Captain America & Hawkeye #629 cover by Gabrielle Del'otto

Beginning in April, Captain America & Bucky will lose a sidekick and gain a wisecracking archer when the title changes to Captain America & Hawkeye.

Written by Cullen Bunn (Fear Itself: The Fearless, The Sixth Gun) and drawn by Alessandro Vitti (Secret Warriors), Captain America & Hawkeye #629 kicks off a four issue arc that features a story that Bunn describes as, well… I’ll let him tell it. “The short and simple of it is: Captain America and Hawkeye go out and fight a bunch of dinosaurs,” Bunn says. If that sounds to you kind of similar, tonally, to the opening arc of Avenging Spider-Man, then that’s probably intentional.

Captain America &… will become a team-up book featuring a rotating cast of co-stars much in the vein of the classic Marvel Team-Up or the current Avenging Spider-Man. With Marvel’s The Avengers set to hit theaters in May, it should come as no surprise that the first three people that Cap will team-up with in the first three arcs are Hawkeye, Iron Man, and Black Widow.

When asked to describe the tone of the new stories, Bunn said that his goal is to tell a fun, high-octane superhero adventure story that people can read without getting too mired in continuity, while still remaining relevant and important to the overall Marvel Universe. In other words, it’s a book that Marvel is hoping that comic book stores will use to turn movie ticket buyers into comic book buyers.

Bunn said that the book was pitched to him as basically “Captain America Team-Up” and that after the first three arcs there will be some non-Avengers showing up. Asked to name his wish list of characters to stand alongside Captain America and Bunn very enthusiastically identified Union Jack and the Enigma Force (the characters formerly known as the Micronauts).

On the art side, after Alessandro Vitti draws the opening arc, the book will also feature rotating artists, though both Bunn and Marvel say that the door will be open for Vitti to return and do more arcs.


  1. I hated Fear Itself and any title that had that banner, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about Sixth Gun so i’ll be picking this up!

    • The Sixth Gun is amazing but Brian Hurtt’s art is a big part of its beauty. Still I’m intrigued. Plus, I generally like Vitti.

  2. This is exactly what I want in my life. This and Avenging Spider-Man are greatly filling the void that Marvel Team-Up left.

  3. I’ll miss the Cap & Bucky book. Was loving the WWII stuff.

  4. I hope they do Union Jack. Seriously, where the hell has he been at?

  5. I was really enjoying the WWII stuff, but at the same time, if this turns out anything like Avenging Spider-Man, I’ll eat this up. Simple, contained stories, rotating casts of people, sounds like fun to me.

  6. I think a Cap team-up book is an excellent idea. I’d prefer shorter story arcs or, hell, I’ll be the one to say it: done in ones like the old days of Team-Up and Two-in-One. This offers more opportunities to showcase more heroes teaming up with Cap, but we know that will never happen.

    Sorry for being Mr. Pessimist here – anyone can correct me – but two additional thoughts:

    1. I know this is because of the movie, but doesn’t this sound like just an expensive excuse to have two Cap books out? Seems like they had Cap & Bucky, then lost Brubaker and needed something to replace it instead of cancelling it. “Let’s throw this at it.” Will this book really be running by the end of the year? If it doesn’t continue to have star creators and players, I know I’ll be dropping it. (shame too because this is the book with the #600 numbering!)

    2. Does Marvel really believe that this second book will convince movie ticket buyers to buy the comic? Dream on.

    • I have a feeling the higher numbering will switch over to the relaunched Cap book by Brubaker once this get cancelled. Probably in time for “Captain America #650” – which will be sooner than you might think if they add this numbering to the relaunched Cap numbering.

  7. Well, consider this book dropped. Not because I think the quality will suck, but because now I can easily wait and pick up the trades if I hear good things about them.

    • Sad to say, but this. I have too many books in my pull box, and as I find myself whittling down books at the beginning of the year, I can honestly say that I can live with just one Cap book in my life. Also, trade-waiting so I can pick and choose which ones I’d be interested in.

  8. Cullen Bunn + Cap & Hawkeye fighting a bunch of dinosaurs = SOLD!OHMYGODTAKEMYMONEYALREADY! 🙂

  9. I know we’re building towards a movie here, but perfect opportunity for a cross promotional book here, i’d certainly lay my Pounds down for Captain America & Invincible

  10. I love the idea but part of the joy of Marvel Team-up was that it was single issue or two-part stories. It allowed Spider-Man to team up with everyone from the X-Men to Man-Thing to Red Sonja. I know they talked about Union Jack and the Enigma Force but I am skeptical. If everything is going to be four and six issue arcs then I think they risk wasting an opportunity.

    Then again maybe I am an old man who just wants things they way they used to be.

  11. Heroes I wanna see Cap team up with…

    Black Knight
    any of The Twelve
    any of the Avengers Academy kids but particularly Striker, Hazmat and Veil

  12. If there is a big outcry for Union Jack, then I want to up the ante with

    Cap and Union Jack and Guardian (of Alpha Flight)

    THAT would be a fantastic cover!!!!

  13. Wow Marvel, you sure know how to get a guy to drop a title! The ONLY thing that has me interested in continuing to buy this when Bucky leaves is Cullen Bunn. But, I didn’t care about his Fear Itself tie-in so I’ll be looking at the first Hawkeye issue with skepticism when it comes out. What kept me interested in Cap & Bucky when Samnee & Andreyko left was 1. Francavilla on art and 2. the story is continuing to mine the rich history of Cap & his associated patriots. I like that it’s now the standard bearer for the Brubaker back story for Cap when the main Cap title has become more new reader friendly. That’s obviously getting thrown out of the window when they kick Bucky to the curb. So I’ll happily replace this in my stack with Winter Soldier.

    • I agree. I will be picking up Winter Soldier instead of this title after the current arc with Francavilla is over. No interest in a Cap Team-Up book with rotating creative teams.

  14. They had me at dinosaur.

  15. Alessandro Vitti is an extremely enthusiastic artist with an awesome style. Cullen Bunn is a great writer a real knack for plot. I love Cap and Hawkeye. I can’t wait to read this story.

  16. Anything that pushes Hawkeye into the limelight has my support. I’ll definitely give this title a look.

  17. This’ll pretty much bbe like Avenging Soider-Man, who’ll be teaming up with Hawkeye in two issues, it’s only d matter of time till Marvel put’s out more team up books than books with one main character.

  18. I just typed a coupla days ago that i thought Brubaker was dialing in his cap stories over the last few months.. He seems bored… as anyone would be after so many years on a book. Im not surprised that they are shaking things up. I however just came to the decision of dropping both cap books this week. So this isnt going to affect me. If anything its a positive cause it will get Brubaker some free time to tackle a new character.

    • And you know who will get the first team up books: Iron Man & ?, Hulk & ?, Hawkeye &? (wait, aren’t they going to put this out anyway as Solo Avengers? Still, nice to see someone who doesn’t get as much attention), Black Widow & Daredevil for the first 12 issues of her title (wait, that sounds familiar…).

  19. Could be fun.

    • Captain America and the Falcon is my favorite era on this title, mostly because that’s the era when I was twelve years old.

      Similarly, I look back fondly to titles like Daredevil and Black Widow, Power Man and Iron Fist, Marvel Team-Up and Marvel Two-in-One.

      While I loved the Brubaker era and the Return of Bucky, I’m also sick of hearing people say that Bru is washed up on Cap. I’m also really enjoying the other now-a-bit-less-serious, over-the-top, comic bookish, big dumb fun Captain America title by a certain Ed Brubaker. After years of deadly serious thriller-espionage-suspense, it’s a little release. So while I love the Brubaker Captain America, and own all of it, I’ll admit I am ready for something new. As well as more Brubaker Cap.