Light Week? Try PROPHET #21, THE TWELVE VOL. 1, and STEED AND MRS. PEEL #1

The stuff of life, or indeed that of your comic shoppe stack would not be so virile as one might often wish. Yet allow us to soothe, to assist, and to salve that wan feeling of the soul, that aimless ache for sustenance and succor. For we shall absolve you of our light week, and make you whole.


Ron says try…

Prophet  #21

By Brandon Graham & Simon Roy

Ever since this was announced at the New York Comic Con, it’s become one of my most hotly anticipated comics of 2012. Kicking off the return of Rob Liefeld’s Extreme characters, Prophet #21 is about extreme as it gets, going across the spectrum of comics creators to writer Brandon Graham, one of the best young talents in comics. You can hear me chat with Graham on Don’t Miss this week, as he expands on the sci-fi approach to Prophet #21. I’ve already read it folks, and it delivers. Simon Roy’s art is dazzling and this first issue is sure to grab you.


Josh says try…

The Twelve, Vol. 1 TP

By J. Michael Stracznski & Chris Weston

Have you ever been on a date, and it seemed like things were going great, and maybe even got a little hot and heavy, and you knew your friends were all talking about how they weren’t sure they liked her, but you knew, and you went for it, and it seemed like things were just right, and you were going to beat the odds, and then all of a sudden…. nothing? It was over. You dropped her off. It was an awkward half hug at best, and you didn’t even know if you’d talk to her again, because there was just something missing? Relive that feeling in comic book form!

Chris Weston is a very fine artist.


Conor says try…

Steed and Mrs. Peel  #1

By Grant Morrison & Ian Gibson

Much like the recent 7 Warriors mini-series drawn by Francis Manapul, BOOM! Studios has been reprinting old comic book work from some of today’s big stars. Take Steed and Mrs. Peel, a reprint of the 1990 mini-series written by some dude named Grant Morrison for Eclipse Comics. I was never really a big fan of The Avengers, the 1960s British TV series, but I’ll give it a go.


  1. I’m looking forward to quite a few of these Extreme titles. I never read them back in the day, but they sound interesting and have some promising creators on the titles.

  2. Steed and Mrs. Peel was actually a 3-issue series. It’s just being reprinted in six. (It was orriginally prestige format).

    It’s quite excellent too so if you’re a fan of the British Avengers TV series, you should definitely get it.

  3. Don’t let JMS get the graphs out for you Mr. Flanagan! 🙂

  4. Prophet looks really cool, I’m definitely trying that book. Image has been releasing some awesome stuff, and the previews of what’s coming out soon look awesome too…definitely getting more of my money, which means the Big 2 get less! Make mine Image and Dark Horse!

  5. @Conor thanks for highlighting that Steed and Ms Peel mini. I never wouldve glanced at it otherwise but now that i know Morrison was behind it, it’s moved to the top of my pulllist!