Light Week? Try JOE KUBERT PRESENTS #1, LOT 13 #1, or GHOSTS #1!

We hope that you are surviving Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath, wherever you are. If you need something to read to take your mind off things, consider these.


Ron says try…

Joe Kubert Presents #1

By Joe Kubert, Brian Buniak, & Sam Glanzman

I really shouldn’t have to even explain why you should pick up Joe Kubert Presents #1, but you may be new to comics and may not know how much of a legend Joe Kubert was and how important he was to comics, so maybe you don’t know. ┬áIf that’s the case, then you should pick this up and find out why. For the rest of us who know, you shouldn’t need convincing. This one is a no-brainer. Buy it.


Paul says try…

Lot 13 #1

By Steve Niles #1 & Glenn Fabry

Let’s get on the ground floor of a new horror ongoing, shall we? This one sounds like the first season of American Horror Story minus the runaway train wreck aspect. Happy Halloween, folks.


Conor says try…

Ghosts #1

By Geoff Johns, Joe Kubert, Gilbert Hernandez, Paul Pope, Cecil Castellucci, Mary H.K. Choi, Al Ewing, Neil Kleid, Rufus Dayglo, Phil Jimenez, Jeff Lemire, John McCrea, & Amy Reeder

Bwah-wha? An anthology of horror-ish stories from the above names? How the…? What the…? Who wants to take my money so that I can read this?


  1. Where’s Josh?

  2. Bedlam #1 people!!