Marvel Promotes Joe Quesada to Chief Creative Officer

Marvel announced today that Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada has earned the title of Chief Creative Officer.

What does that mean?  Basically, he's still EIC, in charge of the overall direction of the comic book line, but he'll also be providing creative guidance to all other areas of Marvel Entertainment's output, from TV, movies, games, and everything else Marvel does. So from now on, when people ask him questions about movies, he can't say that it's "not his department."

Honestly, the move makes sense.  Look at where Marvel has gone since Joe's enture started in the head office.  The man has chops, and he's getting his due. 

I wouldn't hold my breath for Quesda pencils anytime soon though.


  1. Awesome news!!! Quesada has done well with the comic department now lets see what he can do with the other forms of media.

  2. Cool news!!

  3. Let the hating begin!

  4. Good news! Doesn’t really change much and Joe Q will probably STILL be pumping out the pencils. For a man who watches over one of the biggest comic publishers in the world, he still manages to get out more work than some full time artists. Kudos Mr Q. BTW that picture is all kinds of intimidating!

  5. Good for Joe. Hopefully he will be able to carry some of his sucess from the comic side of things to other areas of Marvel entertaiment.

  6. @SonorousStar haha i was thinking the same when i saw that picture, he looks like kingpin with hair.

  7. The Mickey Mouse shirt is a nice touch.

  8. wow. good for him

  9. LMFAO I once told the man I was worried about a Marvel without him. All of those Bob Harras books just don’t hold up to the new stuff I got since he got behind the wheel. He laughed and back then I didn’t know why, maybe at my nerdiness, but maybe he knew… or maybe not.

    Glad he’s in it for good… for now.

    I know Harrass is just steaming over this like good stew.

  10. He looks like he’s gonna punch me.

  11. I just got back from a day at Disneyland and I opened this page wearing that exact same shirt.  Freaky…

  12. The man got Marvel Knights up and running…. which is the reason that got me into Marvel.

  13. seems like this move was designed to keep up with the competition…don’t get me wrong, i love that a creative is in charge instead of businessman, but it seems like its a direct counter to what DC did.