Marvel NOW!: Thor: God of Thunder #2 Cover Revealed

The Marvel NOW! Juggernaut keeps rolling along as Marvel as unveiled the cover  to Thor: God of Thunder #2 with stunning art by Esad Ribic. Feast yer eyes on this norse magic and wonder, how much longer until we can partake in this journey of the Thunder God?

Thor: God of Thunder #2 will be available to you in November!


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    When I walk into my shop, I’m just going to hold out my hand and this book will fly right into it. Mystically. I can’t wait for this jam.

  2. I love these covers!

    • I love the Artwork on the covers – not loving the cover treatments. The logos are fine (some are good), but their placement is odd (this one is left of center, why?). And I REALLY don’t like the red bar at the bottom of all the covers. Not organically laid out, no hierarchal flow. Just a bunch of disparate, separately designed logos and a UPC code. Bad graphic design.

      That being said – VERY excited about the new creative teams and story directions.

  3. The covers alone have me sold.Excited for this new series!

  4. I don’t read Thor, but that cover is so boss… (could we get this guy on the interiors too?)

  5. Yeah but who is the fill in artist for issue 4?

  6. Let’s hope the interior story and art deliver like the covers. I mean Sh*t! That’s some cover art yo.

  7. everyone else see that looming price figure at the bottom of the book? Silly Marvel, $3.99 is for the birds. DC gets more and more attractive with each $3.99 book I see.

  8. This series looks awesome but they do need to drop those horrible banners at the bottom once Marvel Now! is rolling, they ruin so many good covers just like the Dark Knight Rises banners did over at DC.

  9. I was initially really skeptical about all this, but after hearing the creative teams on a lot of these books I’m more than excited! FF sounds great and so does this!

  10. Ribic is so awesome.