Teaser: Gillen & Eaglesham Expecting a ‘Secret Origin’ This May

What does the “Secret Origin” of Iron Man entail? According to Marvel, it’s a pretty big deal. Your guess is as good as ours.



  1. Nice

  2. I thought DC had a trademark on the phrase “Secret Origin”?

    • Knowing the history of using very related phrases, I’d say DC’s is probably “Secret Origins” plural, or Marvel won’t use it as the actual title, or they’ll consider a bold move showing youthful irreverence.

      They both have a Captain Marvel, after all.

    • Only took two posts to scroll before I read exactly what I thought I’d read. I love the Secret Origins stuff but don’t know if they own it. I love how he has lil yellow n red socks, aww.

  3. Judging by how bad the current ongoing is under Gillen I’m not hopeful. Can’t understand how it’s the same guy writing Iron Man that wrote that amazing first issue of Young Avengers.

    • He has to write 6 issues of Iron Man in a month. Quantity, not quality my friend.

    • Don’t know where you’re getting that from. All the Marvel Now books had accelerated schedules at the start. It didn’t make any other good writers fail so spectacularly. Not wanting to be overly negative here ( I’ve been a fan of Gillen since his PC Gamer days with Charlie Brooker) but he has been appalling on Iron Man when you compare it to the high standard of his other work.

    • I read half of the first issue and couldn’t even get through it all the way. I just assume some writers are better at coping with double shipping than others.

    • Iron Man had one of it’s worst runs in history under Fraction/Larocca, Gillen reads like Shakespear.

    • I personally loved Fraction’s run….well, until Iron Man was renumbered to 500. I didn’t make it even half way through the first issue before covering up the iPad. I will blame the art more so than the writing, but art takes me out of the story.

    • I’m loving Gillen’s run so far… especially the latest issue.

    • The first two years of Fractions run was great. Really great in fact.

    • Yeah too much on the plate spreads the quality thin, that’s why when people are all excited and yaaaay so n so is on this book now when said writer is already doing a cpl books I love, I’m like great, less focus on those two then before possibly, not always the case but too many under one writer often spreads the focus and quality thin on a cpl and you can usual tell which ones they’re spending more time with.

  4. Eaglesham?

    Now I’m interested in Kieron Gillen’s Iron Man.

  5. What the heck was so secret about it? Call me Notinterestedmael.

  6. It turns out that Wolverine was the original Iron Man in the 1930s, Howard Stark saw newsreels of him as a child and passed the knowledge on to Tony.

  7. I think this is the first time in a while I have seen a kid version of a Marvel hero not drawn by Skottie Young.

  8. Hey guys, keep in mind that this may not be Tony at all but an illegitimate child/clone. Lets face it, Tony spreads the DNA around A LOT. Just food for thought 🙂

  9. Wow, this looks pretty cool. I thought Gillen bounced back strongly with this week’s issue after a rocky first arc. Plus, no Land AND him being replaced by Eaglesham are two promising pieces of news.

  10. His secret origin is that he’s Xorn’s brother.

  11. This may be the greatest thing Greg Land’s ever drawn


  13. Are we sure that’s not the secret origin of Doctor Doom? His origin is more due for a quasi-reboot than Tony’s is.

  14. There’s Captain Morgan in Tony’s bottle

  15. Well now I might have to check this out.

  16. I’ve enjoyed Gillen’s Iron Man quite a bit. I had to drop it because I couldn’t commit to $16 per month for a single title (as with all $4-quadruple-shipper-M$rvel now-books). But yeah, the art has been appalling. Eaglesham rules though.

  17. Gillen’s Iron Man without Land? Relevant to my interests!

  18. Yeah the biggest news is that Land is finally off the title…for now!

    Maybe I’ll finally try this out now with Eaglesham on board.

  19. Secret origin?

    What are they going to reveal his mother made him out of clay and the gods brought him to life? Because – given that Tony is human – his secret origin would have to be more about his parents, wouldn’t it?