Marvel Announcements from C2E2 2010

Catchy title, right? Labored over that one. Why so general? Well, Marvel had no shortage of announcements on Friday, day one of Chicago's C2E2.

Here's a rundown:

We reported earlier on the future of Steve Rogers with Brubaker and Eaglesham's 4-issue Steve Rogers: Super Soldier mini. We can confirm that Eaglesham will unfortunately be leaving The Fantastic Four for this project.

Ok, I need cheering up. Hey, how about…

More Thor! Matt Fraction's prepping his run with the thunder god, but there will be a second monthly series from Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee. Thor: The Mighty Avenger promises to be a more "hopefull" and "upbeat" take on the character and ought to serve as youth and new-reader friendly (just in time to be collected before the movie hits next summer). Emphasis on those rainbows. But don't balk because Langridge's all-ages Muppet Show comic is both cuddly and clever, not just plain ol' kidstuff. Combined with the opportunity to see Chris Samnee draw both mystical and mainstream Marvel characters on a monthly basis, this one is definitely worth checking out.

Let's go ahead and change some desktop wallpapers with a scroll of the mouse….

Odin's pig-tailed beard, that's pretty!

Lots of shield envy going around too. Writer Karl Kesel and artist Mitch Breitweiser will be teaming for Captain America: Patriot, a four issue mini starting in (say it with me now) July. It's not about Steve. It's not about Bucky, either. Well, at least not directly. This is the tragic story of Jeff Mace, the lost Captain America. It begins in the 40s, and it looks a little like this:

Next up, Andy Diggle teams with Billy "the preferable"Tan for Shadowland , a five-issue mini where Spider-Man, Daredevil , Luke Cage and others take it back to the streets for some urban justice. There will be several ninjas present, as the Hand is involved. Expect some fire hydrants to get busted as Marvel's heroes hobknob with the common folk.

Here's why the blind shouldn't be in charge of a ninja clan:


Christos Gage announced the staff for his upcoming Avengers Academy, where you too can become an Avenger. Teachers include Hank Pym, Tigra, Justice, Quicksilver,  and a  mercifully less penitent Speedball. Would you cut a class led by Tigra? Even if it was trig? Here's their yearbook photo in advance:

Thanos imperative? Try Thanos Exclamatory! Atomic Robo's Brian Clevinger and Brian Churilla will collaborate on Avengers & the Infinity Gauntlet, an apparent retelling of Marvel's best event ever. Sacrilage? Nope. That one ought to be adapted a hundred times over. Claymation. French noir. College thesis. Another claymation.

The Ultimate universe gets a little more enigmatic with Ultimate Mystery from Brian Bendis and Rafael Sandoval. The plot thickens out of the Ultimate Enemy storyline and will probably involve Spider-Man and friends rather than mutated version of Professor Plum and Mrs. Peacock, though for all we know now, it could have a series of alternate endings. It was Doom in the hellicarrier with the candlestick!

And that's it for now, buckaroos. More as it happens, throughout this windy C2E2 weekend!


  1. Eaglesham’s leaving? But.. But.. oh. : (

  2. "Billy ‘the preferable’ Tan" (made me laugh, aloud in fact!) but it still saddens me that he was the one chosen to work on something that features DD, Spidey, and Cage. Boo-urns.

  3. Ultimate Mystery’s the one with the return of Mahr Vell, right? Loved that character back in Ultimate Secret. Would be good to read some more adventures with him…

  4. All of these announcement are getting me excited for the next couple of months in comics. Should be a really exciting time to be a reader no matter what kind of stories you enjoy. I was a little bummed that the "Captain America: Patriot" story isn’t actually the Young Avengers’ Patriot, but that artwork is amazing so I can’t be too mad.

  5. Glad to see Breitweiser getting some regular work, but damn…I couldn’t be less interested in the story he’s doing.  Still those pages are purty.

  6. here comes four months of people whining about Billy Tan.  oh well, I still like his work.  and just to preempt any nonsense, they are NOT related.  remember, Jae, Jim, and Stan aren’t related either.

  7. @AbirdseysView – Bill is better that Phillip.

  8. Is Ultimate Mystery an ongoing or mini? I’ve been loving Ult. Enemy. And I’m really sad to see Eaglesham leaving FF but hopefully they’ll replace him with somebody just as good.

  9. Awwesome! Was looking for a resaon to drop FF. Boom! That’s the sound of me picking up Wonder Woman.

  10. Mitch Breitweiser back on Captain America, best Cap artist around.  Also I’m glad to know where one of my favorite characters, Quicksilver is ending up.

    @Paul: I say it was Hulk in the lab with … er well… with his bare green hands.

  11. Cool. Looking forward to those Cap and thor series.

  12. You guys forgot the most important information of them all:


    3 issue mini…..Daniel Way and Dalibor Talijic returns….Dave Johnson covers. What else could be better? 

  13. Sorry but I also just noticed this:

    The Daredevil teaser has Punisher back to his old self. Guess Frankencastle won’t last for very long. 

  14. SPEEEEEED-BALL is back! Probably the most overlooked Ditko creation.

  15. One way to guarantee I will check out Shadowland #1? Putting Iron Fist in it.

  16. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I go crazy for the ninjas with devil horns! Great teaser-image for Shadowland, but kinda weird that Spider-Man’s holding on to a Daredevil mask while Matt’s standing behind him in costume. Maybe it’s intended to be cryptic, like the old promos for 52.

    AND I like what I’m seeing from Mitch Breitweiser’s 20th-century throwback. The light and the background environments are beautiful like Darwin Cooke’s stuff. I hope the Blonde Phantom shows up.

  17. You know, I just noticed that the Shadowland teaser image has all the heroes and villains dead from ninja weapons with DD and the Hand the only ones alive.  Was there a memo miscommunication because it sounds like the heroes are supposed to win the streets in this series not die in them…

  18. @Neb it’s more likely that it’s Iron Fist’s mask.  He doesn’t appear to be wearing one.

  19. @siraim Dude… you need to look more closely. Iron Fist is definitely wearing his mask. You should go back to bed.

  20. @DrakeDangerz I asked Andy Diggle on twitter if Iron Fist is going to be in Shadowland and he said yes, so better reserve your copy.

  21. Really looking forward to Fraction’s Thor. That other Thor title sounds great, too, especially after seeing that Samnee art. I would buy that original art and hang it on my wall.

  22. I find thet teaching staff of Avengers Academy interesting.   Speedball killed hundreds (glad he’s back though), Quicksilver caused House of M, stole the terrigen crystals and has been an all-around dick for years, Tigra was a spy for Iron Man, Pym isn’t the most stable of men, and Justice….I can’t think of anything.  I’ve always loved him.

    If the theory is that these characters know how heroes can mess up and that they’ll be able to help the kids avoid those mistakes then I can get behind that.  I’m still curious as to what the "dark secret" is behind this book.

  23. Keep the price down to $2.99 (or $1.99 same-day digital deliver) and I’m totally on for Samnee’s Thor. That guy makes Spider-Ham look dynamic.

     I am a sucker for Iron Fist and Power Man…so…I may have to read Shadow War…this would be my first event book in…I dunno…ever. Darn you character loyalty.

  24. I’m in love with that Thor art.

  25. I still have reservations about avenger academy only after i have the first issue in had will I know one way or the other about it, and I’m not keen on another thor book, shouldn’t we focus on getting people to buy the main one first? Unless its just going to be a mini series or something then I guess I an runn with that.

  26. @TNC

    "The Daredevil teaser has Punisher back to his old self. Guess Frankencastle won’t last for very long."

    Either that or nobody likes Billy Tan so no one sent him the redesign specs. OR That’s how Billy Tan draws Frankencastle due to an accute lack of talent. (I’m being… mostly facetious)

  27. Chris Samnee and upbeat Thor.

    I’m down. I happened to like Billy Tan’s recent work on Thor. His work is very dynamic and fit the story quite well. His figure work is all out of proportion sure, but when you’re dealing with hulking armored Asgardians it doesn’t really matter. Is he’s right for Shadowland? Who knows, but that promo art is pretty cool.

  28.  Andy Diggle teams with Billy "the preferable"Tan for Shadowland

    Wow. Brutal. And hilarious.

  29. Why is Spiderman holding a Daredevil mask?

  30. @OttoBott

     He just unmasked Iron Fist who’d been parading around as Daredevil again?

  31. Ah-Ha!!

    They just announced what O.M.I.T. is! It’s…..’One Moment in Time’….which a lot of people already pointed out.

    But it is a sequel to the infamous One More Day storyline for ASM. It will run from ASM #637-640. The storyline is about what happened on the infamous wedding day and why Parker decided to walk out on it.

    Not the sequel I had in mind….I hope it does explain some details about OMD in general. Like, what the hell did MJ whisper to Mephisto at the end? Either way I am actually excited to see this happen. Maybe I will finally get to read ASM again. 

  32. I’m excited about the news on Avengers Academy. I was really bummed when the Initiative characters weren’t announces, but now it looks like they are. I’m stoked about Tigra, Justice, and Robbie being on the team.

  33. Hank Pym will still be in a book! Most excellent.

  34. That Shadowland Teaser has got to be a cryptic symbolic image. Either that or DD is going to kill half the heroes i love in the Marvel U.

  35. DAMN IT!  Eaglesham was born to draw Marvel’s First Family.  His pencils breathed life into into the cosmic and fantastic ideas Hickman dreamed up.  Anybody in the bullpen can crank out Nazis and trench  warfare WWII stuff. Leave Dale where he is!!!!!

  36. Are you kidding me? It’s Tigra! Who’d cut a class with her teaching it? So what she’s part Tiger. So what if she’s still incubating some Skrull-baby?
    I would say "sounds kinky in a don’t-judge-me sort of way" but then I’d be judged. =)

    The Infinity Guantlet: YES! ALL STORIES INVOLVING IT ARE SURE TO BE AWESOME! They have to be! it’s the perfect opportunity for an artist to strut his stuff!