, The Mighty, and Sweet Tooth. I’m actually looking forward to everthing else in my pull list too, but there’s too much to list.

    BQ: I also called it Oh Ten. I think I’m going to stick with that.

  34. I have ONE book this week. ONE. Doom Patrol #6.

    BQ: I didn’t know there was a debate. I guess I say twenty ten? Never really thought about it. 

  35. It has to be twenty ten!!!, because we didn’t say one thousand nine hundred and ninty nine back in 1999, Just saying ten doesn’t have enough info and i’m not yet sold on O ten, but it could grow on me.

  36. I’m most excited for Stumptown.  Issue 1 was one of my favourite issues of the year. 

    BQ: Forget the 2010 question.  Someone please answer me what we are supposed to call the decade we just left?  I’ve been waiting for 10 years to hear that answer!

  37. My comics this week are: Superman WONK, Stumptown, Sweet tooth, Ult.Spider-Man, Orc Stain(if my store has it), Savage Dragon, Forgetless, Greek Street, Blackest Night(got it last week) and maybe Weird Western Tales # 71.

    BQ: I don’t give a fuck either way! 

  38. @ Crippler~  I believe those are called the "aughts" (although I don’t think its spelled that way). 

    Some good stuff this week.  In a strange way, I feel like I bought the previous issues for some of these books just a couple weeks ago.   Oh well.  I’m still looking forward to Siege, Blackest Night: Wonder Woman, Doom Patrol, and the finale to Gigantic.

    BQ: I say "twenty ten" just like I said "nineteen ninety-eight" instead of "nineteen hundred ninety-eight."  Doesn’t really bother me either way though. 

  39. Looking forward to Siege and Blackest Night because there isn’t much else coming out.

     BQ: EXACTLY what Neb said. 

  40. Blackest Night #06
    Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #02
    Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #03
    Red Robin #08
    Sweet Tooth #05
    King City #04
    Proof #25
    Punisher Max Get Castle #01
    Siege #01
    Siege: Embedded #01
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #06
    Stumptown #02

    BQ:  Two-thousand-ten.



  41. BQ: I just say "the year of Spider-Man".

  42. Only 2 books.

    Sweet Tooth #5
    Haunt #4

    Not a promising start to the year for DC and Marvel.

    I have been sayign Two-thosand-ten, but oh-ten sounds cool.

  43. Blackest Night #6 (OF 8)
    Blackest Night Wonder Woman #2 (OF 3)
    Cinderella From Fabletown With Love #3 (OF 6)
    Siege #1 (OF 4)
    Siege Embedded #1 (OF 4)
    Sweet Tooth #5
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6

     BQ: Twenty Ten, not that I knew there was a debate. 

  44. Surprisingly, after a week off, I have a really short list.  I enjoyed the time away from comics and went on vacation last week.  I was relieved I didn’t have to catch back up with my reading and I even finished some trades that have been sitting around.

    Blackest Night #6 (OF 8)
    Cable #22
    Jonah Hex #51
    Mighty #12
    Siege #1 (OF 4)
    Weird Western Tales (Blackest Night) #71

    BQ: I’d go with Twenty-ten but who cares.  In fact, I think I’ll go with MMX. Happy MMX everybody!!!

  45. I have a back log of about 20 books ’cause of this damn Christmas thing everybody’s been harping on about. Missed out on Red Robin, Power Girl, Blackest Night.

    Looking forward to Sweet Tooth, Siege, Haunt.

    BQ: What @Neb said… 

  46. BQ: Guess I really never thought about it.  Honestly, I say two thousand ten, but O-10 is brilliant because it’ll piss off all of my detail oriented friends…sooo, I’ll probably start using that.

  47. I enjoyed the week off from comics.  Let’s do it again next year.

  48. Blackest Night #6 (OF 8)

    Blackest Night Wonder Woman #2 (OF 3)

    Cable #22

    Doom Patrol #6

    Gigantic #5 (OF 5)

    Haunt #4

    Mighty #12

    Nation X X-Factor

    Red Robin #8

    Siege #1 (OF 4)

    Siege Embedded #1 (OF 4)

    Stumptown #2

    Suicide Squad (Blackest Night) #67

    Superman World Of New Krypton #11 (OF 12)

    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6

    Weird Western Tales (Blackest Night) #71


    Looking forward to the conclusion of the Mighty, and hoping Bendis can do something with Siege.


    BQ: I think I keep saying two thousand ten….but it’s a stupid argument.  Maybe I’ll start a new side of it and start saying 2k10.

  49. I’m pumped for the Mighty #12, it’s been great so far

    Also looking forward to Sweettooth and Stuptown.

     BQ: twenty ten

    BTW: Michael Lark is going to be drawing an Amazing Spiderman story arc (I think starting 623)

  50. I say "Two Thousand Ten", though I saw "Oh Ten" a lot. Oh Eleven doesn’t really roll off my tongue, so this may be the last "Oh" year. I think I’ll naturally switch from two thousand  _____ to twenty _______ when we hit the teens.  Hmm. I’ve never really thought about it before now. As far as the "debate," i don’t see how anyone can claim to be the authority on such a non-issue. That said, both "two thousand eighty five" and "twenty eighty five" sound weird in my ears. Thankfully, I plan to be dead by then.

  51. I’d say "The year we make contact".


  52. Looks like the snow here means there’ll be no delivery till Friday at the earliest so I could be looking at next week being a real big one.