Marvel’s SIEGE Teaser Images

Over the course of the week Marvel has been sending out teaser images for its upcoming event “Siege”. We’ve compiled the first three for you here.


And another…

Looks like they are taking ’em back. Taking ’em all back.


  1. man, all of those look badass. i want the spidey one as a poster. make mine marvel

  2. Daken can’t get taken out fast enough for me.

  3. the iron man one is Simone Bianchi, the wolverine one is Billy Tan, but who drew the Spider-man one? It will be nice to see the marvel heroes kick some much needed ass for  a change

  4. Wolverine’s gonna lay a spanking on Daken, oh yeah.  Seriously, I’d pay to have a comic where Logan bends Daken over one knee and gives it to him.

  5. looks very good!

  6. Spider Man looks really shiny, and he’s missing a leg. Other than the nitpick, i’m really looking forward to this event.

  7. Oh, hellz, yeah.


  9. That looks awesome! I’m pumped for this…

  10. I have a sneaking suspicion that this event is going to be a happy ending in every applicable sense of the word.

  11. I don’t think I could have gotten from ‘decapitated Goblin’ to ‘Goonies reference’ all by myself.

  12. A+ for the Goonies reference. Very well played, sir.

  13. I may be alone, I may not. I am really tired of crossover events. I kind of just want the books to breath on their own for a while.

  14. @zombox: You’re definitely not alone but there’s no end in sight because as much as people bemoan events, they drive a ton of sales.

  15. Bianchi’s take on the IronMan armor is badass…..but that take on Steve Rogers. Ugh.

    It just looks like Wolverine is gonna give a noogie to Daken. This is the first time I’m seeing the Spider-Man one and I’ll believe it when I see it. ‘It’ being that Parker actually kills Osborn.

  16. Peter missing a leg after a battle with the Green Goblin…potentially a "final battle"…now all we’d need is the Parker baby back…

  17. The goblin mask in that picture looks like the mask from the Goosebumps series. lol

  18. You guys know that Spidey is probably just holding a goblin mask and not a goblin mask with Osborn’s head inside right?

    Also Spidey does have a right leg in the image.  The perspective is all messed up, but it is there.

  19. They look cool as hell/  I cant wait for some resolution.

  20. The Spidey one looks like Brandon Peterson

  21.  first, spidey does look kind of creaped out by the mask, and second, does what wolverine is doing count as child abuse?

  22. All great covers, can’t wait to read this new event.  I would agree that Wolverine might be conducting some child abuse but Daken might need a good beat down.

  23. Why doesn’t Wolvie have his claws popped? And what’s with the steel gloves? Hurrrrrmmm….

  24. This will be the first even that I won’t be buying.  All these events have really made me jsut stop giving a crap about pretty much every Marvel character.

  25. it’s funny. With all the great stuff coming out of DC i have lost a lot of interest in Marvel. But this all looks good.

  26. The only way anyone can properly express event fatigue in an impactful manner is by not buying the next event.

  27. I’m looking forward to this.  even though I get the impression I’m the only one who’s into dark reign.

  28. I hear there’s going to be a new baddie, somebody who’s been behind this all along. So for the first time in a year, Norman Osbourne will not be the villian in marvel book.

  29. Maybe its an obscure Green Lantern villain we’ve never heard of.

     Or its Magneto.

  30. @clintaa – You’re not the only one, we just tend to keep it to ourselves out of shame.

    That Spidey is definitely Brandon Peterson, whose art is becoming increasingly difficult to identify unless he’s doing ultra-shiny cosmic characters. I miss the old Brandon Peterson that didn’t create images almost completely digitally.

  31. As cool as these images look, I’m not gonna pick up this. I’ve been burned by Marvel Events for the last several years, and this looks just as "cool" as Civil War, World War Hulk, and Secret Invasion all did when they were coming out. As of lately I’ve only been buying 2 Marvel Books, Cap and New Avengers. There’s always the trade if it’s good…

  32. Are we to assume that this is Tony Stark looking at the case?

  33. Does anyone know what event comes after the Seige? I’m really excited for that one.

  34. I think in general I’ve enjoyed Dark Reign, but some of it has been just rediculous.  It’s not like it’s been awful, and as Conor said, due to profits there will be no end in sight to tie-ins.  It’s just hard to figure out, sometimes, which titles and mini’s are relavent enough to the grand scheme to buy.  I have missed some minor plot points, but luckily its easy enough to figure out what happened.

  35. I’m so looking forward to this storyline.  I think with this then the X-book’s Second Coming Trilogy ender, 2010 will be the year Marvel goes back to normal.  Fingers Crossed!!!

  36. Updated with fourth teaser image.

  37. I don’t get that new image. Is that suppose to be the Sentry?

    Oh and there is another teaser out this week!

    Apparently it’s about Osborn and his ‘secret weapon’ that we first saw in the Cabal one-shot from last year. Who could it be? Beyonder, Mephisto, Balder, X-Man, Galactus? We’ll find out during Seige!

  38. I haven’t seen where anyone has brought this up lately, but in the middle of House of M, either Bendis or Quesada said that it was the first of 5 bif crossovers planned. So:

    1) House of M

    2) Civil War

    3) World War Hulk

    4) Secret Invasion

    …and now, maybe this really is the end. I am glad that Bendis is doing this. Even though I had problems with Secret Invasion, I wouldn’t want anyone else to finish this, except maybe Brubaker, who doesn’t seem like the type to want to write a cossover.


  39. I wonder if the rumors are true about having miracle man somewhere within these stories.

  40. Wow! What a fantastic new image for Seige! Gah… I feel like I want to read this.

    I dont know who did the art for it but damn, that is such a great image.