Marvel Asks: Who Will Be The New Man Without Fear, Cher?


Is that you, Tim Riggins?


  1. Gross.

  2. At first I read that headline as if it were asking if Cher would be the next Man Without Fear.

    At this point, if Marvel put that promo image out, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. Seriously?

  4. I miss Bendis on Daredevil.  I actually LIKE Diggle on the main book.  I’m keeping an optimistic hope for Shadowland.  But these "Who’s the next man without fear" teasers seems like they are from someone who doesn’t get Daredevil, or Daredevil fans at all.

    I just hope that they are a humorous ruse.  Can we get a Daredevil MAX series… removed from the 616? 

  5. These images make my day just for the posts that follow them

  6. Anything’s better than putting Nova here.

  7. Sonny Bono?

  8. I just want a Daredevil MAX book by Jason Aaron and Jock?  Then they can F up the main Daredevil book as much as they want.

  9. …we doing this again?

  10. Yes we’re doing this again. If by "this" you mean we’re looking at cool pin-ups of characters and then writing something in this little box.

    Am I the only one that enjoys these? I mean look at that art, and the Nova art from yesterday. Amazing stuff and it starts conversations.

    I don’t know I guess I just don’t see the point in complaining about it. This is an election year, I have better things to complain about. 

    (shuffles off to watch The West Wing)

  11. Also, just for the record?

    Gambit is Awesome.

    Capital A.

  12. Oh I hope this happens just because I want people to talk about it. 

  13. If this does happen at all & Daredevil will not be in Hell’s Kitchen anymore, then I would prefer Gambit than most other characters to take care of Hell’s Kitchen b/c Gambit has had no purpose in comics for a very long time & I think that that status quo shift would be rather interesting.

  14. The Punisher will be the next man without fear!

  15. Although I’d be extremely mad if Daredevil gets taken off this book, I would still buy it if Gambit was in it.

  16. Gambit is the best replacement announced so far. Just because I would actually believe him as a street level hero. Nova is cosmic, Falcon is a Spy, and Kraven is a villain.

    @RedMoses "Can we get a Daredevil MAX series… removed from the 616?" Yes Please.

  17. Gambit would never work.  Everyone would know the real Daredevil is gone because he’d be saying things like "Mon cheri, dat red bandana makes you look jes’ fine!" 

    Of course in her complete confusion at the phrase, Elektra would probably kill him…

  18. The two teasers I’ve seen so far have looked quite cool but I doubt any of these characters they’re teasing will end up as Daredevil’s replacement.  I’m completely skipping Shadowland though so what do I know?

  19. Lol, I think TheNextChampion called this

  20. @RoiVampire

    I enjoy these, too. You aren’t alone. I think you are 100% correct. the art is great in these pin-ups and it makes you think about what may or may not be coming. I have no problem at all with these. I really like them.

  21. @simmons To be fair Marvel already showed this at SDCC but please give me all the praise. 😉

  22. But, but, Remy is a mutant. And from Louisiana. And cajun (or something). And a little stupid.

    Now, Multiple Man I could see. 

  23. Fuck the haters, I like Gambit.

  24. Gambit is the man. Just not the man for this job.

  25. I’m with @Woomer.  That said, just about the only thing that could get me to buy a Daredevil book is Cher in the red tights.  I believe in life after Matt Murdock.  Yes, if I could turn back time, I’d make this character interesting.

  26. I believe the replacement for the man without fear should definitely be Madcap. The comic would be great. He would just go around smiling at everyone, dancing, shooting bubbles out of his toy gun, and spreading mayhem.

  27. Aw man, I was really hoping to see Cher…

  28. That Nova one from yesterday is just pure awesome. Looking at it really made me want a one-shot of Nova patroling Hell’s Kitchen in the rain one night.

  29. I really like these for the art and pure speculation.  These are some pretty out there replacements and none really ‘fit.’  

    I do love that the mutants are indeed going to spread out into the rest of the Marvel U.   

  30. Also if Daredevil leaves Hell’s Kitchen would Diggle still be writing the title or is he leaving after Shadowland?