MarvelFest 2009 – The Pictures!

Despite the cold, the rain, and the first game of the World Series, hundreds of people gathered at Union Square in New York City on Wednesday to mingle with some Marvel Comics’ luminaries, watch the parade of people in costume, and to check out the premiere of
the Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic.

Here come the pictures.

People dressed up as Marvel Comics characters (and one apparently lost Batman) where everywhere in Union Square Park.

Revving up the crowd with giveaways.

The crowds was so thick with Marvel creators that they would randomly walk into your shot. Thanks, Dan Slott!

Celebrity costume judge Scott Adsit (30 Rock) vamps for the camera as fellow judge Chris Claremont looks on.

And thus did the costume contest begin! Here were the competitors:

The judges — Chris Claremont, Frank Tieri, and Scott Adsit — deliberated and here are your winners:

Fourth Place: Bucky (not pictured)
Third Place: Pirate Deadpool
Second Place: Spidey Sense Peter Parker
First Place: Captain America

After many grumblings about both Luke Cage (he wore an actual chain!) and Bishop getting the shaft, the crowd turned its attention across the street…

… where giant Joe Quesada introduced the premiere of Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic (after explaining what a motion comic was).

‘Nuff Said.


  1. That Spider – Man costume is genius!

  2. Damn, Cap and Pirate Deadpool look amazing! 

  3. Pirate Deadpool looks great, so does the ‘Spider-Sense’ Parker.

    Where’s the picture where everyone is laughing at how bad the motion comic looks? 🙂

  4. 1st place Captain America?  But Peter Parker is taller than him?

  5. Pirate Dead-Pool all the way!

  6. does marvel have to book that area (which can’t be cheap) or do they just say "hey show up at this time at this place" ?

  7. @Edward They had to get a permit, I’m sure. Especially with projecting something onto a building. They have all that lucrative Disney money, now. 😉

    Wish I had gone, if only to meet up with some more of the iFanbase. It’s a shame Luke Cage didn’t get the nod. Or The Captain! He looked pretty close to the character. 

  8. @edward: This was an official, permitted event with a huge projection on the side of a building, a loud sound system, and security.

    @PraxJarvin: Actually, and very quitely, the deal with Disney has not been finalized yet

  9. How was the iFanbase turnout?  Were any of those costumed ladies or gents from the site?

  10. @KickAss
    What’s he gonna do, get taller for his Halloween costume? That usually costs more.

  11. Man, I love the Peter Parker!  Now that’s bringing the comic to life.

  12. Some of those costumes were pretty awesome.  I was especially surprised to see an original Bishop costume.  Cool stuff.

  13. Confirms suspicion that new cap costume is the most colorful poncho ever worn to fight crime.  

  14. That last Peter Parker looked more like Donald Blake

  15. So union square is in Manhattan?

  16. I kind of wish I’d gone, but the weather scared me away.  Still, my younger brother’s friend and her boyfriend were the Elsa Bloodstone and The Captain there, and they apparently had a great time!

  17. Spidey Sense Peter Parker costume looks great. I wonder how much time he put in on the Spidey head dress? I think that the Luke Cage costume should have at least gotten four place.

  18. my fav was the peter parker…

  19. That Peter Parker costume is brilliant! I also liked the Nerf Punisher/Bishop and Cage was badass.

  20. I like how Ant Man is sponsored by Under Armour

  21. @edward Yes. Union Square Park is located 40 blocks south of New York’s Central Park and 30 blocks south of Time’s Square. The comic book store FORBIDDEN PLANET has a store one block south of the park, too. It’s a nice public place that plays host to various farmer’s markets, street fairs and social gatherings.

    @conor Deals like that take months to finalize. My mother works in public affairs for a company going through a merger right now and it’s been 6 months since the deal was "made" and it has yet to be approved and finalized by all parties. It could be over a year before Disney-Marvel is a reality.

  22. that captain america guy is ALWAYS around

  23. @PraxJarvin: Exactly.

  24. @stuclash

    I was there, wearing my Multiple Man shirt with intense pride. I ran into Conor and WonderAli, but that was about it. I agree that the Luke Cage costume was cool, but Bishop losing was a real tradgedy. It was a big dude wearing tights, and that takes a real man to have the courage to do that!

  25. Deadpool needs more pouches, Tiara wearing Luke Cage was the ISH!!

    My winner: Female Bucky , Great LOOK!

  26. I’m trying to figure out how to Spider-Sense Spidey kept the mask on short spirit gumming the whole thing to his ear and neck

  27. Now that I think about it he could’ve also sewn it into his shirt