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Check out this all-new anthology from some of the biggest talents in the industry! Stories spotlight a space heist on a ghost ship, a spirit who wants to play synthesizer in a techno band, a ghost-for-hire haunting agency and others dark, twisted tales.

With stories and art by some of comics’ greatest talents, this special features a cover by Dave Johnson, and a variant cover by Brendan

Written by Geoff Johns, Joe Kubert, Gilbert Hernandez, Paul Pope, Cecil Castellucci, Mary H.K. Choi, Al Ewing, & Neil Kleid
Art by Rufus Dayglo, Gilbert Hernandez, Phil Jimenez, Joe Kubert, Jeff Lemire, John McCrea, & Amy Reeder
Cover by Dave Johnson
Variant Cover by Brendan McCarthy

Price: $7.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. The last few Vertigo anthologies have been mostly a let down but I’ll probably grad this and hope for the best.

  2. Anybody else miss the DC holiday specials? This feels like the closest I’m going to get to a Halloween special.

  3. I was just reading one of the Showcase Presents House of Mystery volumes and thinking what a shame it is that there aren’t more horror anthology comics these days. This is a pleasant surprise. Is it going to be a regular thing or just a one-shot?

    • I don’t see any others in the upcoming Vertigo solicitations, but maybe it’ll be a quarterly thing? Or, like others have said, maybe it’s testing the waters for a reboot of the holiday specials? As a kid I read mostly anthologies of shorter stories, so stuff like this and Dark Horse Presents have a special place in my nerdboy heart.

  4. 7.99! At least take me to dinner first!

  5. Cool cover, but I really loved those old Ghost comics with the Nick Cardy covers.

  6. This was reason enough alone to pick this up:

    From Ghosts #1:

    Last June, I had asked Joe Kubert to write and draw a story for this anthology. He researched, wrote, penciled and lettered it within days of my asking. The boards were waiting on his drawing table (it’s a big table) for an opening in his schedule when he passed away this August.

    Here is his story, all written and very loosely penciled. Joe would’ve gone straight to finished ink art from this stage. He would then have colored it in Photoshop.

    Many thanks to Pete Carlsson, Joe’s longtime assistant and friend, who worked on the scanned pages to achieve the right look for reproduction. Also, our enormous thanks to Adam and Andy Kubert, for letting us share what we know to have been the last story Joe both wrote and illustrated in his 70+ year career.

    “The Boy and the Old Man.” Read into it what you will or read it at face value. Whatever the story means to you, relish this rare treat to see the work of a master at first blush.

    – Karen Berger

    • I dug the Kubert piece, I just wish they had not put the lettering boxes/text over his penciled lettering. I would have loved for it to be left entirely as it was.

    • I felt the exact same way. I think that the Kubert story alone would have made this book my POTW had they left his original lettering in.

    • I don’t think we would have been able to have read the original lettering very well.

    • @Conor, I don’t disagree there but it was legible and I would have gladly worked at it to keep the look and feel of it which was the whole point of including it. Hell, wordless, it would have been just as powerful in pencil and conveyed the spirit (heh, see what I did there 😉

  7. After having read the whole thing, it is entirely terrible. This isn’t worth $3.99. It may be too late but hopefully I can save a few people the wasted funds.

    • Yeah I agree. I basically paid 8 bucks for a Lemire story because I was not too big on the others.

    • That’s why I’m glad I passed on this. Out of the 9 stories, I’m guessing I might have liked 3, and that just wouldn’t be worth the cash. Anthology books are tough – I would love to read one where I enjoyed the entire book, but that has never even come close to happening.

    • I would have bought it, personally, for Kubert alone. Lemire is hit or miss with me but I like to support his work too. The reason I was a bit harsh in my comment above is because I will never understand why anyone does one of these short stories if they truly don’t have a voice and are bringing something interesting, creative, fun, or fresh and that is what I mostly found here a complete lack of those things. You have say 3-6 pages to tell a quick tale, if you can’t then pass entirely and give someone with a real voice a chance to.

  8. Yeah, I had hopes for this, but I really liked 3 stories in this. I did not find a lot of buzz about this book before hand, but wished for the best. I would have much voted with my dollars on something else.

  9. Three out of five stars for me; the quality of the stories was pretty uneven, but a few were excellent, which made it worth it (Kubert, Pope/Lapham, Hernandez). I’ll try it again next time.

    • I’ll be interested to see how many pulls this gets on the next go around. I’m guessing there will be a big drop off. The current issue of Dark Horse Presents is pulling only fifty-something–and most issues of DHP, so far, have been better than Ghosts #1.

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