“Vinnie, don’t put too many comics in the stack.”
“I didn’t put too much comics in, Paul. Three small comics. That’s all I did.”
“Three comics? How many cans of tomatoes you put in there?”
“I put in two cans! Two big cans!”
“You don’t need three comics!”

Josh says try…

Mystery in Space #1

By Mike Allred, Kyle Baker, Andy Diggle, Ann Nocenti, Paul Pope, Robert Rodi, Rebecca Doyle, & many, many more.

Yowsers. Look at that lineup. The book is chock full of crazy space adventures done by the folks up there. Yes, that does say Paul Pope and Mike Allred. Give yourself the treat of wild imaginative short stories, and support DC taking these kinds of chances. You want a difference in comics, this is one of them. Unless you’re too afraid of the mysteries contained therein!

Ron says try…

Deathstroke #9

By Rob Liefeld

Deathstroke. Lobo. Rob Liefeld. Come on, does it get any better than this? Liefeld writes and draws the most deadly assassin in the DC Universe as he takes on the DC Universe’s best bounty hunter? Again, does it get much better than this?

Conor says try…

The Pro (New Printing)

By Garth Ennis, Amanda Connor, & Jimmy Palmiotti

How about an action comedy from writer Garth Ennis and the husband and wife art team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti? Did I mention that it’s about a prostitute with super powers? This 80 page one-shot originally came out 10 years ago but it’s back with a new printing from Image Comics.


  1. I adore these Vertigo one-shots. They collect short stories that would never be otherwise collected. The line up in this is just amazing. Allred, Pope, Baker….just amazing.

    BUT…..You have Avenging Spider-Man with both Kathryn AND Stuart Immonen….Need I say more?

  2. Avatar photo Mickey">Mickey (@GeeksOfChrist) says:

    Mystery in Space without Adam Strange?

    Okay. I guess I can be satisfied with his appearances on Young Justice.

  3. Definitely giving Mystery in Space a shot. Also try out Trio #1, guys.

  4. Speaking of Liefed did Youngblood ever come out yet

  5. Plugging a Rob Liefeld book? I must be on the wrong site.

    • Or you’ve not been paying attention: Ron plugs his books all the time.

    • I guess I haven’t. I should have know Ron loves the 90s judging from his hairstyle.

    • Hey, to each his own. I don’t like Liefield, but a lot of folks apparently love what he does cause he’s still around and on 3 DC comics titles at the moment…

    • I haven’t been paying attn and I know I could easily google this, but if the Deathstroke book still retains the same writer, then its still worth reading despite the art. Deathstroke been pretty good so far.

      But can’t say I look forward to ginormous shoulder pads and guns that look like toys from a dollar store… but as long as the script holds up…

  6. I’ve been hoping for awhile that a reprinting of THE PRO would be released. And now it is, and now I shall buy.

    I’m also loving those Vertigo one-shot anthologies. I’m pretty much loving all anthology series these days. So that is definitely on the pull list.

  7. Dare I ask what the Pro’s emblem on her belt is supposed to represent?

  8. The opening quote is so funny to me because, and this is 100% serious, I woke up this morning remembering that last week, Josh said that GoodFellas quotes make him laugh randomly. To which, after I woke up, I was going to tweet him with, “Go home and get your fucking shinebox.”

  9. I’m in for all three. The one-shots have been awesome, the Pro seems too odd to pass, and I’m only picking up Deathstroke because of Lobo. I’m still hoping they give the ol’ bastich a series of his own. Dreams….hope…frag…

  10. Deathstroke? I mean, yes, I was going to pick it up. But I wasn’t going to tell anyone. But actually recommending it? Not sure about that one….

  11. “Deathstroke. Lobo. Rob Liefeld. Come on, does it get any better than this?”


    • Great response. Perfect in it’s simplicity. I would have made a little longer (four words) response: “god, I hope so”
      But one word really does the job for this one.

  12. I’m on-board for Mystery in Space #1. That lineup is out of this world!

  13. Really? Liefeld? Why?

  14. The Pro is one of my favorite books. Glad to see it back in print.

  15. As I’ve said before, I came for the comics, but I stayed for the Goodfellas references. Also, hell yeah, Mystery in Space.

  16. I’m sold – Mystery & The Pro will be added to my (groaning) shopping list. Dammit, iFanboy!!

  17. when The Avengers cast appeared on the The TODAY show, the aspect of female-centric super hero stories/properties came up and The Pro was mentioned. Could have been by RDJr. My memory is foggy on who said it, but it WAS referenced to much laughter!

  18. The Pro is a scream. I bought it off Amazon a few years ago, and when it arrived it had been signed by Amanda Connor. Nice surprise!

  19. I can’t believe some of you have never read The Pro? What is wrong with you people?

    Best gag in the whole book is the ‘Green Lantern’ like character (I forgot his name) where all his constructs look like they are drawn in crayon.

    Be warned though… if any of you are those squeamish, prudish, or pretentious anti-Ennis types, you’re going to have a bad time.

  20. Deathstroke? Really? This recommendation wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that DC was advertising on your site recently with a site wrap?