MMXI = Year of the X-Men Continues – Colossus Wears Many Hats

…and one of those hats is the Juggernaut's. 

Marvel released this Uncanny X-Men image, the latest promo for MMXI, the year of the X-Men. This choice of headgear may seem superfluous, but then again, Colossus may be warding off some irritating telepathic post-it notes from Emma Frost reminding him to put the toilet seat down. Or to stop bench-pressing her fainting couch. 

Penciled by GREG LAND 
Rated T+ …$3.99 

On sale in July! 


  1. Okay now they’re just throwing anything on a dart board and putting it on a teaser.

    Also, Greg Land is still artist on Uncanny huh? Well that’s a dealbreaker to be sure. 

  2. I hoped when Gillen came on they would get some new artists too, oh well.

  3. Whatever, I loves me some Colossus.

  4. I now picture Emma Frost having a fainting couch filled with lead.

  5. last year would have worked so much better as the year of x

  6. I had a dream, Gillen was writing this tile and Immomen was drawing it…And I would be reading it

  7. I was so looking forward to Gillen…and I’m going to stop right there, I’m tired of hating on Land. It’s like he’s always going to be there. I just want my book back.

  8. So is Fraction officially off of Uncanny?  Cause if so, I’ll be picking up Uncanny X-Men again.

  9. F him.  Collossus should’ve stayed dead.  Maybe he’d like some cheese with his whiiiiiiine.

  10. YES! Colossus! It would be nice if he was the main character of an upcoming arc, or plays a major role in this event.
    Land? I’ll give it the “flip-test” @ my LCS

  11. I just hope this doesn’t mean Juggernaut is gonna be taken out of Thunderbolts.  Jeff Parker is doing great things with him there. 

  12. colossus is my favorite character, but greg land is my least favorite creator 🙁

  13. Why does his torso look like a cobra? Why are his arms 3x the circumference of his head? Why????

  14. colossus is huge that is why

  15. @TheNextChampion  Seriously! I mean is GregLand supposed to bring me back to X-men? You’d think Marvel would realize people don’t want this.

  16. This might have been fun to try at $3, but not for $4. Sorry, greedy corporation.

  17. this collosus is very disproportionate. But i love it!

  18. maybe they’ll do something with collosus that might make him an even moderately interesting character. 
    He’s so dull 

  19. I haven’t been pleased with Uncanny & Legacy for a while now. Maybe this iwll be a change in the right direction.