Marvel’s The Avengers Gets a New Marvel’s The Avengers Movie Poster

Marvel has released a new theatrical poster for their upcoming film Marvel’s The Avengers. A new trailer for Marvel’s The Avengers is set to debut online tomorrow, promising all new content from Marvel’s The Avengers.

Until then, here’s that poster we mentioned for Marvel’s The Avengers from Marvel:

And it would appear that Marvel’s The Avengers may have been renamed to Marvel’s Avengers Assemble in the UK. Less a-Peeling?

Check back for the new trailer tomorrow!


  1. I like how the main POV character is shuffled somewhere in the back while the fan-favorite takes center stage.

  2. Um, the scale of Hulk is way off, guys. He’s not frickin’ Giant Man.

  3. Looks Good!

  4. Wow, that’s a really awful poster. Photoshop’d garbage.

    Also, is it just me, or is RDJ really looking his age? How many more of these films does he have left in him?

  5. “Goddammit, for the last time, get those masks off ’em. We paid for Downey, we’re showin’ Downey… What?… oh, who the hell knows who Ruffalo is, anyway? Now, get to work!”

    • I was thinkin the same thing, the lack of masks on this poster is like, well I don’t wanna say racist but I’ll say maskist.

      Hollywood hates masks.

      (Ha, movie is gonna be excellent though of course. But why Hawkeye why no mask)

  6. “Cap! Eyes front, soldier! We can’t have you staring off into space!”

  7. Sigh… Cap and Hawkeye are listening to the National Anthem as Black Widow and Fury are hitting their Blue Steel. This is painful, the juxtaposition of action and pose shots in the same frame is making this look like a Direct to Video poster I used to see in the 80s.

    Speaking of which i have a sudden desire to watch a Michael Pare film. Maybe a little Moon 44?

  8. Has Drew Struzan retired? Doesn’t Marvel have access to a stable of awesome artists that could create a sweet poster for us?

  9. This has the compositional sense of a Greg Land page.

    That’s not a good thing.

  10. even tho i like loki and loved tom’s perfermance i still wish they brought in a new villian for them to go up against. i mean thor has already beaten loki and yeah he seems to have and army with him but it would have been cool to see the red skull or abomination, villian team up type thing would have been a great reason for the earth to need avengers. it still look like an awesome movie but dr doom would have been sweet!!! lol 🙂

  11. I hate the title change. Who in the target audience is gonna confuse it with an old TV show or terrible movie from the 90s?

    • People in England. It’s just for the UK. Plus it’s probably about getting sued.

    • I’m in the UK, and while I’m familiar with both the TV show and film, I doubt many others my age are. I dunno about the sued thing, I think the title’s generic enough. Plus, surely it would also apply overseas too? I’m just whinging though.

    • I agree I’m in the UK and I can’t see how it will avoid confusion either especially as there are already poster up in the UK for ‘The Avengers’. More likely a copyright issue, or a hoax. But that title just doesn’t work.
      I mean my dad was initially confused but just seeing a poster, trailer or TV spot would clear that up, I mean who goes to see a film based solely on the title?
      I hope this is just for marketing and they don’t change the actual title card in the film itself.

    • Also; “Avengers” is still in the title.

  12. Whoaw…Cap appears to be a giant with an ego problem stepping on cars… The giant hulk I like…
    My daughter does better collages !

  13. This should have been the poster!

    Sersiously, that would make for a CLASSIC movie poster. But movie posters these days are WAY to mired in the business marketing side of studios to go for something truly stark and iconic.

    Fortunately, I still have high hopes for this movie because of the extreMly wise decision to allow Weadon to write and direct the film with seemingly little studio pressure in his way.

  14. I think it’s actually going to be kind of cool how most casual moviegoers will walk into the theater expecting Iron Man to lead the team. Captain America taking the mantle of team leader will be kind of a surprise for some folks. And if the script/acting is solid, Cap being the one to yell “Avengers Assemble!” really could be a great dramatic moment.

    But if Iron Man DOES more or less lead the team?? Oh, us fanboys will be mighty unhappy. Though, Stark did kind of lead the Avengers in the first 3 issues of the original comic, no?? But before Cap was even on the team.

  15. I think the Marvel’s Captain America should be at least as prominent as Marvel’s Thor on Marvel’s The Avengers poster.

  16. What’s Sam Jackson doing back there? Looks like he’s photobombing Marvel’s The Avengers.

  17. All right, guys. We get it. Marvel told you to refer to “The Avengers” as “Marvel’s The Avengers”. Terrible decision on their part, in general, but no need to hammer it into the ground.

    But yeah, that’s a bad poster.

  18. Wow, that is a bad looking poster. It looks like a cover to a direct-to-DVD movie that is trying to cash in on the Avengers movie.

  19. I don’t know what people want. It looks just like a comic cover but with actual people, maybe not Hulk

  20. Black Widow does look a bit like Emma Peel.

    Ah Well at least we get the movie a week earlier. 🙂

  21. No one knows who to make great film posters anymore. Where’s a modern day Saul Bass when you need him!?

    Yeah….that’s the stuff.

  22. Are they calling it Avengers Assemble in the UK to avoid confusion with the old British spy show?

  23. I wish they would have gone with a version closer to the classic Avengers #4 comics with Cap in the lead. I must agree it is horribly photoshopped. The only thing I like is the May with the Avengers symbol as the a.

  24. Gotta show those pretty faces. I wouldn’t say it looks good but it gets the job done.

    I wonder, what prompts a billing like “and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury”? I assume it’s just some contractual thing they cooked up. I’d like to believe it’s because he’s only capable of playing himself with an eye patch in a movie like this.

  25. Allow me to offer a contrary opinion:


  26. I saw some photos of Jeremy Reiner in the Hawkeye costome. He just looks kind of small and unthreatening. It’s bad when I get the feeling I could beat up an avenger. I couldn’t in reality but I think that so its bad

  27. I like the look and the costume for Black Widow.

    I hope ScarJo gets another nicely-choreographed fight scene, like she did in Iron Man 2.

    I think that might have been my favorite scene in the whole movie.


  28. I think I now understand people’s issues with Greg Land