Lost – S05E15 – Follow The Leader

Tonight’s episode – Follow The Leader

Daniel Faraday! Noooo!


Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. No! Take Me!

    I’m old!!

  2. Instead of waiting till 9pm to ask:

    Who watching and live blogging on here tonight?

  3. It’s on!!!

  4. Nooo!! We’re gonna get tortured again! 🙁

  5. Longest 3 seconds ever…

  6. Damn!! That’s alot of blood

  7. I like younger Widmore

  8. This is good casting on young Charles.

  9. Is this….a Richard episode?

  10. I always come baring a boar.

  11. For the first time Richard doesnt seem to know what is happening

  12. Can’t someone get Ben some soap?

  13. Must know more about BatManuel!!

  14. ‘Yes I was here….and with a better beard’

  15. Uh-oh…

  16. Whoa!


  18. hes got to be lying

  19. Well they didnt die from blowing up the island. That’s for sure

  20. @HidefJohn – I kind of hope so. But it would be very very interesting if he weren’t.

  21. I like it how Locke isnt concerned at all

  22. Ben, Locke and Richard… this is going to be really interesting.

  23. @conor: Locke and Richard are gonna let him hang up in a tree

  24. TNC – Its funny I didn’t even pick up on that but it’s so fitting that he wouldn’t be. Locke is an awesome character.

  25. *sighs* Gotta throw in the ‘But what about us?’ type of romance with Kate/Jack

  26. Maybe you shouldn’t have been so trigger happy, Eloise!

  27. This is gotta be all kinds of fucked up for young Eloise

  28. Uh….if Jack blows up the bomb; that would mean Eloise/Charles wouldnt have Daniel at all

  29. I know a lot of you will disagree but I feel bad for Kate b/c she gets dragged through all the sh– that Jack leaves in his wake.

  30. If only the bomb turned into a plate of grilled cheese…..YUM

  31. Grow your facial hair back, Sawyer, you’re freaking me out.

  32. Who would’ve thought Radzinsky would be such a factor this season?

  33. Every time I see a commercial for The Goode Family I die inside.

  34. My new theory is that Richard is The Phantom Stranger.

  35. He must’ve gotten extra punches during the commercial break

  36. Abuse against women….ugh…

  37. Conor- I think maybe more of the Gentlmen Ghost.

  38. This guy is just psychotic. He’s got that look in his eye.

  39. I really, really like Sawyer and Juliette together.

  40. "He’s the fat guy"….what a line.

  41. @conor: Either Ricard is like Billy Pilgrim or he’s like Andrew Norton

  42. I don’t know if I can handle Dr. Chang showing up on a regular basis. I am conditioned to be freaked out when he shows up on screen. It’s Pavlovian.

  43. Hurley went to public school.

  44. ‘You fought in the Korean War?’

    ‘There’s no such thing….’

    I love this Dr. Chang! I want a spinoff now!

  45. Heal him, island! Heal him!

  46. Oooo a big idea just came on!

    What if Dr. Change takes people off the island….and then in the future turns into the group we see in the future with all of those guns? You know the guys that kidnapped Miles in his episode 2 weeks ago?

    That is an interesting idea….if true…

  47. Jacob!?

    I hope it’s this episode and not next week!

  48. *Mind is blown*

  49. Yeah…I probably should have kept watching after season 1. My mind is trying to catch up.

  50. wow…i’m confused


  51. I love me some lost.

  52. I love how intricately dense this is.

  53. TNC – I heard season 6 i thought for Jacob. But I’m with you I want to know if he exists.

  54. That’s great writing….cuase I dont know if these are written seperately or together with the writers. But if I remember correctly Richard was shocked to see Locke in that episode. Mindblowing

  55. This is interesting; cause again this seems to be the first episode to indicate Richard doesnt know everything.

  56. Ben said whhhen. Haha can’t help but think of Family Guy. Cool whip.

  57. This is like when they revealed Nibbler pushed Fry into his cryochamber and then we’re told that Fry actually did it to send himself to the future

  58. I’d be really shocked if we saw Jacob in this episode. That’s a season finale/premiere type reveal.

  59. awe

  60. Radzinsky is like Rasputin.

  61. Do we know Radzinsky’s first name?

  62. I love how Dharma has its logo on everything – it’s like being in the Batcave.

  63. @KreiderDesigns: Rev3 should spend some cash and see is they can have his first name be "Totally"

  64. YES!

  65. Well…..thank god he came….cause Kate had to live…

  66. Hey guys…I usually follow but don’t comment.  Bad weather here killed my signal and I missed the first 5 minute opening…when this is over can someone breakdown the first 5 minutes


  67. damn thought Kate was dead for a second, would of been so happy

  68. Where is Rose and Bernard during the three years? The last we saw of them was the fire arrow attack on the beach.

  69. I would love it if next week’s two hour finale was all Rose and Bernard.

  70. ‘I killed Ben’-Sayid

    ‘You didnt, we saved him’-Kate


  71. Wow, Jack embracing destiny. That’s a big change for him.

  72. Now how are they going to write these two back on the show?

  73. That was a brilliant smash cut.

  74. Good thing these are champion swimmers

  75. Well, that’s a terrifying little swim.

  76. ‘We made smores!’

  77. This show should be sponsored by a torch company.

  78. How many redshirts will die during this meeting with Jacob?

  79. This Richard/Ben alliance will be unholy.

  80. Had they not passed away it would have been awesome to have Patrick McGoohan or Ricardo Montalbon play Jacob

  81. Is John going to meet Jacob, Jack set off the HBomb, and Hurley attempt to rescue Sawyer all at the same time in the finale so that we have no idea what really happens until next season?

  82. Remember; if Ben tries to/or kills Locke….the smoke monster is gonna get him. Probably goes for Richard too

  83. They shoved a lot of people into that submarine

  84. Of course!

    Kate ruins everything

  85. I wouldn’t want to spend a submarine ride with my girlfriend and my ex

  86. That’s bad CGI…

  87. When does Charlton Heston and the apes show up?

  88. "Well..now what?"

    "I think there’s a new episode of the Unusuals next"

  89. So many redshirts….so little time

  90. Heroville – "Let’s see what Michael is up to!"

  91. Wow.

  92. Bwah!?

    Kill him!!!??

  93. That was bad CGI, agreed TNC, it looked like I was watching a Dateline simulation.

  94. Cannot wait until next wednesday!!

  95. Good episode. Cant wait till next week.

    Either Locke or Jacob is gonna die!

  96. John Locke back to badassery.

  97. Do people not listen when characters make these big revelations or do they just think its impolite to listen in?

  98. Extras don’t get paid to listen.

  99. They dont even get paid at all! Those extra’s get shot up, and get beaten around! Maybe if their lucky, they get a rocket up their ass and go to heaven quicker!

    Ahhh redshirts

  100. I cant believe Jacob is gonna be revealed next week. I really thought this was gonna be like a reveal on the penultimate episode of the final season. I mean once this is revealed, what is the last season gonna be about?

  101. I want Jacob to be played by William Shatner.

  102. Remember that Jacob said, "Help me…."  With all the time jumping Jacob is possibly one of the cast we’ve already seen.

    I hope the bomb is dealt with next week.  I don’t want the season to end in an explosion and I don’t want the bomb ticking all summer. 

  103. If Jacob is someone we have seen already I will be dissapointed. That just seems like an extremely lazy way to build up this guy. "Oh Jacob is the bee’s knees" and it turns out to be somebody from the cast. That to me would blow hard. Some people are convinced because of the time jumps that Jacob is one of the losties. But that doesn’t explain how Richard knew who he was in 1954. And None of the Losties that we know of got stuck in ancient times so it just wouldn’t make sense to me unless something in the finale changes all that. But there is a lot of stuff that is going to go down next week and I hope it is all awesome.