Kieron Gillen Takes Over Uncanny X-Men

First of all: called it! Not that it took a rocket scientist.  Hey, speaking of Breakworld…

Now that he's proven his mettle on Thor and Generation Hope, as well as co-writer of Uncanny X-Men, the brass at Marvel have seen fit to bestow upon him the legendary Claremont Mantle (at least, that's what I assume they call it), and made him the sole writer on the flagship mutant book.  Starting with Uncanny X-Men #534.1 next month, Gillen will build out his corner of the X world, and give a larger audience the joy that so many found in S.W.O.R.D.

Says Gillen in a press release, "When I joined Matt [Fraction] on Uncanny, I believe I said I couldn't be any more excited. I've been proved a shameful liar.” explains Gillen. “I'm even more excited now. When I look at what we've got planned, and knowing that I'm going to be writing it, I just lean back in my chair and cackle until my fiancée starts worrying about me."

Well, we already knew he was a liar, so I guess there's no real news here.  Prior Uncanny writer, Matt Fraction will undoubtedly be concentrating on Fear Itself and The Mighty Thor.

For those of us who have know Kieron since his days of unknown Image books like Phonogram, we can only say, "You owe us Kieron, and we aim to collect. Recognize!"

Finally, let's take a look back at one of our many conversations with Gillen and his partner/nemesis Jamie McKelvie this past summer in San Diego. You can find Gillen and McKelvie at 9:07.



  1. I haven’t read an X-book other than X-Factor in ages. Would a body be completely lost jumping in now? On just Uncanny?

  2. Hopefully this gets me reading Uncanny again. Also might have to check out Sword. I’m really enjoy Gen Hope. His Thor was ok.

  3. FINALLY, so sick of having to constantly drop Uncanny cause Fraction. Now hopefully this will be a readable run, didn’t enjoy S.W.O.R.D at all – but love Phonogram, and his Thor run was pretty good considering he was having to deal with the event fallout

  4. Generation hope has been better than expected thus far,  I am one of the few whos enjoyed Fractions run on uncanny so I hope Gillen can at least continue the quality if not improve upon it.

  5. I actually enjoyed Fractions run too but I hope this will prove to be a nice change of pace. 

  6. I don’t really mean to bash on a guy,but I actually thought I was the only person who did not like Fractions Uncanny. He’s a tolerable writer as far as I’m concerned, especially his stuff with Iron Fist, but the only reason I stuck on Uncanny X-men is because it’s the book I started reading comics again with and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Uncanny has been near unbearable for the last few months. Then again Greg Land helps in no way.

  7. Please god, let mckelvie draw a few issues. That would totally make up for YEARS of Greg Land

  8. @flakbait, just do what the ifanboys preach, if you’re interested just jump on. I did that with Detective Comics recently and I’m glad I did. If you’ve read x-books in the past you shouldn’t have too much trouble. 

  9. Just did a happy dance, twice! I though his Thor stuff was astounding and obviously I’m a huge Phonogram fan.

  10. After having read Uncanny since issue #97 I dropped the book after ‘Messiah Complex.’ It was a flat-out mess. I would not be opposed to returning to it but things need to get streamlined and alternate timelines and days of future past need to just stop. The Byrne story happened years ago, people, get over it and craft some original stuff. God, i wish they’d kill off Cable and Bishop. I wouldn’t actively resist returning to it but Gillen’s got to clean that shit up. 

  11. This is great news! I feel that this title has been stagnating since 500, and Gillen’s direction is just what this series needs. It can’t come soon enough.

  12. Great news!  I don’t know that I’ve ever read any of Gillen’s stuff, but change is welcome.  Fraction’s run for me was 90% unsuccessful and I couldn’t be happier that he’s off the book. 

  13. Fraction’s run has been all over the place for me, and the promise of quality delivered in the Return of Kitty issue has never been lived up to. Gillen is a writer who I think is pretty good, but I’ve only read his “batting clean up” work. I really didn’t enjoy Phonogram either (well, the writing, the art was great.) So I have mixed feelings about this.  

  14. I think this is a welcome change.

  15. Awesome. Fraction is really hit or miss. Second Coming was good but Uncannys been pretty weak.

  16. Hmm.  I loved SWORD but the first couple issues of Generation Hope didn’t grab me.  The art on Uncanny has often kept me away but I see his first arc is by Dodson so I may give it a shot.

  17. Uncanny is extremely good these last few storylines and Generation Hope is still impressing me if your not reading either you must grab one and the great thing with X books at the minute is you only have to pick up one title to get the story!!!

  18. @Maceface  Umm *spoiler-ish*

    I think they pretty much did kill off Cable and Bishop

  19. Dang. Gillen is BLOWING UP over at Marvel. Super excited for him to get a hold of Uncanny. Been really enjoying Generation Hope. Hopefully, we’ll see another creator owned book from him before too long, though.

  20. I have been so-so on Generation Hope so far, but that is mainly a result of the characters being so blah and uninteresting. I don’t think Gillen created most of those ‘Lights’, so I give him a pass on that for now. Loved his Thor, love loved his SWORD. Of all the Fraction stuff I have read in recent years, his Uncanny stuff was consistently the worst. He just didn’t seem to get the characters. So I am pumped for a Gilen takeover.

    @Maceface And it is no spoiler — they killed off Cable and put Bishop in a hellish future he could not return from. Of course there are loopholes to bring them back. Hell, they will bring back Nightcrawler and he had an arm through his chest. But they are as gone as anything in comic books.

  21. Man…I just dropped Uncanny, X-Men, X-Men Legacy, and X-Factor.  Do I need to pick this one back up?  Is he that good?  I haven’t read Generation Hope, any of the Phonogram series’, or SWORD.

  22. Phonogram is pretty fun if you like indie nights at the local disco. Generation Hope is pretty middling, the characters are snoozeified. I just read X-Force now and back issues of Jeff Parker’s X-Men: First Class which is what I wish X-Men comics were like. It also gives Iceman a personality.

  23. No big surprise, akthough I’m curious about who’ll do the art.  I like Fraction, but this run hasn’t been his best work.  I kind of think the team book slowed down his storytelling method, he felt too dutybound to give everyone an equal share of the spotlight.  Gillen’s a good writer, but I wonder if he might be too off-kilter for such a major book.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see originality, but it might not be embraced by the masses who buy such a popular book.  Time will tell, i suppose. 

  24. If Fraction was trying to give everyone an equal share of the spotlight, he failed. The book was mainly the Emma and Cyclops show. Most other attempts at characterization clunked pretty hard for me. I do think Fraction sprawling, almost sedate storytelling style is not well suited to a team book. You need someone who can juggle multiple storylines at a manic pace. SWORD was like that for its teeny tiny tenure. I am optimistic, but would like to see some new blood brought in on art as well.

  25. Glad to hear there’s going to be a creative change.  Much needed.  Any word on an artist?  I’d like to get rid of Land & Portacio.  I would ask for Coipel, but I know he’s doing the new Thor book.  

    I’ve been loving David Lopez’s work on Hawkeye/Mockingbird & Widowmaker.  Let’s bring him over to Uncanny! 

  26. (Secretly wishes he was doing more indie work).

    Anyway, I probably won’t read this, but I look forward to his Loki book. I would like if he got to work with better artists though…

  27. Land could stay or go, wouldn’t mind either way (GASP).  but, I really hope the Dodsons stay on for a while longer.
    @flakbait- I’m sure the recap page would suit you fine for jumping on the next issue.  the current arc’s plot isn’t too complicated.  but if you want to wait until the 534.1 issue written solely by Gillen, that would probably be a great jumping on point, assuming the whole point one initiative suits its purpose here. 

  28. this is great news! been fun watching his rise, i used to read his writing in various music magazines years ago!

  29. I’m all for a writing change. Now let’s get new artists and we’re on our way.

  30. So we’re seriously still having Land and Dodson as artists? If that’s the case then I’m already out.

    Don’t get me wrong. Seeing a change in writers for this title is a god send. I haven’t read an issue of Uncanny in a long, long, long time. Not sure if Gillen is the right man for the job. But good for him for getting the spot and hopefully he writes a good book. But if Land/Dodson are still going to be artist then I can’t possibly pick this up. Marvel needs to get actual good artists on this book. 

  31. Great day, now I can read this book again.

  32. As long as Land and Dodson are off as well then I’ll be very happy. Beyond that I didn’t completely dislike Fraction’s run, only the art.

  33. Also, a bit ballsy on Gillen’s part for his first full run to be a semi-sequel to Whedon’s last arc in Astonishing X-Men.

    Still seems that Dodson/Land are going to be the artist on the book for the time being. Although Chris Pacheco is doing the .1 issue in the same month. Why he wasn’t asked to do the ongoing is a bit of a mystery. 

  34. @TheNextChampion  To be fair, that’s the last time the book was really great.

  35. In case anyone hasn’t been paying attention, Uncanny X-Men #534.1 is intended to be a perfect jumping on issue.

    I’ve enjoyed Fraction’s run, I expect to enjoy Gillen as much if not more.