Lost – S05E08 – LaFleur

Tonight’s episode: LaFleur

I watched last week’s episode at Ron’s place in San Francisco and his download had no preview on it for next week so I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO EXPECT TONIGHT, and that’s awesome. It’s a rarity in this day and age.

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. this will be the first one of these that i’ll participate in.

  2. Watched it at 7 (yay Canada!) It’s an AWESOME episode.

  3. @gobo You crazy time traveler!

  4. ah wednesdays….

  5. I met Guy LaFleur once.  He signed a hockey card and gave me a Flower Power.  Yes, that’s right, he was hawking an energy drink. 

  6. Yay another episode of Lost! I almost had a heart attack cause Wednesday took forever….it takes like what? A week to come in? Seriously….Wednesday needs to get here faster.

  7. Here we go!

  8. alright, here we go!

  9. Giant statue anyone?

  10. YES! FOUR TOED STATUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Holy cow!  The statue mythos is back!  



    and now its gone…

  13. oh shit. no more time jumping. but they’re stuck in dharma times which is why jin works for them and so does faraday.

  14. Man, I was hoping to see it up close.

  15. Three Years Later…

    and people dancing?

  16. When are we?

  17. Hootenanny!

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Jimmy Barrett, you son of a bitch!

  19. That is the actor that had the creepy dream in David Lynchs Muholland Drive.

  20. Who the hell is this?

  21. ben’s dad’s friend?

  22. That’s Ben’s dad, right?

  23. Right, not his dad, nevermind.

  24. This is like turning into a whole new show…

  25. LaFluers? Sh* you dont’ know who LaFluers is?

  26. oh shit. sawyer!!!!!!1

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Oh my god…



  29. Sawyer is Guy LaFleur! Oh man this show knows how to surprise me to no end.

  30. I can’t believe we got to see the statue!

  31. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  32. That statue look Egyptian didnt it?

  33. Ok so obviously that last jump put everyone back in the time of Dharma, so they all had to assimilate into roles within the Dharma Corp. Thus explains Jin being found by the Oceanic 6 (err 3)

  34. so far, we’ve seen faraday, jin, and sawyer working for dharma.

  35. What year is it I wonder? Is Ben in charge or is Widmore still around?

  36. I know Sawyer is a con artist….but it’s gonna need to be something HUGE in order to dumbfound everyone at Dharma.

  37. @s1lentslayer – i think ben is a little kid.

  38. Man all of this is hurting my head

  39. she called him jim!

  40. ‘It’ll be on the coconut telegraph by breakfast’


  41. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s always about ME.  

  42. is she going to die?

  43. Oh, nice, going back and forth.

  44. So Charlotte died b/c she couldn’t interact with herself in the past…she’s the only one that was there for real in that timeline.

  45. i don’t like that they somehow figure out all this time travel stuff, right off the tops of their heads, with no REAL clues.

  46. That is true, they only have 2 plans.

  47. I think it’s because she was on the island long enough.  And they’re there until Jack and the others come back and figure out how to time travel again.

  48. @KreiderDesigns I don’t know that Charlotte died, but yeah I think that’s why she didn’t jump to that time.

  49. "whatever happened, happened." i love it.

  50. Thats kate

  51. or not

  52. i thought it was going to be libby.

  53. Are we supposed to know who that is?

  54. I wish in real life you could be that good of a shot

  55. @superchuck – no.

  56. Was that Ben’s mom? Or the chick that was with Horus rather?

  57. So what happened to Horace Goodspeed’s wife, Olivia, who was with him when he discovered baby Ben being born? This new pregnant lady was named Amy.

  58. @superchuck, nick maynard: isn’t that who was pregnant with Sawyer? a.k.a. Michelle Dessler from 24?

  59. @ Superchuck – She’s the pregnant lady from the previous scene.  That’s enough for now. 

  60. If this is gonna turn into that pregnaut lady birthing Ben….That could send huge shockwaves.

    Only cause that episode in the 3rd season could’ve been an entire lie by Ben. That would be amazing and annoying in so many ways.

  61. Jin was on 24 before as well.

  62. "the truce"?


    was there a truce between the others and the dharma people, and sawyer/juliet broke it? thus sparking the war? 

  63. A lot of dead bodies being shipped around this season

  64. "It looks like some sort of sonic fence…or something…" nice.

  65. I forgot about this Sonic barrier. It’s been so long since this they used it.

  66. wow, this episode fucking rules.

  67. Whew…for a second I thought Juliet wouldnt make it into this Dharma present

  68. im calling it right now. juliet and sawyer are TOGETHER.

  69. I wonder… I think Juliet and Sawyer are together. 

  70. @thenextchampion I would have been totally fine with that.

  71. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Jin is an ENGLISH MASTER!

  72. Well it looks like Jin can speak English now….or at least fluently now.

  73. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Timmy – No way.  I love Juliet.  I also love Juliet and Sawyer together.  Which i’m sure is what’s going on.  

  74. its funny to see sawyer smile like that.

  75. Wow.. it COULD be Ben.  I’m trying to count down, in my head, important male Dharma people of a certain age.  Who could this baby be? 

  76. @Paul: But Sawyer loves Kate

    Oh the romance triangle continues!

  77. Any guesses on the baby?

  78. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I like the idea of Sawyer coaching Jin in his mastery of English.  Like reading to him and having tutoring sessions.  Always loved their Han/Chewie dynamic.  

  79. did any of you guys just see this commercial for a show starring harold perrinau?

  80. Oh this guy again

  81. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Con skills!

  82. Wow he remembers the Black Rock….I find that B.S. for Sawyer but whatever

  83. ‘We’re not on the song we’re suppose to be on’

    Great line

  84. jesus, charlotte.

  85. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    He would totally remember the Black Rock.  He killed a man in it.  You’d remember a boat in the middle of the jungle with dynamite in it, wherein you also murdered the man responsible for both your parents’ deaths as well as your own career path. 

  86. @TheNextChampion He kinda killed a man inside of it. I think you’d remember it.

  87. @Paul: Okay but I didnt think he would know what type of ship it was nor the year it crashed in

  88. god i fucking love richard alpert.

  89. Albert walking alone into enemy territory, looking around like he’s some captain

    That is the true form of ‘Badass’

  90. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TNC – What else would you talk about on this island.  There’s no TV.  You pay attention to the weird shit that happens.  Sawyer’s a details man, being a con artist and avid reader.  

  91. Richard Alpert has some tight pants.  I see he’s decided to forego the pirate chic he was sporting the last time we saw him as a ‘hostile’. 

  92. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    We totally need to liveblog Siegfried and Roy.  TIGER MAGIC FTW!!

  93. @Paul: Okay I’ll have to give it to you there.

    @Crippler: Yeah didnt he have another outfit on at this point in time? Plus he had facial hair

  94. Best thing Siegfried and Roy were ever associated with was Father of the Pride

  95. shit, i love the hostiles.

  96. @TNC – yes, pirate style.  Very puffy shirt.

  97. i didn’t realize horace was IN CHARGE. crazy.

  98. I’m starting to think that Sawyer and rest caused the Others killing the Dharma people

  99. I didn’t clue in that it was Horace Goodspeed until now.

  100. i think this lady is a good actress.

  101. moon knight????

  102. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m having such a weird experience with this episode.  I’m so anxious to figure out what’s going to happen next that I’m getting seasick.  It’s like i’m nervous about it.  In a good way.  

  103. man, he got over kate quick!

  104. ‘Okay two weeks…’


    Good timing there

  105. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    He thought he’d never see Kate again.  

  106. Its got to be weird living in that time knowing any day shit is totally going to hit the fan.

  107. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I LOVE this episode.  

  108. I understand he probably thinks Kate isnt coming back….

    But still….two episodes ago we’re suppose to believe he wants Kate to come back….it certainly seems like he got over her waaay too quickly.

    Still I like the romance

  109. So who’s getting pregnant first, Juliette or Kate?

  110. @paul – i don’t know why that would make things easier for him. if anything it would be harder. no closure, etc.

  111. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Here’s the thing.  He’s just flirting with her in the past.  The sunflower scene is three years later.  I don’t think it’s at all out of character for Sawyer, or really anybody in such extreme circumstances.  I totally buy it.  

  112. This CASTLE show….looks predictable and dumb

  113. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Disagree.  Castle looks to be AWESOME.  Cheesy, sure.  But I think it might be fun.  

  114. Castle looks fun

  115. @paul – right on.


    and damn, this sawyer speech is sad as hell. 

  116. Nathan Filion alone is enough for me to watch it for at least 6 episodes

  117. fuck, we are headed for the best cliffhanger ever.

  118. So shocking I need to take my glasses off

  119. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  120. 2 weeks!? damnit

  121. omg. omg. omg. omg.

  122. So I’m wondering what the significance of 3 years is.  3 years for those on the island, 3 years for those off of it.

  123. WOO everyone is clearly caught up, this was such a fantastic episode!  Those final 5 minutes were just perfect

  124. This was a really good episode. I am just loving where this series is taking us

    Now we gotta deal with people who want to stay on the island (Sawyer, Juliet, Locke) to people who want to leave the island (everyone else)

  125. Two weeks?! WHY!!!!!!

    Love quadrangle and I’m okay with it.

  126. I still can’t do all the mental math in my head as to who should be alive when.  That’s giving me fits right now.  Still so many WHYS.  Like, why does that preview for the next episode make me think that Sawyer has bought into the Dharma Initiative plan?

  127. back after watching as always…

    awesome! awesome! and awesome!!  will definately be watching again on onDemand!

    Why two weeks???  what the hell is happening in two weeks?  there are no sport playoffs… this does not make sense!  "if chewbacca lives on endor, you must aquit!"

    also, I am total looking forward Castle

    also, my first thought was that the baby boy was alex’s boyfriend, but i could be way wrong

  128. @Crippler: That would be interesting if that was the case. But ya gotta realise Juliet must’ve told James the history of Dharma the whole three years.

    They know (or should know) the massacre of the Dharma Initative by the Others is gonna happen soon….So why would they risk of getting killed?

  129. also, only Lost could make me care about some ‘beautiful people love triangle’

  130. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I was thinking it might be Carl too.  But I think, if I understand the timeline, it’d more likely be someone like Ethan. Does that sound right?

  131. @TNC – I don’t think Juliet knew all the plan nor all the history. 

    Oh and my wife and I decided that Nathan Fillion make Castle worth checking out, so we set the DVR.. cursed box that it is.  So, I MAY have an episode to watch come Tuesday. 

  132. the baby being Ethan would be nutty.  and nutty is what Lost does oh so well.

    so what does happen that makes it impossible to have babies??  have there been hints that I missed?

  133. @Crippler: In this episode Juliet told Miles about the brief history of Dharma being wiped out by the Others. She said it that they took over the 70’s camp and wiped out most of the members.

    So yeah she should know this mass killing is going to happen eventually.

  134. Sure, eventually.  She suggested that, because it’s a Dharma Initiative camp, that the timeline would have been the 70’s or early 80’s.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that Ben’s destruction of the Initiative is imminent.  Damn, I wish this thing had spellcheck…

  135. @Jon: Well we dont know yet whether that baby is Ben or if Ben is on the island yet.

    If he’s about an adult on this island then I would be worried as hell. If he’s still a kid, or some years younger then I wouldnt have a problem. But then again Locke really only knows what truely happened with the Initiative on the island. So I guess they wouldnt know everything just yet.

  136. Well, I suppose it’s POSSIBLE that it’s Ben, but there’d have to have been some wicked hardcore changes in the time stream for that to be true.  First of all, that woman is not his mother.  Second of all Horace is not Ben’s father.  Third of all, this would make Ben MUCH younger than the Ben we know and love/hate.  Fourth of all, this new Ben would have no reason to so despise his father that he’d sell out his own people just to kill him.  It’s not Ben.  That would either be really stupid, or require a dozen episodes worth of explanations to make any sense at all.

  137. @Jon: That’s why the thoery of Ben lying the whole time of his origin makes sense to me. If that baby is Ben, then he lied to Locke in order for him to see Jacob and do anything else in that episode (gotta watch that episode again)

    If what Ben said is a lie; it makes sense for the character….but it’s frustrating cause that means we wasted almost a whole episode two years ago to tell us an origin that isnt true. But hey we dont know anything yet of the kid, so we’ll see in future episodes

  138. best episode of the season. so so so good.

  139. Wonder what is happening/happened to Rose & Bernard, etc. Do you think they went back in time as well to the 1974 Dharma part like Sawyer and Co?

    I don’t think the baby is Ben. I thought the episode which told his back story showed him going to the island as a kid. He is not "native" born on the island and that is one reason he got the cancer in his back waaaay back when…. 

  140. …and perhaps one reason why Faraday was seen during the discovery of the wheel in the Orchid station a few episodes back is that he is there to try and displace them back to their own/correct time? I can think of no other way for them to get back to the present since they are all now displaced back to 1977 Dharma time before the purge. 

  141. I really don’t know if that baby is Ben.  I think it much more likely to be someone else.  For all we know it’s Daniel Faraday..or heck, maybe it’s no one at all. 

    One recurring theme throughout the show is that Dharma Initiative members are nearly always undettered in the face of death.  Like fanatics.  I’d love to get down to the reason why. 

  142. Another fantastic episode, nothing to not like about it.  Action, romance, time hopping, answers (that lead to more questions, of course), and the 4 toed statue.

    But I feel screwed by the two week wait time.  I thought that they said that they were going to run all the episodes with no breaks.  Or did I hear wrong?

  143. We may never see the statue intact again or see it face-on, but I believe someday we’ll see Richard Alpert barefoot or in sandals, and he’ll have four toes.

  144. Delaying a week may have something to do with where they want the final episode to land within May sweeps.

    As to Ben lying about his origins – I don’t think we’ve ever seen lies dramatized.  Ben lies all the time but you never see actual scenes, just him talking.

    A note in general:  When various characters pop up, dead or not, and say things like "Don’t go back to the island" or "This island is death" or "The coconut yogurt behind the potato salad has gone bad" or any other dire warning, it doesn’t mean they’re right.   They may come from a time  period before a happy ending.  Hurley may end up broadcasting the numbers in the radio loop to make sure the happy ending happens.

    And I think there ultimately has to be a happy ending for most of the Lost crew and bittersweet, if not tragic, endings for others.  That’s what’ll make the story satisfying. 

  145. @ Tad I love the idea of Hurley broadcasting the numbers, great idea and possibly true.

    This was such a fantastic episode. I don’t think Kate deserves to be with Jack or Sawyer, shes been a bitch to both of them and led them both on. I used to really dislike Juliet, but I’m starting to like her more than Kate at this point. Also if Sawyer and Kate do end up hooking up, Juliet and Jack will have pretty depressing storylines.

    "Well I’ve got no other options so we mine as well hook up."-Jack

    Also that would be sick if the other survivors had teamed up with the hostiles(Rose and them). Sawyer and the Iniative vs. Locke and the Others. Season Finale right there.

  146. All the Kate hate mystifies me.

  147. @conor: She’s unlikable and she’s a bitch….not really much else about her.

  148. She’s hot and has an awesome body.  Nullifies "unlikable" and "bitch."

  149. @TNC: Yeah, I don’t see it.

  150. @cigar: I dont see how she is hot…but she isnt my taste in girls.

    @conor: Good example for me is from a couple of episodes. She not only sneaks into Jack’s room, then she has sex with him, then have the nerve to say (paraphrasing) ‘Just because we did that last night doesnt mean I love you’….So what? You balled your eyes out and went to Jack’s house….for the sex?

    Plus how about the whole time when she knows Aaron is legally owned by Jack that she keeps saying it’s her child. That to me just reeks of bitchy. I could go on, I got 5 seasons of examples to show you.

  151. @TNC: Again, I don’t see it as bitchy.  I see it as life.  Which is complicated.  She doesn’t do what she does out of malice, but out of pain.

  152. @conor: So it’s out of malice when she forces her old b/f (the one with the toy plane) in a mini car chase and he gets killed by gun fire….and it’s also malice that she ruined her mom’s life by blowing up her house (granted by killing the bad father) and letting her worry for the rest of her life…

    Wow…I thought my life was tough. Btw, she chose all of this crap to happen to her. It’s not like it was all forced upon her. She basically is, and was, a criminal mastermind before she got on the island.

  153. @TNC: Jack got what he wanted.  I don’t think you need to be worrying about his feelings.  Plus, it doesn’t seem like Jack is all that anxious to take the kid and go to baby’s r us and take care of it.  As for the legal ownership of the child…it doesn’t seem to me that any of these characters worry too much about the legality of anything, especially not the girl who was wanted for murder.

  154. @Cigar: Okay you got me there. But I’m not saying Jack ultimately cares for Aaron in that same vein either. I’m just saying that although Jack was fine with Kate taking the child….she basically stole him from Jack and tried to get Jack out of her life. To me, whether he cares deeply for Aaron or not; that isnt right considering he’s the legal owner of the kid.

  155. @TNC:  You need to look out for the child’s best interests.  If the options are between the unlikable and bitchy mom who is hot and has an awesome body and would do anything to protect the child or the alchoholic doctor who is suspended from practicing medicine because of his substance abuse?  I think everyone involved knows which is the right choice.

  156. @cigar: But Kate made the forceful choice of being Aaron’s guardian before Jack went on his alcoholic binge. It wasnt until afterwords (that and Locke speaking with Jack earlier) that drove him over the edge.

    Who knows? Maybe Aaron could’ve been the one link to keep Jack sane for those 3 years off the island. But we’ll never know cause pretty much after a couple of months Kate kept Aaron for herself.

    Even if I would have to agree she was a decent mother to the kid, that doesnt resolve anything she’s done in her life before and after. She was a horrible person before leaving the island and I see no reason how she will be any different now she’s back on the island.