Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ To Storm the Box Office in May 2014?

Guardians of the Galaxy #1, cover by Clint Langley

According to reports from Latino Review and the The Hollywood Reporter, the long rumored adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy is Marvel Studios’ next major project, slated for the May 2014 slot. Marvel is expected to make it official during next month’s San Diego Comic Con.

Of several projects in development, including vehicles for Iron Fist and Doctor Strange as well as Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy is closest to launch readiness. There is said to be a very strong draft from writer Nicole Perlman, who previously worked on Marvel’s Thor. Perlman sounds like a fascinating new talent, uniquely credentialed for this franchise, with not one but two scripts about the American space program in her portfolio. She also wrote a well-received Black Widow script, which garnered her that spot on the Thor team.

No directors or actors are attached to this one yet, and we don’t even know which iteration of the cosmic team we’ll see on screen. Given his prominence in other media tie-ins, fan favorite Rocket Raccoon could be a sure bet. But considering Perlman’s past experience writing biopics about the Challenger mission and Neil Armstrong, we wonder whether original Guardians like astronaut Major Vance Astro might make an appearance. Whoever’s involved, they’ll undoubtedly be major players in any developments involving that infamous Thanos cameo from this year’s Marvel’s the Avengers.

We’ll be watching this one closely.

Unsolicited, I’m offering a pair of fantasy cast nominations:

Hear me out…

Jere Burns as Rocket Raccoon

Gregory Peck as Groot, posthumously


  1. As much as I would freak out if Guardians gets announced, I’m still holding out for some Ant-man news! Hollywood Reporter is saying Wright has shot some test footage for it, and I’d really love for that to get rolling once Wright and Pegg have finished At World’s End.

    Still, any Marvel movie news would be exciting while I (and the rest of the world) are still on an Avengers high!

  2. Apparently, (SPOILER) IO9 said that Ant-Man is the post-credit coda in “Iron Man 3,” if it’s to be believed.

  3. I love Guardians of the Galaxy, and would be super excited to see more in the printed form.However, on the big screen, this has the potential to be highly cheesy and hokey. The fact that Perlman worked on Thor does not fill me with confidence. Hopefully we don’t get a film where the Guardians have to hide out on Earth while the audience is bombarded with fish-out-of-water joke for two thirds of the film.
    All worries aside though, if they manage to pull this off and actually tie the Guardians into Avengers 2 with Thanos, my mind will be blown.

    • After Avengers, Thor is my favorite Marvel film to date. I think she would be a great fit to write Guardians.

    • We will have to agree to disagree on Thor, my friend. That being said, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I haven’t written Guardians off at all. I’m psyched for it. In fact I’m super excited that projects like GotG are even being considered for production. Sorry if I came off sounding like a jaded Fanboy.

  4. Hey, as long as I can get some Rocket Raccoon on the big screen, I’m happy.

  5. Love me some Rocket Raccoon… but Swami says: never makes it to the big screen

  6. I would think we’d be seeing Nova and the team from The most recent issue of Avengers Assemble. I do really hope they end up using Peter Krill, Starlord in this, Love that character!

  7. Jason Statham for Rocket Raccoon.

  8. As long as Cosmo and Knowhere make an appearance I’ll probably be happy.

  9. Nathan Fillion as Quill
    Jason Statham as Drax
    Billy west as Rocket. I don’t like the british Rocket that has apeared in A:EMH and the Marvel vs. Capcom game… I pictured him as a squeakier clint eastwood, not Vinnie Jones…

  10. For some reason I could never get into the Guardians. No idea why, since Abnett and Lanning did Nova as well and I loved that book. I’m still excited to see if this happens though. Cause since this is being made by Marvel and not other studios, the odds are it will be good.