(Maybe) You Asked For It: Geoff Johns to Co-Write ‘Shazam!’ Movie

Hot on the heels of the announcement that he will be working on the plot for the Flash feature staring Ryan Reynolds, The Hollywood Reporter is… well, reporting that Geoff Johns will be co-writing the script for the long in development Captain Marvel picture, tentatively titled Shazam!

Add to all this the news from San Diego last month that Geoff Johns will be writing another episode of Smallville this season (guest starring the JSA!) and suddenly Mr. Johns is quite the busy man in Hollywood.


  1. Good bye any Geoff Johns book coming out on time ever again! 😉 Good news.

  2. Awesome!  Good for you, Geoff.  Looking forward to seeing how this whole possible era of DC movies shapes up.

    Now, onto really important business: Rampant speculation into possible casting.  I think Tony the Tiger should play Mr. Tawky Tawny.

  3. I’ll buy it when it gets a release date. Captain Marvel has let me down before.

  4. I think Geoff is just co-writing the story.  So, it shouldn’t be that intensive for him and shouldn’t really affect any comic writing I would think.

  5. not a fan of the name, but everything else is fab.

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  7. Wait. Flash feature starring Ryan Reynolds?

    Is that a little mistake or are DC movies going to be very, very confusing?

  8. It doesn’t bode too well for the great stack of books that he is meant to be writing for the foreseeable future. Keep your fingers crossed.

  9. It’s like God came down and touched me in my comic book area.

    So now Geoff Johns is going to revitalize the DC films after rebuilding the comics. Next up: The Novels.

  10. Oh man, I hope we get some crazy Black Adam action in this!!  Probably not, but a man can dream right?

    Very excited

  11. Meh, not a big Shazam fan. What I’d really like is for Geoff Johns to write a Superman film. I mean  all the court mumbo jumbo right now is pushing that Warner Bros start production on a new Supes film by 2011, so who better than the guy who has FINALLY made the Superman books awesome again then Geoff Johns

  12. This movie title will hopefully not remind movie viewers of the defuncted Shaq Movie: Kazaam… just saying…

  13. I’d love to see ‘Shazam and the Monster Society of Evil’ trade be the source of the film. I know it’s mixed feelings on Jeff Smith’s title; but that would be a perfect plot to use.

  14. @Mangaman Stop dropping hints for the sequel!

  15. Nice.

  16. Yeah! Now we just need him on the next Supes movie, pleeeeeeaaaaaase Hollywood!!!

  17. Frankly, I ask that he be co-writer for all future DC films. I don’t think it’d slow his comic writing down too much, either. Look at 52; while the other writers understandably had to take time off their other books, didn’t he still put out several other titles outside of the weekly book?

    He’s Brainiac, I tells ya!!

  18. This is great news! Johns wrote Billy perfectly during his JSA run.

  19. @TheDudeVonDoom: awwright =(

    Waitaminute, now to think of it… wasn’t Shaq the star of the *ahem* DC owned/affiliated movie: Steel?


    So here’s the sad relationship chart:
    DC => Shazam => Kazaam => Shaq => Steel => DC


  20. Wow, how unknown is this character in the mainstream?  I think it’s awesome … and super ballsy.  Just make sure you run the trailer on Batman 3.

  21. Has Mr. Johns ever written a Shazam book or a book where Cap’t Marvel appeared?  Was he in Johns’s earlier JSA run?  Should be an interesting match.

  22. Yes, JSA.

  23. @Josh – Thank you.

  24. I would like to see Reynolds play green lantern, flash and captain marvel. He can play wonder woman too.

  25. Sounds awesome to me. Captain Marvel is *awesome*.


  26. I’m totally down with this. The movie should be awesome. I hope they can snag a good director.

  27. I wish the John August version hadn’t gotten killed.  I think he had a great vision for the film.  John August plus Geoff Johns equals BEST MOVIE EVAR!

  28. I don’t know if it’s not mainstream or not, but it shouldn’t be a tough sell. This use to be a cartoon series, plus with 17 Again, and other "Freaky Friday"/"Big" type movies popping up, the body switching concept is pretty known. All it takes is a good story and vision to totally be mainstream.

  29. So has anybody suggested Nathan Fillion as Captain Marvel yet?  If not, I’d like to throw it out there.

  30. My goodness, is Geoff Johns able to split himself into multiple people? Is that how he does it?

  31. @drakedangerz – The inevitability of Fillion being put forward (and perhaps rightly so in some cases) to play a comic book hero is roughly equal to the invocation of nazihood in an internet debate. 

  32. Something tells me this movie is gonna feel like a Donner Superman Flick. And I mean that in a Good way.

    As for Who to play Marvel. I take a strong No Fillion Stance and bring to mind:

    Jerry O’Connell

  33. I take a strong no fat kid from Stand by Me stance. I can see where you are going with that however, he’s got kind of the look but he’s not a great actor.  Nathan Fillion is a great choice.

    All I ask is that Geoff Johns act like the Trials of Shazam never happened!  Okay, thats probably a given where the movie is concerned… I guess I wish DC would act like the Trials of Shazam never happened when it comes to the comics!