Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Kieron Gillen on Iron Man’s ‘Secret Origin’

IM2012009_DC11 Teased earlier this week, May’s Iron Man #9 sees the start of  a Stark family album. On today’s Marvel’s Next Big Thing press call, writer Kieron Gillen teased his upcoming story line “The Secret Origin of Tony Stark.” Tony’s father Howard has a murky history, and over the course of next dozen issues, Gillen promises to spin that “caper” in tandem with Iron Man’s ongoing adventures in deep space.

Flashbacks will center on a Las Vegas of 40 years ago. Gillen explained that he was compelled to explore the timeless casino Mecca, an oasis in a sea of desert. He also made casual reference to New Mexico’s Area 51. There, readers will get cozy not only with Howard and Maria Stark, but also with the Stark 7, a superhero group including new and familiar faces like Dum Dum Dugan.

Back in the present, Tony will develop his self-descriptive Godkiller armor.  “I wouldn’t say this is a bad ass suit of armor…I’d say it’s the most bad ass suit of armor in the history of ever,” Gillen explained. Pressed for further details, he said, “It’s big.”

We asked what Howard Stark would think of his son and his works could he see him today. “I think Howard would be proud,” Gillen said. “Tony’s hardened himself. But on any level, he should be proud. He’s an incredible creature.”

Gillen likened Dale Eaglesham’s class Marvel take on Howard and his Nevada paradise to the glamour of Citizen Kane.

The writer also confirmed that we will see baby Tony, though not necessarily decked-out in those red and gold booties or the iconic headgear. It wasn’t originally part of the plan, but once he saw the teaser, he knew.

Look for Iron Man #9 in May.


  1. i can’t be the only who read “iron boobies” am I?

  2. Hopefully Land is gone forever.

  3. Replacing Land with Eaglesham makes me a hundred percent more likely to check this book out.

  4. Very cool. Probably in large part due to Fury Max, I’m kinda digging these kind of “Back in time” stories. So 70’s era Vegas with Howard Starke sounds pretty awesome.

  5. Super excited for this!

  6. Can’t wait for Greg Land to leave so that I can pick this up again.