Marvelman Pinups Released

Newsarama had this one by Ben Oliver

Then CBR had this one by Jae Lee

They're both going to be featured in the upcoming Marvelman Classic Primer out in July 21, also known as the first night of San Diego Comic-Con.  Judging by the date, I'd be very surprised if there wasn't something very unexpected being set up by this issue.  Judging by these images, it seems to me that they're definitely picking up the threads of Alan Moore's work.  The Oliver piece clearly intimates that this particular Kid Marvelman is not such a good guy. If I had my best guess, I think we're going to see Neil Gaiman continuing his story from the never-been-published issue #25. 

And there is my uninformed speculation.

Do you want to know more? Make sure to watch our video show on Miracleman (or Marvelman).


  1. The guy in the top image has "YN" on his chest, not "YM". That, plus the difference in hair color, makes me think it’s either a different guy, or an alternate-personality situation.

  2. Maybe a sneaky way to get around any legal claims?

  3. It’s Young Nastyman.  No, really.

  4. Please? Pretty please?

  5. Young Nastyman is specifically dealt with in the Marvelgirl/Miraclegirl issues of Moore’s run too, so that’s potentially exciting.

  6. very cool!  I don’t know anything about Marvelman, but now I"m intrigued, I’m a sucker for Jae Lee, I know he can’t tell stories very well though but anyway, great art! 

  7. Can someone brief me on the marvelaman hype?

    Why is he important?

  8. @JumpingJupiter: This should help.

  9. It’s a great story, with some phenomonal art.

    I mean, you can see the start of the deconstruction that Moore would perfect in Watchmen, but as a comic, on it’s own terms, it’s hard to beat. Love it.

  10. Yea, many people forget that Neil Gaiman did write one issue of the Silver Age.

  11. I consider Miracleman his best work.  It distills and combines all the fantastic elements of Watchmen, Swamp Thing, V, and his superhero works..

  12. I think they’re just two very gorgeous pinups and there’s nothing coming from it?

    I mean they’ve had these rights for how long now? If they were going to do something with MiracleMan they would’ve said something by now. Remember when everyone thought the Sentry was gonna be the next MiracleMan? Or that MiracleMan was Norman’s secret weapon for Seige?

    Good times…

  13. I remember that after iFanboy’s video show about Marvelman, I couldn’t find it anywhere to buy or read, so I *cough* found it "online" to check it out…


    That baby sure did get born.


    And that’s all the Marvelman I ever need to read. =P

  14. It’s kind of funny to see Jae Lee drawing Marvelman after he did the Sentry…

  15. I see, Alan Moore touched it.

  16. When the whispers of digital Marvel and DC comics started, and everyone jumped to the conclusion that this meant a 99-cent pricepoint…a few of us wiser ones tried to tell you that, no, the price would be $1.99 at the very least.

    And when the news of Marvel buying Marvelman arrives, and everyone jumpted to the conclusion that this meant reprints and/or continuations of the Eclipse series…a few of us wiser ones tried to tell you that, no, there was still way too much of a legal mess for that ever to happen.

    The wheels of these things move very slowly. I certainly hope to be proven wrong, but I see no Miracleman #25 ever being released before issues 1-24 are reprinted…and I don’t see those reprints happening any, any, any time soon.

  17. It would be fantastic if Marvel just reprint the entire run of Moore and Gaimen’s run in Hardcover/TPB instead starting all the way from the beginning.

  18. Finally, something happening with miracleman, or marvelman as it will now apparently be called again.

  19. So excited for this, it almost makes me dizzy.

  20. @jackietam – They’re going to have to release everything first.  Can you imagine the sales of that collection if it was all released at once?  They’ll have to print tens and tens of thousands right off the bat.  The sooner they can get that out, the sooner they can continue with new stories and Gaiman can get back to work.

    Of course, I won’t believe a damn thing until I’m actually holding those books in my hands.

  21. Avatar photo Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    I really enjoyed this series when it originally came out – the Moore stories that is . . . The Gaiman stories — not that interesting.  But the climax of the Alan Moore run is by far one of the best comic book battles of all time.

    With Marvel getting this character(s) . . . I’m feeling that if they are going to include MarvelMan into the Marvel Universe – basically we are just seeing the Sentry coming back again . . . 
    So, I’m not that excited.

  22. I actually preferred the name Miracleman. I’m still excited though!

  23. As of now, Marvel only owns the likeness of the Golden Age Marvelman. That’s why the logo looks different and why they’re only reprinting the old stuff. There are still issues involving characters that appear in Miracleman that are owned by other people. (Big Ben and The Warpsmiths, I believe.). You’re more likely to see MM in guest appearances or all-new stories before reprinting the Moore/Gaiman run. After all, MM trades would sell better after an appearance in Avengers.

  24. Awhh shit, looks like I’ll be spending more cash on alan Moore work. Just bought his expensive wildcats trade too.

  25. Speaking of obscure (if such a word can be used to describe Alan Moore’s comic work), I’d recommend "The Ballad of Halo Jones".

  26. Avatar photo Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    Hopefully people realize that the Golden Age Marvelman stuff is really bad knock-off versions of Fawcett’s Captain Marvel. The Golden Age MarvelMan reprints that Eclipse had printed were just horrible comic reading. (I remember Eclipse Comics snuck in a full issue of Golden Age reprint material between the Alan Moore run – I was so pissed off.)