Lost – S05E09 – Namaste

Tonight’s episode: Namaste

It looks like the main survivors (who really cares about the extra and/or what has happened to them?!) are back together again in the past, threatening the delicate existences that Sawyer has created for himself, Juliet, Jin, Daniel, and Miles.

And of course, right when Sawyer finds happiness with Juliet, Katie falls back into his life. Isn’t that just like a well written TV show?  Damn them. Damn them all to hell.

Brian K. Vaughan’s on co-writing duty tonight, and his episodes are usually excellent.

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.



  1. Hey Sawyer had a happy life going, he was living well for 3 years before the Six came back.

    I would love to know what happened to Bernard, Rose, and the rest the show seemed to drop off the face of the earth though.

  2. Last week was a cruel joke.  No Amazing Spider-Man and a rerun of Lost.

    This week, all is right and good in the universe.

  3. Seeing Sawyer happy is just really odd. I think they have to ease the audience into it with small little bits of happiness. Still, I say give the man a break.

  4. Here’s hoping for some serious Dharma details this week.  I really want to see some Dr. Halliwax action.  What do you suppose Miles has been doing for the last 3 years…? 

  5. Oh my god it’s starting!!

  6. Frank!

  7. I wonder if Lapetus is forced to go back on the island

  8. It’s like Con Air!

  9. I wan’t planning on watching but I found myself on the couch and it started, so…. inertia takes its course.

    The POW can wait, I guess.

  10. Why couldn’t you put the bunny back in the box?

  11. A landstrip?

    Well that’s just….convienient….and Dues Ex Machina

  12. @conor: For the good of mankind, your participation is a must! 🙂

  13. Wonder why Sun and Ben didn’t disappear with the others…?

  14. 30 Years Earlier…..SNL was all the rage, and a young Joe Piscipo…

  15. @TNC: It’s only a deus ex machina if it happens at the end of the story.

  16. So wait…some of them jumped back and some didn’t? That’s never happened before. Are they the chosen ones? If so, where’s the chicken and the big norweigien wielding a sword?

  17. I love how much Hurley just unabashedly loves EVERYBODY. I guess that’s easy without the romantic entaglements or being involved in any of the torturing.

  18. Here’s the thing…we got a good insurance plan going…

  19. Awesome.

  20. Uh…..what?

    Hurley gets the classic end lines

  21. So I guess the Sun and Jin reunion is on hold for 30 years

  22. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Sun and Jin are the new Desmond and Penny (who, themselves, were the new Rose and Bernard).

  23. Dude your English is awesome!

  24. No one’s stopping Jin!

  25. Creepy monitors from Season 3!

  26. And Juliet’s heart breaks with one word.

  27. @conor: Two words

  28. Damn!

    I forgot Mikhial doesnt come into that building til the Purge

  29. I love the retro art design of the Dharma technology. It’s one of my favorite things about the show.

  30. Radshinsky!?

    *Guy who blew his brains out in the station Desmond was at*

  31. More redshirts to kill

  32. They’re on the other island!!

  33. And Ben calmly slinks off into the jungle…

  34. Oh yeah….this is the island The Others occupied during Season 3

  35. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The technical term for "redshirts" on Lost is "meat-filled socks."  

  36. @Paul: Gotcha

    I would have also preferred ‘Skeletons with Meat on them’

  37. There’s a question that’s been on my mind since season 1, do you guys think that had LOST been passed on as a TV show, it would work in comic form? My first thoughts of the show were that it was odd to see a story as detailed and complicated as a comic on tv for everyone. To me there’s very similar story-telling structures in this show and in comics.

  38. I wonder if I could string a hamock in my apartment without bringing the ceiling down on top of me.

  39. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Knew it!

  40. ETHAN!!!!???

  41. Yipes! Ethan!

  42. Juliet should be careful, Michelle once beat a guy to death with a brick.

  43. Nice!

  44. I think juiet is a it freaked that she gave birth to her lover.

  45. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Totally called that shit!  Where’s my No-Prize?!

  46. or rather helped give birth

  47. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Ghazzi – Juliet and Ethan were never lovers.  

  48. @KriederDesigns: I’m not a big fan of TV shows continuing on in comic book form.  They are usually pretty terrible.  Books like BUFFY are the exception.

  49. Kermit is playing on the tv!

  50. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Ghazzi – You’re possibly thinking of Goodwin.  

  51. I think Jin is going to have to kill that other dude.

  52. @Conor — I didn’t mean necessarily continuing on. I mean from start to finish, do you think LOST (as an entity) would have made it to be as successfull in the comic form.       I agree completely though.

  53. Well Sayid screwed Sawyer’s plan without knowning it…

  54. @KreiderDesigns: Ooooh, I see.  I dunno – maybe?  It’s hard to say, it would really depend on who was writing it.  Also, the structure would have to change a lot.  It’s possible, though.

  55. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Kreider – Hard to say, because LOST isn’t a singular vision.  It’s the work of many writers.  

  56. @conor: That other dude your referring is the man who blew his brains out in The Swan

    You know, Radzinsky?

  57. @Conor– I just think it would have been interesting to see what, let’s say BKV, could have done with this idea in the comic form. What exactly about the structure would have to change? I think a lot of the flashbacks and flashforwards would work in comic form, with maybe a different color scheme or something to denote for certain when is when.

  58. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The backseat camera angle is hilarious.  

  59. Awkwardest meet-n-greet jamboree ever.

  60. @P-Money– Good point, though its still fun to think about what it would be like.

  61. @KriederDesigns: I think the complexity would have to be smoothed out a bit.

  62. Ben isnt a good buddy for conversations


  64. Frank needs to grow his crazy beard back.

  65. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I haven’t done this much math, voluntarily, since I played 24 in grade school.  



  68. "And how’d that work out for everyone?" – Heh.

  69. Damn Sun….

  70. Hahahaha!

    Some times Ben isn’t as smart as he thinks he is.

  71. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    There’s an episode coming up called "Some Like it Hoth."


  72. @Conor–Gotcha. Still. I’d be onboard for at least the first arc if they decided to adapt or expand the world, depending of course on creative team. I don’t want to read LOST by Jeff Loeb and Chris Bacchalo.

  73. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Which is funny because Loeb wrote for the show in season one.  

  74. I love how they’ve made Sun a total badass now. They took the stereotypical submissive asian woman and said "ehhh fudgeit".

  75. @Paul:…..He did!?

  76. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    He wrote "The Moth." The one with Charlie and the cave-in.  

  77. @Paul–Totally didn’t know that. Removing foot from mouth.

  78. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m totally lying.  That was Paul Dini.  Loeb produced though.  

  79. @Paul: Huh….must’ve been before he was stricken with the ‘suck’ virus.

    Hey it’s that guy! (still dont know his name)

  80. @Paul: Oh you….:)

    Still that was Dini? That is awesome

  81. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Jimmy Barrett, you son of a bitch!

  82. He wrote/produced during season 2. So it is written (on Wiki) so it is.

  83. That’s what Jack came back for….to make sure the toilets dont overflow

  84. @TNC- He’s a man of science, after all, that is biology. No?

  85. That’s where he’s from. I didn’t make the Mad Men connection.

  86. Jeph Loeb was a supervising producer for 12 episodes of LOST and that means he was probably involved in the writing process.

  87. @Kreider: I just find it funny that he was told he was going to save everyone….and now he’s a janitor

  88. I have to start watching that show. I keep hearing that it’s great but I have no idea when it is on.

  89. They are so lucky they know so much about the Others

  90. Sun and Frank and Ben are in the present, right?

  91. @TNC – That’s because it is funny. Haha. Also, you know Sawyer had something to do with his assignment.

  92. @conor: Correct, so is Locke and the other plane survivors

  93. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    In seasons 2 or 3, this episode would probably be three episodes.  

  94. @Conor- I don’t know, I think they were just on the other island where Kate, Jack and Sawyer were being held in Season 3

  95. Oh jeez….Christian again

  96. "Yes, he is 30 years ago."

  97. I’m pretty sure Sun and the others are in te "present". Defintely after the compound was attacked y the military guys last season.

  98. just dropping in to say good episdode so far, i love how we are slowly seeing the inside of DARMHA.  Its makeing the purge that Ben preforms ever more evil

  99. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I like to pretend that Christian and the character he played in ER season one are the same person.  

  100. @PaulMontgomery: It’s entirely possible – that dude on ER was crazy.

  101. I am not even shocked anymore when Christian comes on. It’s like ‘Oh it’s Christian, hey there!’

    That scene, I believe, pretty much showed that the Black Smoke Monster is pretending to be Christian or vice versa

  102. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    And Bernard too.  "I shouldn’t be doing this surgery!  I’m just a dentist!"  

  103. I’m a Dentist damnit, not a Doctor!

    ….sorry that was lame

  104. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Go to hell, Jimmy Barrett!

  105. Was one of those guys Horus?

  106. Hamburgers and Punch!

    Oh boy!

  107. And the love square begins….

  108. The love square continues…

  109. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I like that Sawyer can kick back and read even when shit is really fuckin weird.  

  110. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s a plot point!  Awesome!

  111. Fight! Fight! Fight!

  112. Well what Sawyer is saying is pretty much true…

  113. Okay this tension feels like it came out of nowhere

  114. I like Sawyer as the leader. But not as much as Sawyer likes it. Haha. It’s great to see him large and in charge.

  115. It’s really weird to see a (mostly) clean shaven Sawyer. Doesn’t look right.

  116. Ben the kid

  117. ITS BEN!

  118. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  119. Is this Ben?

  120. Oh great…..


  121. WELL PLAYED!!!

  122. Sayid’s gears were turning so hard they were grinding.

  123. Holy crap, it’s Harry Potter!….i mean Ben Linus

  124. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "Now I know why I’m here."  Holy shit!  Sayid is the T1000!

  125. For a second there, the kid was staring at Sayid the exact same freaky way old Ben looks at people

  126. Okay so now Sayid knows Ben is a kid….. and the preview has Sayid saying ‘I know why I came to the island’

    Seeing the connections?

  127. I understand that Sawyer should tell Jack he is the leader and he needs to be listen too.

    But that whole speech with Jack not being a good leader, and just pretty much rubbing it in….that threw me off.

  128. How is it that this show just keeps getting better and better???

    Awesome show.  I had to keep picking my jaw up off the ground.  And the preview for next week? Wow.

  129. @TNC: Jack and Sawyer just don’t like each other – it’s always been that way and it it always will.  Sometimes it’s overt, and sometimes it’s buried but the the animostity is always there on some level.  It comes from them both being natural leaders and jockying for position and it comes from them both loving Kate.

  130. @conor: I understand, and the past should be factored in to that whole scene. But still, I dont see why that was the oppertunity to tell Jack how much he sucked as a leader.

    I thought this whole time being a Dharma initative member made him a more calmer person

  131. @TNC: Because for the first time, Sawyer is totally running the show now, even with Jack around.  And he can’t help but rub it in Jack’s face.

  132. I did make him calm.  Two seasons ago he would’ve punched Jack!!

  133. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Also, imagine giving up your seat on the rescue chopper, spending three years on the island while Jack is back home.  That’s a lot of time to think.  And a big shock too.  Better believe he’s gonna give Jack a piece of his mind.  

  134. @TheNextChampion
    also, Jack came right out and said he was being a bad leader, pointing out that he was just reading instead of figuring out the Sayid situation.

  135. Alright well it’s just a nitpick to be honest.

    All I saw was:

    ‘What’s happening to Sayid?’-Jack ‘He’s ok, I’m thinking about it unlike you’-Sawyer….then he just rambles for a couple of mintues on why he’s a better leader.

    Again @conor and @Paul, I understand what your saying….it just felt off to me. But it didnt hurt an otherwise a fantastic episode.

  136. I couldn’t post during the show, but now I’ve got some questions….

    1) Ethan – Ethan was an other.  How did he join them?  Didn’t we think that only Ben had survived the purge?

    2) I believe Kate and Sawyer were building that airstrip during season 3 while they lived in the polar bear cages. 

    3) Will we now have to face the inevitable time travel question of "Would you kill Hitler?"


  137. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Because he didn’t have the opportunity to say this to him for three years.  It all comes pouring out at the first chance.  

  138. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Crippler – 1. Is a very good question.  2. Is…actually a really funny sentence.  

  139. 2 IS very funny, especially in it’s full form of "I believe that Kate and Sawyer were building that airstrip during season while living in the electrically-trapped, Pavlovian polar bear cages and engaging in dirty cage sex while Jack watched." 

    As for #3, I’ve been championing the "would you kill Hitler" question since the season started.  We’re going to find out what Ben did to Sayid (he would appear to have killed Nadia?) and then we’re going to find out if Sayid is going to kill a little boy just because of what he grows up to be. 

  140. I know we discussed about this last week but:

    Does the love triangle (or trapezoid as it is now) with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer (and maybe Juliet)? I mean seriously….3 episodes ago Kate had sex with Jack. Am I suppose to care about Kate missing Sawyer? When she totally will make out or have sex with either of the two guys?

    Julet/Sawyer should stay, Jack should pine for Juliet which makes sense, and Kate should just die alone….or that could be my bias showing on the last sentence.

  141. Edit: Sorry I ment to finish the first question with: ‘does the love triangle really matter?’

  142. Your friends have always been the caretaker.

  143. @Coner. Tend to agree with most things you saw but I have to disagree with your assessment of that Jack and Sawyer dislike each other.  Sawyer himself say at one point that Jack is the "closest thing he has as a friend on the island."  While I don’t think they are the best of friends, I do believe that they are similiar to the Han and Luke friendship in a New Hope and Empire.  What Sawyer tells Jack in this episode is an accurate analysis of Jack’s leadership skills, it is someone close to him giving criticism.  The most interesting part of that Jack seems relieved by it.  You can almost see the burden lift from him.

  144. @mattstee: There is definitely a healthy amount of respect between Jack and Sawyer, but just as much animosity.  They would never be friends on the outside.

  145. @Conor: That’s true … but how many of the survivors could you say would be friends outside?  I also hate to go back to Star Wars references but if Han and Luke weren’t thrown together would they have been friends?

  146. @mattstee: There is no animosity between Han and Luke.  Their competing over Leia (ick) was good natured, for the most part.

  147. @Conor: The Leia animosity was one thing, but I also felt that they didn’t see eye to eye alot. Luke seemed to not have the best opinion of Hans decision making until Jedi.

    That being said, I don’t hold the stance that they are best friends, I just feel that we are at a point in the story where they don’t hate each other (Jack would have called him James).  I think Sawyer’s reaction didn’t come from "I am awesome and you suck" perspective but a reaction to stress and a long-standing trend of Sawyer venting on someone.

    I feel another interesting note is that sawyer’s criticism is Jack only reacts, but I have yet to see sawyer in DI not doing anything but reacting. 

  148. this season is just delivering on so many levels…  can’t wait for next week’s ep!

  149. I’d like to point out, that the conversation between Jack and Sawyer was pretty much egged on by Jack.  Sawyer didn’t just open up on Jack out of the blue to tell him that his leadership style sucked, but rather was firing back after Jack said (paraphrasing) "Really, because it looked like you were reading a book."  At which point Sawyer got pissed and told Jack to eff off, that he wasn’t in charge anymore.

  150. Late to the party, darn it, but I did want to point something out.  That airstrip didn’t just appear out of nowhere, it was built by Sawyer and Kate back in Season 3.

  151. I am devoting a lot more fret-power than I should to wondering where Rose and Bernard are right now.

  152. In response to Crippler’s question about Ben being the only purge survivor, i just watch S3’s "Man Behind the Curtain".  In it Ben told Locke that he was one of the few that were smart enough to make sure they didnt end up in the pit, which implies more purge survivors.

  153. @Askanison: Nice!  I think a lot of folks missed that, me included!

  154. This is a great work of mind and excellency, I hope they will still continue to come back and finding more fake and undisclosed island, I will be happy to see them in 1805 lol. It is cool I wnat to see if Hurley look like his great great great and great grandfather of 16th century or maybe James Sawyer Lefluer generation was from this misterious island 🙂