• Don’t miss the start of this far-ranging collection of stories from comics legend Joe Kubert and other great talents! This debut issue includes:

• Joe Kubert writes and illustrates two stories: A new Hawkman epic, and a tale of hard times called “Spit.”

• A tale of Angel and The Ape from writer/artist Brian Buniak.

• Plus: Writer/artist Sam Glanzman returns to comics with a new tale of the U.S.S. Stevens!

Written by Joe Kubert, Brian Buniak, & Sam Glanzman
Illustrated by Joe Kubert, Brian Buniak, & Sam Glanzman
Cover by Joe Kubert

Price: $4.99
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  1. Does anyone know how much of this series Kubert finished before his death? I’d like to pick it up, but budget is a major factor . . .

    • I believe there are 6 issues total, and I didn’t hear anything about his passing affecting the series, so he may have finished it all. I could be wrong though.

    • Worse case is they reprint some of his old DC work for the lead, hopefully he finished ‘Spit’, if not it would be interesting to see his sons finish it.

  2. The number of pulls for this book shocks me. It’s a comic for comic fans, go get it!

    • I agree, as a comic reader for almost 50 years, this is some great stuff, Hawkman, Spit and USS Stevens were incredible. I even enjoyed The Angel and the Ape. Worth the $4.99.

    • I have no idea who Buniak or Glanzman are, and while of course I know who Joe Kubert is, most of his work is from before my time, and I’m in my late 30s. I flipped through this, and it just wasn’t for me, even though I very much appreciate all that Joe Kubert did for the industry.

    • I hope the TPB has high numbers. My friendly shop keep at the LCS, who is also the biggest comic guy I know, is trade waiting this one. I’m giving him this review and my copy to get him on board. I can’t wait for #2. This is the kind of comic that makes me love/hate comics. Having to wait is the hate part but it just makes the love part that much better when you close the book and know you can’t wait for more. Considering this is probably the last Joe Kubert we’ll ever get in a monthly format, I know I’d rather get that monthly fix 5 more times.

  3. This was a good book, and it’s great to see people like Kubert and Glanzman working their craft throughout their entire lives. There were a few things that made me wince a little that some might consider to be a little sexist or racist, and some of it is a little bit cheesy. But all in all I’m glad I took a chance on this.

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