Need One More Reason to Read BATGIRL? How About Dustin Nguyen on Art?

DC Comics announced today that fan favorite Streets of Gotham artist Dustin Nguyen will join the Batgirl creative team with November's issue #15. Bryan Q. Miller's scripts already make the series a must-read, so this is just icing. Here's a look at Nguyen's first cover:


We've been singing the praises of this series for a while now, but I'm gonna be bold here. This is the new Power Girl. If you miss the humor and madcap fun of that book's first dozen issues, this is the heir apparent. Stephanie Brown reads like Peter Parker at his funniest, with the right balance of confidence and doubt. Her friend/mentor relationship with original Batgirl Barbara Gordon and a new Oracle in training named Proxy, makes it the book Birds of Prey ought to be, but often isn't.  

The November issue sounds like a perfect jumping on point, but then so is this week's issue #13. Don't miss out on this one. 


  1. So is Nguyen leaving Streets of Gotham?

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Looks that way. 

  3. I love Dustin Nguyen’s work.  That is beautiful.  This might be enough to get me to start picking up Batgirl again (but what will I drop???).

  4. The only issue of this I read was the Red Robin crossover, and it was OK. However, I’m thinking of giving this a real try due to the praise it gets up in here. And you know how we all salivate over the phrase "perfect jumping on point," so I’m picking it up today. That makes two return trips to the LCS this week (this and Morning Glories). What, you guys making some commissions? 🙂 Nguyen doing the art in a few months is a big deal, too. As "fun" as this series may be, his art will bring a serious side to it. 

  5. But… I like Lee Garbett’s Batgirl. A lot, actually.

  6. @Paul DAMN!!!

  7. Nice!  I’d love to see him do fully watercolored interiors.

  8. YESSSSSSSSSSS!! Can’t wait.

  9. I hope he’s done with House of Hush.

  10. Oh and Streets is likely cancelled after House of Hush anyway,

  11. Wouldn’t be surprise if Streets is cancelled with all of the new Batman books being lauched. Have been loving Batgirl so very excited although don’t think the cover is his best work.

     Also much as I’ve been loving Batgirl I feel Nguyen deserves a shot on a big book

  12. Is this going to change the lighthearted vibe the book has now? I’m really enjoying it and I don’t want to see it get too serious.

  13. Damn. I love Nguyen but not enough to follow him to Batgirl. I really wish I could like this series. I feel like I’m missing out. No offense to the creators or the fans. I gave the first few issues a shot and it did nothing to quell my hatred of Stephanie Brown. I just don’t like the character. Never have. And it appears that nothing can change that. I hope that changes.

  14. Yay, Batgirl!  It makes me really hopeful that DC seems so committed to this book.  Also, to anybody who wasn’t sold on the first arc of this series, I really think Bryan Miller’s scripting has improved.  Not that I ever disliked it, but I think he was pretty new to comics when he started, and he seems more comfortable with the medium now.  (I hope I am not wrong about that) In any case I really feel like we are really seeing him grow as a writer over the course of this run.  I’ve fallen in love both with his work and with these characters, and that’s the best of all possible worlds.

  15. Batgirl is the one book that I know I want to read, but I just cant seem to fit it into my my purchasing/reading budget.

  16. I just picked this book up this week, and I absolutely loved it! Now that Nguyen is on it, now it’s really on.

  17. This book came out of nowhere for me when I started picking it up again 6 months ago.  I was not expecting it to be this good.  That speaks volumes to Bryan Q Miller’s writing talent and how it has progressed along with Stephanie Brown’s character as well.  I’m a bit biased too because I’ve enjoyed her character back when she was Spoiler during Chuck Dixon’s Robin days in the late 90’s.  Garbett had great art too and it’s a shame he’s leaving, but I’ll enjoy Nguyen just the same.

  18. I’ve been reading a bunch of comments (elsewhere of course) that people are saying Nguyen essentially got downgraded from Streets of Gotham to Batgirl.  Apparently people haven’t noticed the fact that Batgirl has consistently outsold Streets of Gotham since at least the beginning of the year.  If anything Nguyen is being put on a higher profile book.  Let’s hope that Batgirl finally breaks the top 50, since she’s been sitting around 60-70 the last couple months.

    Why do I see so many people talk about Batgirl with so much hatred?  I mean we don’t see it here on iFanboy obviously, but as soon as I leave the iFanranch it goes down hill. 

  19. @jmstump: Maybe because ifanboy (and the community) is the only place giving it such high praise?

    That isn’t a slight on anyone here. I’m just stating, like you just stated, that it seems like once we go outside this site no one is that huge of a fan for it. Heck, only conor reads the book for the podcast so it’s not like it has that strong of a push for it. 

  20. @TNC – The part that makes it so confusing is that the Sales don’t seem to line up with how much people are apparently hating this book.  Maybe the haters are just way more vocal than the people loving it.  I really don’t know.

  21. I’ve been enjoying the book, and really could care less who is or isn’t praising the book. Looking forward to Nguyen on the Art. I’ve been enjoying his work on Streets of Gotham so far (also a very solid book), and hope the books don’t get cancelled.

  22. I don’t know where people are looking outside this site, but I’ve seen nothing but praise for this book.  It got a huge applause at the DC Nation panel at Heroes Con, too.  Dunno where these mythical haters are, but glad it’s not here!

  23. It’s not even hating the book from the outside. More of a ‘meh’ type of response. Like, if ifanboy gives it a A-/B+ then others give it a C/C-.

  24. Dudes/Dudettes, this is fantastic news.  I made the same reference to Power Girl that Paul did in my review this week.  This book is flippin’ rad.  Now it’s even raddier.  Can’t wait!

  25. @TNC  Since it’s not even possible to talk about a unified ifanboy opinion, I’m impressed by your ability to magically discern and generalize about what everybody else on the Internet thinks.  Bravo!

  26. Been meaning to get the 1st trade for my daugther. Ill read it first thou!

  27. @jmstump I do feel its a bit of downgrading in the sense that he’s going from Dini to Miller (which is no slight on Miller just on popularity). I do feel Nguyen could be put on a real big book but he did do Detective Comics before so hopefully now he’s just working on stuff he really likes.


    I would also agree with ohcaroline that Miller’s getting progressively better and for people a bit unsure from the first arc, his second with Damien was a huge step up.

  28. @Britishnightwing – As I mentioned I looked at it from a sales perspective looking back to January, not necessarily a talent perspective.  All around I’ve taken what "The Others" are saying that I found on the internet with a grain of salt.  I love this book and seeing Nguyen on for art duties just means that it’s going to continue going.  And you know be Awesome.

  29. @ohcaroline: Hey, the many websites I go on it’s not hard to find a general consensus of things.

    On paper it does feel like a downgrade. When you think about it Nguyen has went from: Detective Comics to Streets of Gotham and now to Batgirl.

    But obviously when you read all three of those books you know that isn’t the case. He’s just going from one solid title to the next. If anything going to Batgirl is probably an improvement, considering how it sounds like Streets has gone all over the map since starting. 

  30. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TNC – Do you read all or any of these books? 

  31. I’ve read Detective when Nguyen was on board. I gave up on Streets of Gotham when Dini decided to go off and on the book. I’ve caught myself up on Batgirl and it’s okay. Not the best Bat-book but better then a lot of them.

  32. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Then evaluate from your own experience and not some flimsy analysis of what other communities think. Generalizations are useless. 

  33. It is good that Nguyen is getting on to another ‘Bat-book’ if SoG is cancelled.  I cannot blame the readers for giving up on it.  I am a big Dini fan, but with DC misleading (or outright lying) in their solicitations about who the writer is, it was really frustrating to have to go and open up the book to see who the writer was.

  34. @Paul: I just gave you my opinions on it. Not from other sites.

  35. Batgirl has been consistently good to great since it started, and I’ve been loving Lee Garbett’s art. The sting of him leaving is pretty much alleviated by Nguyen coming on. Love his stuff, he’s probably my favorite Bat-artist of recent years.

    As far as the writing, it’s been solid. I loved the 2nd arc, the interaction with Stephanie and Damien was hysterical. I’d read a comic starring the two of them.

  36. Nguyen’s art can be really great but I’ve seen some interior art that looks rushed and dare I say crappy. His cover work though is tops.

  37. This pretty much confirms that Streets of Gotham is breathing its last breaths right?

  38. batgirl is amazing.  But i would much rather see nguyen stay on streets of gotham.  Such a great title when it started out.

  39. I read the last issue of Batgirl. I thought it was all right. Rated it a 2/5 and will not continue with the title.

    Still would be willing to give it another shot down the road cuz some cats have a lot of love for it.

  40. I’ll miss Lee but Dustin is a great choice too. I hope that he brings his ‘little Gotham’ fun to this book.

  41. Both Lee Garbett is pretty awesome, but Nguyen maybe my fave artist of all, real happy wherever he goes.  If you missed Manifest Eternity, you really missed out on some of his best work, esp his covers on that series.