Lost – S05E01&02 – Because You Left & The Lie

Tonight’s episode: Because You Left

Yay, Lost is back! And it’s two hours!

Lost has consistently been one of my favorite shows, lo’ these five years or so that it has been on the air. It’s one of the few shows that has me excited enough to not only wait eagerly for each new episode, but to delve into the ancillary “off-air” material and speculation. I don’t delve too far, but I do seek out the extra videos and I do look up websites that break down each episodes symbology and hidden tidbits. I just love, love, love the dense mythology that Lost weaves. It probably helps that I’m a sucker for puzzles and even more so for a good mystery.

Last season’s flashbacks and flashforwards really energized the show and word is this year we can expect more of the same. That’s good news.

I think I stopped breathing last year during that final slow plan that revealed who was in the coffin. I’m pretty sure I did. It’s a miracle I didn’t black out.

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!

    Only an hour and fifty-five minutes til the best show comes back on!

    Please let answers be shown, oh please!

  2. I heart Lost! So excited it’s back.

    Unfortunately I’m in the UK so can’t participate in the "live" discussion here.

    That won’t stop me seeing it tomorrow though….enjoy guys!

  3. I also participated in the "Lost Experience"

  4. @TheNextChampion – Buffy is coming back? 

  5. The Houston Chronicle’s TV Blog does an awesome job with Lost and can be found here: http://blogs.chron.com/tubular/archives/2009/01/lost_what_you_n.html#more

    The blogger organized several hundred people into going to the Alamo Drafthouse to see the finale last May and it was a lot of fun. Apparently they are going to be there again tonight: http://www.drafthouse.com/westoaks/shows.php?id=113

    Can’t wait for two hours of Lost!

    Question? Which are you more excited for, Lost or BSG?

  6. @JonCrites: For me, if I had to choose one it would be LOST, no question.

  7. I think Lost for me too.

    I mean BSG has had me since the get go and has been great and had its own share of mystery; but Lost has been a totally unique TV watching experience for me in terms of the details to be found in the minutiae of the story.

  8. Can’t wait.



    I have a reason to live again.

  10. My Baylor Bears come first… I’ll save Lost for tomorrow.

  11. @OddsBodkins – Baylor? Come on man, its Lost!

    j/k my wife went to Baylor and almost did too.

  12. See ya in another life brothas, I’m out!

  13. Lost is the most fun I’ve ever had watching a television show. In high school someone brought a large printed out version of the map on the blast door of the hatch. My friends and I spent an entire class trying to figure out what it could be.

  14. Here we go.

  15. Orrrrr it’s a recap episode first. Shit.

  16. This is the only show I actually watch when it airs. Everything else is for DVDs or the internet later.

  17. @Eso Yeah, it’s boring too.

  18. If I was dying and the make a wis people came to me and told me they would grant one wish  it would be sitting down with damon and carlton to see how this shit ends.


  19. @sixgun yeah it is but it’s still fun too watch.

  20. ugh…….recap ep and then two hours of LOST!! very excited for this FINALLY!! would do live blogging but alas no internet downstairs. i will read after though

  21. I love the orientation videos I hope we have some more in store this season.

    Lost reminds me so much of the computer games I loved as a kid games like Mist and the such.

  22. watching the recap is makeing me so excited for the new episode, hands down my fav show on tv

  23. Pizza ordered? Check.

    New television set up? Check.

    Phone ready to be turned off? Check.

    On at the same time as Top Chef and The Real World? … Sigh… Check. 

  24. Watching my roomates reaction to the Lost re-cap is priceless. She hasn’t watched the show since season two.

  25. This recap has me PUMPED.

    I love this show.

  26. I wish they had shown the part where everybody looked at hurley when the chopper pilot said they need to lose a few hundred pounds

  27. Jack is always captain buzzkill he can never just enjoy the moment that said love the beard bro.

  28. This show is about as close to perfect as you can get

  29. I love jarad siead jarad

  30. This is making me want to get the DVDs and watch them all again.

  31. And the wait is over!

  32. Here we go!

  33. Who asked for orientations? Doesn’t get better than that.

  34. Oh, wow – the doctor!

  35. This guy must be like:

    Yes they are using me more then just internet videos!

  36. Oooooh, Daniel.


  38. I hope the Dharma Initiaitive has good worker’s comp insurance…

  39. Ben is awesome.  Really, really awesome.  Michael Emerson should win many awards.

  40. Go Phillies!

    (Jack has the World Series on)

  41. It would be great if the island moved like way up north or something.  Like the climate totally changes to snow and ice.

    "We don’t have the clothes for this!!!"

  42. Time travel or geographic travel???

  43. Spoooooky

  44. It would be funny if Sawyer’s shirt mysterious was on after the light.

  45. Ah, Rose and Bernard – my favorite background couple.

  46. Time travel!

  47. I don’t think the island physically moved. Just moved in time. It’s always a few minutes away from people.

  48. I love Uppam

  49. I see fake beard technology hasn’t improved.

  50. Bam. Point proven.


  52. Faraday has been a fantastic addition to this show.  He’s a great character.

  53. Why is Locke dead?  And how did he get back?  Questions, questions … I need answers!

  54. I feel like returning Locke to the island is going to bring him back to life.  Or he’ll be a spirit.  Something.

  55. Kate with black hair is hot!

  56. Well looks like Kate has no choice but to follow Jack…..or she can be a bitch and run away….

  57. Oh snap. Kate u’z unda arrest.

  58. "We’re going to…uh, an island resort."

  59. Farraday doesn’t know who he’s messing with

  60. Would Sawyer fit into that shirt?

  61. Really wussy slap by Sawyer

  62. Locke Lives!

  63. Neeeevermind. I’ve got it now.

  64. Mr. Echo’s brother returns!

  65. More planes crash on this island than the cities I used to build in Sim City.

  66. @Conor- Should we expect Godzilla next?  I think they need to build more police stations

  67. If they’re at the same time of the drug plane crash shouldn’t Desmond still be in the hatch?

  68. YAY! Ethan is back!

  69. ETHAN ROM!!!!

  70. Now my internet starts messing up! NO!!!

  71. Yay? Why yay? Ethan is a dick. And my least favorite character.

  72. I’ll be caught up by the next commercial break.

  73. @esophagus: Ethan was like the best Other before he got killed. I really loved him in the first season.

  74. Whaaaaat? Let’s dooo the time waaaarp agaaaain.

  75. ….Now he’s gone!

    Man this is gonna cause all sorts of problems with the time jumps.

  76. @TNC: I’m surprised you love Ethan, seeing as how he’s played by Tom Cruise’s cousin and all….

  77. I think when Ben turned the wheel the island hit 88mph.  I can hear it now, "you built a time machine, out of an island?"

  78. Widmore is everywhere!

  79. He is also really full of himself.

  80. @conor: That’s true…..but he is much better then Tom Cruise….and less crazy.

  81. Ben is fucking with Jack.

  82. Linus and Shepherd! Awesome teamup.

  83. This scene happened in the last season finale!

  84. Dart guns?

  85. Sayid Bond

  86. Sayid and Hurley a spin off of Lost coming next fall!

  87. Camera phones will get you every time.

  88. Did anybody else think that was bruce cambell for a second?

  89. And thats why you dont put knives in the dishwasher.


  91. Jumper last year. Push this year. Next year.. Flight.

  92. I hope the stories match up soon. As in, this isn’t the game we play for the whole season.

  93. @eso: Well, the producers said they are going to being playing with time a lot this season, so we’ll see, I guess…

  94. So was the Dan at the beginning of the show the present Dan travelling to the past?

  95. @s1lentslayer: Or is he ageless like Richard?

  96. @s1lent

    I don’t think so, but that could be cool. 

  97. Jesus, why and how does Richard know all of this?

  98. That was very GHOSTBUSTERS.

  99. Quantum Leap, starring John Locke

  100. Oh snap. They are alternating between the right timeline and being back in time.

  101. i love alpert as a character hes so awesome!!

  102. "When Am I???"

  103. So Locke is like on his very first day as the Leader……and now he knows he has to die…..What a bad job.

  104. ah so awesome!! this is a great season premiere!!

  105. "Well John, that’s all relative."

  106. I love Richard.  He ups the creepy level in every scene.

  107. I love how less than half way through the premiere we can figure out why Aaron had to leave the island and why Locke couldn’t climb to the plane in season 1.

  108. @MrCavanagh Did we not know that before today?

  109. so I guess its safe to assume that the button pressing as something to do with altarnating timelines.

  110. Crap nosebleeds……That redheaded chick is screwed.

  111. @esophagus We knew about the whole child birth problems, but the time travel problem would have kept blipping him out of existance.

  112. Yes. I was wondering if we were going to get more Desmond this season.

  113. I love that Desmond is becoming the most important person in this story.

  114. I think that Farraday will become this season’s ben.  Very Mysterious and very important.

  115. I am missing so much good television to watch this great television.

  116. I wonder if there’s a connection between constant time traveling and the weird rain patterns on the island.

  117. Looks like Ms. Hawking might be Daniel’s mom.

  118. Maybe this explains the whispers on the island. It’s actually everyone going threw time on the island.

  119. I’m pretty dissapointed so far.


  120. I wonder how many other previously dead cast members will pop up throughout the premiere/season.

  121. @TheNextChampion: That is a great theory.  Do we know why the others took the children first?

  122. Sayed and Hurley on a roadtrip across America… I’d watch that show.

  123. Hurley sees dead people. 

  124. She’s drunk right there, while acting.

  125. ana lucia??

  126. Quick it’s Ana-Lucia!

    Kill her again!

  127. If the kidnapped others were building a landing trip in season 3, and the Oceanic Six are traveling back, maybe they’re going to rescue everyone left behind by landing in the past.

  128. btw i LOVE desmond!! by far fave character other than charlie..>RIP

  129. @Conor…Throw in the ghost of Charlie and you got yourself a hit, man!

  130. Aaron Burr

  131. I forget where did this Neil guy come from?

  132. I like how the flashbacks in this episode are really flashsideways but they’re still flashbacks because of the time jumping.

  133. This is Weekend at Bernies, Lost style.

  134. I think Neil first appeared when he had that weird moment with Hurley regarding Libby.

  135. Which weird moment?

  136. Jack rolls in the 323.  Hollywood.

  137. There’s some weird sexual tension with Jack and Ben

  138. "Mostly dead"

  139. Cheech is a nouveau riche glutton.

  140. hurlerys dad!! man benjamin is so creepy…is locke dead?

  141. Cheech is this close to rocking a David Ferry wig.

  142. i want ghost charlie back!! and this time travel thing is screwing with my head!!

  143. Is it a little racist to have that many crosses in one room and a gaudy alter to Mary?

  144. @rayclark: Locke is dead but I think once they bring him back to the island he will return in some form.

  145. @conor: yea prolly unless he somehow time travels back into his own body or something like that?

  146. Wait a second is Locke the Ghost in the cabin?

  147. Thinking the same thing as Connor. I’m assuming it all has something to do with Ben’s big speech either last season or the one before, about how time on the island works differently with death. Maybe Locke jumps into the future and dies, but is brought back before that time period comes to pass. Thus coming back to life.

  148. Was that the Abbaddon character talking to Hurley’s dad?


  150. Oh.  Right.  I guess that was obvious.

  151. Why does the kid annoy me?

  152. Jin is gonna screw everything up.

    Dont let the butcher have the body!! That’s totally, gonna cut him into peices and eat him, I’ve seen the stories.

  153. One show I’d like to watch more than "Hurley and Sayid’s Roadtrip USA" is "Ben Linus Runs Mundane Errands Like Going to the Butcher"

    This week, Ben fills a prescription!

  154. @conor: I would watch both too!

    How bout we have a crossover? We could have a ‘Sideway’s type of film with all three characters.

  155. Charlotte needs herself a constant. Quickly.

  156. Wow, I did NOT see that coming.

    (At least now they have fire)

  157. Neil looks like Vince the Shamwow guy after a car accident.

  158. Neil…Lost’s latest red shirt.

  159. heh heh, Neil was a red shirt.

  160. Neil needs to go.

  161. @conor: what happened to Claire??

  162. Every time there’s a moment like that, where the dude says fire and gets hit with it, I think it’s Vaughan.  Just feels like his stamp.  Unlikely that it is, but it reminds me of Y.

  163. wait i rmeember she went off with her dad its ok never mind

  164. Well at least the fire cauterized the wound.

  165. ugh neil so annoying thank god hes dead

  166. @josh: That is an awesome ‘thing’ for a writer to do in a show.

  167. whats going on with faraday in the past scene with the DHARMA video?? im curious now!

  168. So Sawyer can avoid bullets, missles, and now fire arrows.

  169. "Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?" – If I had a nickel for every time I said that…

  170. "we’ll escape under the cover of daylight in the biggest car in the county…"

  171. Ohhh snap…Jin is hunting Kate too!!

  172. @AlexG: Don’t you mean Sun? Jin blew up (maybe).

  173. Duh…I meant sun–I was watching the flashback as a typed that…

  174. Second hour is moving much slower huh?

  175. suns a bitch!

  176. @AlexG: yes it is for some reason lol


    JACK FTW!!

  177. that yellow soda looks tasty

  178. It’s the ebb and flow of a long term story.  Every episode can’t be paced at a breakneck speed.

  179. ‘What happen Hugo?’

    ‘It’s gonna take me probably 4+ years to explain this to you’

  180. 4 seasons in 2 minutes.

  181. How many episodes before Sawyer and Juliette sleep together?

  182. yellow soda does look tasty

    and #1 rule of time travel do not screw up the past

  183. Maybe they’ll go into the cage.  That usually leads to romance.

  184. @conor: i give it 2

    hurley did it better than the epsidoe before the LOST season premiere

  185. @YoSoyJu: ROFL

  186. It took Carrie Weaver the better part of a season to sleep with her.

  187. Nice, new nathan fillion show.

  188. Sayid is like Bucky.  A mindless killer.

  189. He threw a hot pocket!!!!!

    FTW Hurley!

  190. Who throws a perfectly good hot pocket?

  191. Hugo throwing food at Ben made me laugh out loud.

    (CASTLE is going to get canceled sooner than DOLLHOUSE)

  192. Didn’t Ben say last season that he couldn’t ever go back to the island once he left?

  193. "Looks like I’m gonna have to kill some cops" – Ben

  194. I doubt that happened in the past.

  195. Locke, I’ve decided, is what Snake-Eyes would be after he retired.

  196. What the fuck….?

  197. Excellent.  Excellent open to the season.

  198. Deciding on an end date for the series was the best thing they could have done for the overally storytelling.

  199. Wow, I bet only 1% of people know who that lady is…..

    But I know who the lady is!!


  201. Seeing Fionnula Flanagan makes me miss Brotherhood… 🙁

  202. I remember she talked to Desmond. 

    Great start to a new season.

  203. I thought that was Judi Dench when I heard the voice.

  204. @conor – love the thought on locke being retired snake eyes.  hilarious.

  205. These were 2 good episodes.

    I am liking where this season is taking us, only because I love time travel. But I hope we dont waste a good amount of the season seeing Ben trying to get everyone together. That to me, would be a waste of a season and a waste of time for stuff not being answered.

    But I love it this has suddenly turned into a ‘end of the world’ type of scenario for this series. Seriously, ‘how long until wednesday?’

  206. @TNC: too long a wait lol for lost and comics now…

     awesome eps!!

    i love this though its awesome. i want more of not ben cuz i cant figure him out at all. 

  207. great episodes, building up the drama, first flashbacks then flashforwards now flashsideways/backwards/forwards all at once

  208. On the other hand, my mom and sister watches the show with me and they hated this.

    Every week they always say: ‘What the fuck was this about? I hate this show! It’s so confusing!’

    I have a feeling this might be more the majority of the viewers then actually loving this……Oh my god…..I think I get it……Grant Morrison and Lost…..are they the same thing? You never see them together at the same time……Grant Morrison is Lost!!! I figured it out!!!!

  209. Aww. I missed the live-blogging.

    Great episode! Really digging the Faraday character. Don’t know who the old lady was though.

  210. i have to admit, i dont like the idea of a dead character coming back to life.  Im assuming the time jumping will be used to explain the three year gap, since that could easily end the same time the 6 get back to the island. any ideas?


    @hermithomeboy: i think the old lady was the same one talking to desmond about not being able to change time… could be wrong though.

  211. @hxscarecrow: Yep, that’s her.

  212. Are there any concepts the creators could introduce that fans would consider too crazy?  I have difficulties enjoying the show.  Would space-faring cavemen turn you off?

  213. This was fantastic. I’m so excited for the rest of the season. The first ep was BRILLIANT and the second ep was interesting, lots of set-up. Can’t wait for the next fifteen!

  214. Damn it.  I didn’t realize there was a LOST live blog.  Great start to the season.  I really like it when they bookend an episode with scenes that pertain to the mythos and then fill the show up with tasty narrative meat. 

    Anyone care to guess where the time guardian (she needs a name damn it) actually is?  I wonder if the fact that it is in a church is significant.  Remember how Desmond spent time at a monastery where the head of the order had a picture of her on his desk?  Uh?  UH?  Remember that?  I was looking for another sign of the ouroboros but didn’t see one. 

  215. @unclebob

    shhh the space-cavemen are the cliffhanger at the end of this season!

  216. isnt the old lady, the sister of Brother Campbell? the head monk of the monastary where Desmond picked up his "brother" habit?

  217. What websites to you recommend for Lost analysis?

  218. @punkd: I like this one a lot.

  219. @spongebat: Well I’m not sure about sister; but she was in the monk’s picture in his office in that episode.

    So she does have some vague history with Desmond.

  220. Least Interesting Thing About Wednesday’s Results: Lost’s two-hour, fifth-season premiere (11.4 million) was its least watched season premiere yet. In other nonbreaking news, Locke is dead.

    More-Interesting Thing About Wednesday’s Results: Fox’s dirty trick—the one where it gives the great Tim Roth a series and the time slot after Idol, plus three minutes of Idol spillover—didn’t entirely work. Yes, in the 9 p.m. hour, Lie to Me (12.4 million) killed in the 18-49 demo, but Lost won the 18-49 demo with a rating that ABC said was up from its season-four finale. 

    FYI: Lost won the demo at 10 p.m., too. It got beat in total viewers in both hours by the CBS shows, Criminal Minds (13.9 million) and CSI: NY (11.8 million). (At 9 p.m., Lost actually ran third in viewers.)

    Who Seems Less Confused by Lost: Women 25-54. The show scored its best rating with that group, whose members continue to be Idol’s biggest fans, too. Apparently, if you can follow Paula Abdul, you can handle any convoluted storyline.


  221. That’s not a good sign that it only got 11.4 million viewers…..

    Is this going the Heroes route with ratings?

  222. TNC- I don’t think the ratings matter too much, since the show’s set to end next season, anyway.

  223. I know it’s a little late, but there are two great sites about Lost:

    http://www.jayandjack.com <- a podcast that recapes the episodes and points out various details. (Mike Norton approved, I think)

    And then theres is a wikipage that is always up to date http://www.lostpedia.com/wiki/Main_Page