Marvel Asks: “Who Else Could Possibly Be Worthy?” One More Fear Itself Promo

What the Hechingers? I think they're fighting over a meat tenderizer this time.

The real question here is: Does the Hulk, Thing, or Colossus even need a hammer? They could each deflate one of Gravedigger's tires with a pinky flick!


  1. I think that is a meat tenderizer.

  2. no, they don’t need a hammer. but they do need a meat tenderizer

  3. the expression on the Thing’s face is priceless “what the fuck is this?!?”

  4. Hechinger. Nice. Haven’t heard that in forever since leaving the east coast. 

  5. I don’t really understand why these are supposed to be exciting. outside of telling us there are going to be multiple hammers, their the same thing over and over.
    Eaglesham is great tho

  6. I’m glad to see The Thing and Hulk bending at the knees. Good to be safety conscious when lifting something heavy.

  7. No villian this time round?

  8. Similar to the white lantern promos before Brightest day.

  9. That is one of the least dynamic images I’ve seen in a while. What force is preventing any of those men from grabbing the hammer? Where’s the sense of movement? They look like they’re posing for a 19th century daguerreotype. “Okay. Now, hold that pose until the exposure is complete… almost there….”

    That said, Colossus should be in the “who would win in a fight, Thing/Hulk or ___” mix more often. 

  10. The art seems to be getting progressively worse.

  11. Why is Colossus pushing Hulk closer to the meat mallet? Why is Ben Grimm having an orgasm? I like the concept of this image, three of the most powerful people in the Marvel U fighting for some cosmic weapon. But the execution is odd. To ape Jimski, it’s static. They look like figures in some renaissance painting.

  12. Okay, which one’s Ted Danson, Steve Guttenburg and Tom Selleck.

    I’m going Hulk as selleck, Collosus as Guttenburg and Thing as Danson.

  13. if i walked into a dark alley to this scene…..i would run as if the devil himself was at my heels !

  14. This is awful, however, it might be fun to photoshop this pic.

  15. This reminds me of those overzealous frat boys at the gym in college with no necks constantly trying to one up each other and referring to the other guy as a “fag”.  Don’t believe in the term, but we’ve all seen that.

  16. Can the next poster be Wayne and Garth bowing to a hammer saying: “We are not Worthy!!”?

  17. Is it just me or is Collosus way to flippin’ big?

  18. There needs to be more veins on the Hulk. Seriously thought if the Marvel world doesn’t blow up with these three fighting for that hammer(?) idk what will.

  19. That looks like a meat tenderizer not a hammer

  20. Does Hulk look like the smallest one to anyone else?

  21. I’m thinking that the worthy will actually be regular everyday people, much like don blake. At least I hope so.

  22. did someone say WWGJD at a Marvel meeting?

  23. They should stop now.

  24. this was my favourite one yet! they all seem to be really polite about getting that meat-tenderizing hammer?

  25. Yes! Colossus! He’s definitely under used in the greater MArvel U outside the X titles!
    worst problem with that promo? Why’s the handle soooooo long and the head tiny in comparison?

  26. I see some double entandre going on with the biggest characters fighting over the smallest hammer.

  27. That’s not really what a double entendre is, but yeah, it’s kinda funny. 

  28. This is awkward.

  29. It also doesn’t help that all three arms reaching out are covering up their crotch.

  30. I think hulks arm is too small considering it’s the closest body part to the pov.

  31. I’m going to actually comment on this with a serious response: The Hulk and Thing have each tried to lift Thor’s hammer in the past and failed. Colossus has a purity of heart and soul as one of his strongest character traits, so i am going to say he is the one who is worthy.

    Also, in a somewhat related story, Thor is usually written as an arrogant, violence prone blow hard. What makes Thor worthy to lift his own hammer? 

  32. The way we’re tearing through characters on these promos I don’t think we’re that far from the image of Sleepwalker, Darkhawk, and Nimrod fighting over a hammer.  (That’s kind of a joke, but I’d also flip out if that actually happened).

  33. Colosus for sure. Hulk is nothing but an excessively violent person. And BenGrimm has a very big temper tantrum problem as well.

  34. @Apotheosize  You nailed it.