MARVEL POLL: Who’s Your Favorite X-Man?

It's Friday afternoon and if you're anything like me, you're poking around the internet, waiting for five o'clock when you can run from the evil clutches of your cubicle and into the warm embrace of Happy Hour. Today, the fine folks at have a great distraction: a character poll!

Today's question is Which original member of the X-Men is your favorite?

Check out Marvel's new website and VOTE. Campaigning for your favorite is encouraged!


  1. I’m going with cyclops. He was always so timid but when he had to lead the xmen he became a man of action. And I always loved his powers!

  2. most certainly Kurt Wagner.

  3. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    All equally filthy. 

  4. I feel compelled to make sure that everybody voting understands “Marvel Girl” is Jean Grey, which the people voting in this poll do not seem to be getting!  (Because how could she be losing if they did?????)*

    *Don’t try to talk to me about this, I am not rational. 

  5. Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)

  6. Beast

  7. not an Xmen guy but Angel always seemed cool to me, o and rick remender has made Angel one of my favorite to read right now.

  8. I voted for Accountant Bobby.

  9. Iceman is way underutilized.
  10. Beast, most definitely. I really like Jean as well, but the character had a long way to go from those days. By the time the new team got into it’s groove (around the beginning of that whole Phoenix thing) she was a much better character.

  11. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I voted for Angel because he’s basically a nice Draco Malfoy. 

    And I assume he’s killed many mutants.  

  12. Cyclops. Easily. I identify with him the most since he is the ‘responsible’ one. He got labeled as angsty in the 90’s but those were just plain bad times for the X-men (and comics in general). You wanna see some real fights? Ask who people’s least favorite is…

  13. Original, eh? I was going to say how Nate Grey is the greatest X character (since he DEFINTELY is) but original? Well here’s how I see it: Nate Grey had an odd relationship with Maddie Pryor, who in turn is a clone of Jean Grey. So by proxy, Jean Grey is the best original character.

  14. Iceman! I will also accept Cyclops as an answer

  15. Iceman

  16. Beast, for sure!

  17. Cyclops is the prettiest.

  18. Tough. But in the end I went with Beast.

  19. x-men: first class alone made me vote for iceman 

  20. Cyclops! No contest.

  21. Iceman/Angel. They’re the two must under utilized characters.

  22. It wouldn’t be X-men w/o Cyclops. (Right, Ron?)

    I’m surprised that at this time Iceman is a close 2nd.

  23. I flipped a coin between Iceman and Jean Grey and it landed on hot redhead. 

  24. who’s winning now, because when I voted iceman was

  25. Iceman over Cyclops by about .5 percent. 

  26. I voted iceman

  27. Just for “Be cool, stay in school”….I pick Iceman!

  28. Cyclops and Iceman were the in-story 1st and 2nd X-men.  so it is only natural for them to be in those respective places.

  29. Beast, with Angel in a close, CLOSE second.

  30. Beast all the way!

  31. Nate Grey.
    The only true X-Man. 

  32. iceman or angel? iceman or angel? iceman or angle? iceman or angel? iceman or angel?

    then iceman, now angel 

  33. Beast definately. I don’t know, i’m just drawn to the character. I don’t read any X-Men books regularly enough to know most of the other characters. I think he’s just a cool character.

  34. Way too much merch scattered around my house says…Cyclops.

  35. And the winner of this poll… will DIE! For good! For three months!

  36. Iceman no doubt, a priest blessed him.  How can you not vote for him?

  37. Cyclops, Iceman and Beast are clumped really close together on  this one but I’d say overall, Scott is my favourite.

  38. I say we make a concentrated attack on Iceman so they’ll finally give him a story.

  39. gotta say it’s a toss up between jean grey and iceman

  40. Easy for me, I’m going with Iceman. I always thought he had great potential and see him as the most powerful. He has always been under used.

    @comicBOOKchris: NATE GREY!!!!!!!!! Of course he is the greatest X-Man he is the X-Man after all.

  41. come on!! I wanna see the radial button list!!!!!   and the bar graph of this!!!

    angel is my fave of the original, I’d really like to see a radial button list of all the X-men for this vote next time  😉  you can do it!! 

  42. I am truly stunned that Jean isn’t way up there. Perhaps she is out of public memory now, since they’ve had her dead for years? Perhaps her perceived popularity was always just an amazing vocal and argumentative minority? Hard to say. Still surprised.



  44. Caroline. Let’s settle down now. 

  45. I was kidding 🙂

  46. So was I. 

  47. Just checking!

  48. Gotta go with The Beast

  49. Storm

  50. Gotta go Jean, out of respect for Rachel.

  51. Cyclops was always my favorite of the original.

  52. @Diabhol  That’s the spirit!

  53. Cyclops.  No contest (although apparently there very much is a contest of sorts.)

  54. Iceman all day, everyday!

  55. My favorite has always been Bobby.  Funny, somewhat charming, and devastating in battle (if needs be).

  56. Got to be Gambit 

  57. 3. Jubilee
    1. Gambit (yes, even with all the screwy storylines he’s been thrown in)

  58. I’ve always had an affinity for Iceman, but Beast was a close second. 

  59. Glad to see so many Cyclops votes.

    He’s always been my favourite since I saw the cartoon*, but everyone else seemed to love Wolverine.

    *the cartoon = the 90’s one

  60. @ohcaroline  @PaulMontgomery  Heh.

  61. Beast and Cyclops. but then i’ve only read Morrison’s x-men, so what do i know? Never really liked Wolverine. Is that sacrilegious?

  62. kitty

  63. no Professor X?

  64. Iceman

  65. Colossus!!! oh wait, Cyclops!

  66. Iceman.

    Some of his alternate versions kickass.

  67. Beast. My favorite original X-Men character and also one of my favorite Marvel characters of all time.

  68. I am voting Maggot …the greatest X Man ever …you know sarcasm does’nt really work over the internet .

  69. Beast

  70. @KRYPTOTIM  I’m a Marrow man myself. lol

  71. Most definitely The Beast!  Loved him before he became blue and hairy.

  72. Out of the original team, I think I’ll go with Beast – brains & brawn all wrapped up in blue fur.

  73. Beast

  74. BEAST!

  75. Beast for sure. He was then subsequently my favorite in the cartoon, and in the movies too.

  76. I voted for Beast!

  77. It was hard to choose between Iceman and Cyclops, but in the end it went to Iceman…and it looks like Iceman is winning the vote. Wow! They’re both cool looking…if there was ever a time for Mimic I’d say this is it!

  78. I voted a second time from my work system for Marvel Girl, because she doesn’t deserve to lose so badly. (Plus she becomes super-cool later when she’s Pheonix!)