Mike Allred on Daredevil #17

As if Daredevil couldn’t get better, earlier today Marvel announced that superstar artist Mike Allred will be joining team Daredevil with issue #17 this August.  Writer Mark Waid already has had stellar artists like Marcos Martin, Paolo Rivera and most recently Chris Samnee, but now the legendary creator of Madman takes a stab at the ol’ hornhead.  The addition of Mike Allred is a natural fit as the look of Daredevil, since the relaunch last year, has been more of a pop art, clean style. I don’t know about you, but for me, when I think of comic pop art style, Mike Allred is the master. With his latest work, iZombie, coming to an end over at Vertigo, hopefully we’ll see more Allred on Daredevil in the months to come.

Daredevil #17 hits comic shops in August!




  1. It’s a wealth of riches on Daredevil. But could someone explain Khoi Pham on this week’s DD?! It’s like the song from Sesame street, ” something here just doesn’t belong here! “

  2. This is welcome news, just when I think the rotating artistic team couldn’t get any better, they hit me with Allred.

  3. Daredevil is just a fountain of good news at the moment – can’t wait.

  4. Instead of spreading the best talent around the Marvel bullpen, they’re stacking this book like crazy… And I’m all for it!

  5. Yes. Yes. Yes.

  6. On Daredevil 11 appeared a letter Mike Allred wrote to Stephen Wacker, senior editor of Daredevil. Here’s what he wrote:
    “Hiya, Staphen! Been diggin’ the current run of Daredevil BIG TIME! Mark Waid is the tops! And I’m a huge fan of Paolo & Marcos! Beautiful stuff from all involved. I would LOVE to do a guest spot if you’de be into my humble scratchings. DD! It’s sooo cooool! Mike Allred”.
    Looks like He got what He wanted. And I couldn’t be happier.

  7. This book keeps rewarding us!

  8. So much awesome, can’t handle it. Wackier just sits around his office saying, “Fuck it, we’re going to win Eisners every year until we don’t want any more.”

  9. Based on the cover alone, Mike Allred’s Daredevil will tower over the competition.

    *That billboard is begging for an image/message!

  10. Hooray! This is gonna be awesome.

  11. My head’s just gonna burst one day. This is such great news!

  12. Mike Allred is a great choice for DD and really isn’t too far off in contrast of style from the 1st cpl artists. With iZombie ending this makes perfect sense and look forward to an iZombie omnibus.

  13. I love Mike Allred and Daredevil and Mark Waid.

  14. Wow! Awesome!

    Mike and Laura hinted at Emerald City to me that they were working on a project for Marvel. Now we know what it is. This book is an artist gold mine.

  15. Cool. Cool. Cool.Cool.

  16. OH! that’s f-en awesome!

  17. Now I’m going to have to start reading Daredevil!

  18. Wow. This is great news. It’s always nice when one of your favorite titles not only maintains its quality, but keeps getting better. Cannot wait.

  19. Looks Amazing

  20. Oh Awesome.. One good thing has come from the demise of IZombie i guess!

  21. Hot damn, nice call.

  22. This is so right in so many levels

  23. i have two long boxes of just daredevil and i must say this run on daredevil is by far one of my favorites. especially on the art aspect of it. rivera and martin have been amazing and i cant wait to see what allred will bring to the table.

  24. Now this…this has me excited!

  25. Sweet jesus, that’s awesome! Fantastic news!

  26. Considering how weak this recent issue of DD was I am excited to hear about this.

    Although if it’s not full on Allred, it’ll be interesting to see how Javier Rodriguez’s colors are to Allred’s pencils.

  27. Can’t wait for this issue! I love me some Allred, here’s hoping this will be the first of many Daredevil collaborations.