Marvel Studios Puts IRON FIST Into Development

Undetered by mid-level, no-public-name-recognition super hero/comic book films dying a quick death at the box office, Marvel Studios has put an Iron Fist film into active development. Deadline is reporting that Marvel has hired screenwriter Rich Wilkes (Airheads, the xXx movies) to pen the script.

This is extremely early stage development, this movie, if it ever gets made, would literally be years away. But it's interesting to see that Marvel Studios are pushing forward with their lower tier characters. I think that the success or failure of Green Lantern, Captain America, and Thor is going to have a profound effect on whether or not these borderline movies get made.


  1. He is undoubtedly one of my favourite characters, so I really hope this takes off:)

  2. Here’s hopin’…

    Anybody seen Ray Park around?

  3. This is cool but a 70’s era Power Man and Iron Fist would be way more awesome.

  4. A cool superhero kung fu movie would be rad.  The screenwriters other movies, however, are not really my favorites.  Hopefully, he can put something good together for this one.

  5. Iron Fist is just a Kung Fu character, I hope they just do that, and not to try to make him too superhero-y.

  6. I was kinda hoping for a Luke Cage/Iron Fist TV series. It could work really well and be rather low budget.


  7. They need to make this a mini avengers title. Basically make this movie, then make a Power Man movie, then do a teamup movie. i would love that

  8. @Zeppo, i was looking for the same thing! like a Kung Fu, Due South mash up!

  9. If this was done right it would be AMAZING!

  10. …I’ve not seen xXx, nor Airheads, so should I be enthused or not by this news as a die-hard Iron Fist fan?

  11. I would prefer Scott Sanders and Michael Jai White give the Iron Fist script a shot…

  12. Nathan Fillion would be perfect.

    Glad we got that taken care of.

  13. Airheads, xXx…wow, shoot for the stars, Marvel!

  14. If they can do a Iron Fist movie like they did the Blade movies. That be great, Blade was a lower tier character and made money at the box office.

  15. The screen-writer’s credentials are a little…disconcerting, but I’m looking forward to it! 😀

  16. One small step toward getting that live action Jimmy Olsen movie Ive always wanted……

  17. They gotta make it a Kung Fu movie, lower tier characters do better when you eschew the trappings of SuperHerodom and grab onto the genre, like Blade did with Vampire movies.

  18. 70’s era Power-Man and Iron Fist directed by Quentin Tarantino please.

  19. I feel like Blade was helped by his appearances on the Spider-Man animated series a few years prior to the movie.  but yes, theoretically keeping this within the realm of Kung-Fu movie would help it more than going to superhero.

    on the other hand, I feel like GL, Cap, and Thor will all do well based off of Ryan Renyold’s star power, name recognition, and production values, respectively.  other properties may not have that luck.

  20. If only this was years ago! Bruce Lee would’ve nailed the part!

    No, this is cool. Can’t wait to see it whenever it comes out.

  21. @blulew23~  Hell yes!!

  22. When did a no name superhero die at the box office? Are you talking about Scott Pilgrim? Because I can’t think of another.

  23. Jonah Hex

  24. The Losers

  25. Eat, Pray & Love

  26. @ScorpionMasada That was in no way Jonah Hex

    I’ll give you that one.


  27. @Minion: Also KICK-ASS.

  28. The protagonist from Eat, Pray & Love as embodied by Julia Roberts is a super hero to millions of dissatisfied spouses across the world.

    Jonah Hex had some superpowers in that movie.

  29. Is it wrong that I want Billy Zane to play Iron Fist? Given the fact that he played a superhero in The Phantom and a wealthy prick in Titanic, I can’t think of anyone else at this point.

  30. Demon Knight

    Billy Zane greatness.

  31. You can all hate on Airheads all you want, but you have NO IDEA how many times my friends and I have quoted this famous exchange:

     "Who would win in a fight, Lemmy or God?"

    "Uhhhh, Lemmy?"

    "Wrong! It’s a trick question! LEMMY IS GOD!"

    I am all for an iron Fist movie. i think he’s a fantastic character and it could be a fun kung-fu flick. My only worry is, iron Fist can’t even support a monthly comic on his own, how is he going to have a profitable movie? 

  32. Active developement still doesn’t mean that much. Airheads and xXx are Rich’s  gems, huh? Maybe a straight to dvd would be best.

  33. There is barely a director alive who doesn’t have a turkey or two under his name. George Roy Hill directed the great Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid also directed Funny Farm. 

  34. @Josh Are you judging the classic that is Funny Farm? Starring Chevy Chase and ‘The’ Madolyn Osborne?

  35. I liked Funny Farm.  A turkey or two? This guy is a turkey breeder! He wrote xXx part 3! Why would you do that to yourself unless your into sadomasochism?

  36. It really seems like Marvel only throws A-list talent at A-list characters. Then again, I had strong reservations about Jon Favreau doing Iron Man & that was the bomb. Wait & see?

  37. Not to be too pessimistic, but if that guy actually writes the screenplay this movie cant possibly be good. It would be one thing to have a screenwriter who wasnt great or was unknown, but this guy sucks and he isnt going to all of the sudden pull out some wonderful Iron Fist script.

  38. Knowing that this is a lower budget movie, I am wondering if they would still have Shou lou the undying as a dragon, or something much cheaper like a horse or large dog.  I’m sure they could do some cheaper computer animation for the effects, but I am much more entertained by thinking of cost cutting measures.

  39. AIRHEADS!?! AWWWW MAN! Thats an 90’s classic! "I ain’t fartin’ on no snare drum. "

     In fact, that is what the movie title is going to be:

                "THE IMMORTAL IRON-FIST"



     Do yourself a favor, Ottobot and netflix that shit!


  40. Too bad they could not get Tarantino behind an Iron Fist / Luke Cage heroes for hire project (plus toss in the Daughters of the Dragon).  This would be right up his alley, done in an old school, retro/exploitation sytle (ala grindhouse).  I can already hear the funky 70’s music soundtrack in my head.

  41. Airheads is fantastic.

  42. @Zenman Tarantino only does hack remakes of asian films most people don’t know about, and inserts pop culture speeches and shots of women’s feet to make them different. He’s the last person we need doing a comic book movie. 

  43. Watch the first twenty minutes of Inglorious Basterds and tell me the motherfucker isn’t super talented.

    That some nonsense, up there.

  44. Exactly which asian films were Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs based upon??

  45. @JohnVFerrigno

    What¿? I personaly don’t see Tarantino for Iron fist. But still you got to admite thte guy is a heck of a writer/director.


  46. @Conor Kick-Ass made more than double what it cost so I wouldn’t call it a bomb.