July 2009 May Have Been The Best Month in Comics…Ever

I’ll be honest with you, the past few months haven’t had me excited about comics.  Sure, I got my books every week and there was some cool stuff to read, but after the winter cons in New York and San Francisco, I didn’t really have an excited feeling about comics.  A lot of conversations were had about how it’s more of the same old, same old and how there wasn’t anything really amazing in the world of comics.

And then July happened and not only was there things to talk about, but comics completely blew my mind.  

I’ve made the comment publicly that there were several books that were released in July that made me feel like I had never read comics before.  I don’t think that’s ever happened to me in 20 years of reading comics once, much less several times, as it did in July.  As I sit here in the first week of August, I simply cannot stop talking about comics and graphic novels and it’s all because of books released in the past 30 days or so.  I thought I’d take some time today to share with you

From Out of Nowhere: DC Comics!

I’ve been pretty hard on DC Comics for the past year or so, and if we’re honest about it, rightfully so.  Coming out of the 52 event a couple of years ago, DC Comics have been all over the map with inconsistent quality on titles and a general lack of focus in the line.  But slowly over this year, it seems as if they’ve been getting things in order.  I’m not a Batman or Superman reader, but it’s hard to ignore everyone talking about how great those books are.  And I’m a total Geoff Johns devotee, enjoying how he’s quietly been doing his thing on Justice Society of America and Green Lantern.  But then, in July 2009, it seems as if everything hit at once and made DC Comics awesome again.

The first sign of this came in late June, June 24th to be specific, with the release of Detective Comics #864 by Greg Rucka and J.H. Willliams III.  Now, I’ve heard rumors and stories of this work by Rucka and Williams for years now and it almost got to the point where I didn’t think this work would ever see the light of day.  But DC finally got it on the schedule and released the first issue of this arc focusing on Batwoman, originally introduced in the pages of 52 all those years ago.  Like I said, I’m not a Bat-fan, but from what I heard, this book would have to be checked out.  And it literally blew my mind.  I don’t mean to diminish the work of Rucka, who is one of the best in the business, but for me, this issue was all about J.H. Williams III.  We raved about it on the podcast already, but this was the first moment where I had to sit back and say, “wow!”  If this was a comic book, then I have no idea what I’ve been reading for the past few years.  All other comics are children’s doodles compared to the art in this book.  And then last week when Detective Comics #855 came out, it just proved that it’s not a flash in the pan. This story by Rucka and Williams is going to go down in history as one of the greatest.

Then in early July, I was treated to wonderful surprise of Wednesday Comics #1, which was my Pick of the Week for July 8th.  I won’t repeat what I said in that review, but as we’re a month into the Wednesday Comics experience, I have to say I don’t think I’ve had a more enjoyable or gratifying experience than getting Wednesday Comics every week and reading it.  The huge pages, the amazing creators and the fun stories make for a comics event that I can get behind.  

And finally, the event we’ve all been waiting for, Blackest Night #1 by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis.  As of today it has over 1100 pulls in the iFanboy comics section and that week 92% of the iFanbase made it their pick of the week.  That’s insane and totally deserved.  This is the climax of years of build up by Johns in the Green Lantern world and he’s absolutely delivering the goods.  The book was great and all the supporting books are equally as good, showing everyone that an event can be done and done well.  But I think the best thing about Blackest Night was seeing it in action in San Diego.  To see so much artwork in DC Comics booth (huge Green Lantern banner, a wall of Black Lanterns) and to see nearly everyone wearing a t-shirt from their favorite Lantern corps or the huge lines to buy a Hal Jordan Blue Lantern action figure was amazing.  In the past few years at San Diego, I don’t think we’ve ever seen such a fervor over one character or one comic book that completely dominated the con-goers in the way Green Lantern and Blackest Night has.  

Graphic Novels Reign Supreme

For nearly a decade now, the argument between “Graphic Novels” and “monthlies” has been waged as many people see comics the way we know them to be a dying breed and the graphic novel as the future of the medium.  There have been some amazing graphic novels over the years, but finally in July 2009, I really felt the earth shift towards the graphic novel as some amazing books were released that are going to help to define the medium moving forward.

Coming off of his success with the Essex County Trilogy, creator Jeff Lemire released The Nobody on July 8th, published by Vertigo/DC Comics.  A self contained graphic novel hardcover, The Nobody‘s cover stares out at you from that bandage wrapped face, daring you to pick it up and read it.  I couldn’t resist and bought it the day it came out and dove right in.  Lemire is going to be one of comics shining stars soon, and it was great to see this first work for Vertigo keep the same sensibility of his Essex County work, but also show an evolution as a more mature story teller.  Simply put, this tale of an Invisible Man grabbed me, just as Essex County had, on an emotional level that few comics do.  The combination of Lemire’s personal and touching stories with his vulnerable art creates a mix that only can be done in comics, and only by talented creators like Lemire.

The same week as the The Nobody came out, another graphic novel was released by Pantheon that I think is going to be a moment in time, long remembered.  Comics art great Dave Mazzucchelli, who is most popularly known for his artwork on Batman: Year One, very quietly came out of J.D. Salinger like hiding and released his graphic novel, Asterios Polyp. After it was released, a wave of praise spread throughout the comics industry.  For weeks there were posts on Twitter along the lines of “Just read Asterios Polyp…wow” and a topic of conversation that was had by many of us started with, “Have you read Mazzucchelli’s new book?”  Now, I’m not going to delve into details with Asterios Polyp as we’ve got some plans for reviewing and discussing this book in the next few weeks but I for the purpose of this article, I can’t ignore it and need to make the following statement:

Asterios Polyp is one of the greatest Graphic Novels I’ve ever read.

Completely different than anything currently published today and about as far away from what I expected of it, Asterios Polyp was an amazing surprise.  At one point in the book, I had to stop reading, put the book down and walk into the other room because my mind was blown in such a manner that I needed a time out to ingest what I had just read.  I’m almost at a loss for words to describe it even now.  While it definitely more on the alternative comics side of the spectrum, and about as far away from super hero comics as you can get, Asterios Polyp stands out as an amazing piece of work where the art and the story work together in such a way that can only be done in comic form.  It’s the kind of book that makes me want to run through the streets, handing out copies to people to read and reminds me of how I felt the first time I read such amazing works of literature like those by Ayn Rand and Jack Kerouac.  A touching, personal story that is just a wonder to look upon.  And it’s completely not hyperbole when I say I really think the world is a better place with Asterios Polyp in existence.

At this point, I would think that my mind couldn’t be blown anymore than it already has, but then on July 22, I got my hands on Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter by Darwyn Cooke.  Now we’ve raved and praised Cooke in the past for his work on DC: The New Frontier and ever since he ended his run on The Spirit and has been away working on Parker, there has been a void left by the lack of work from Cooke.  But man, was the wait worth it.  Conor pretty much accurately captured the virtues of the book in his Book of the Month review, but I have to say that what Cooke was able to do with this graphic novel was beyond anything I could have ever expected.  The mix of art and story was done in such a way that I don’t even think saying this is a Graphic Novel does the book justice, it’s almost as we need a new word to define what Cooke was able to do with Parker, and what Mazzucchelli has done with Asterios Polyp.  These two creators have made books that need to be read and appreciated not just by the limited thousands of us frequenting local comic shops every week, but by the masses.  

Innovation in Comics

In addition to all of this, July is really when I looked around and realized how much of a lurching forward comics has made.  I look to one side and I see a bunch of iPhone apps for reading comics being released to great acclaim and news of comics on devices like the Amazon Kindle and the discussion of digital comics continuing with the promise of it becoming a reality very soon .  I look to another side and I see monthly comics thriving, with titles like Chew from Image Comics (this week’s Pick of the Week) bursting onto the scene, virtually out of nowhere and making people excited about a new monthly ongoing comic title, enough so that they’d be willing to pay ridiculous amounts on eBay for issue #1.  I don’t know if I’d call it a moment of clarity or an epiphany, but in the face of the economic realities of the world and the comic book industry in specific, I think it’s safe to say that comics can and will have a future and I cannot wait to see how it turns out, because with the way things are going, comics may be interesting right now, but it’s going to get a ton more interesting in the future.

And What of Marvel?

I wish that, from a fan standpoint, that I could have included my favorite publisher, Marvel Comics here, but aside from their somewhat vaporware announcement of the acquisition of the rights to Marvelman at the San Diego Comic-Con, it’s been business as usual at the House of Ideas.  If anything would be considered for “mind blowing status” from Marvel, I would guess they would submit Captain America: Reborn, but unfortunately that’s been a bit of a fizzle, hardly blowing my mind, or anyone’s for that matter.  That’s not to say that Marvel books are bad.  Quite the opposite as the majority of comics I buy are Marvel and they’re all quite good.  It’s just that they’re quite good in that dependable, “more of the same” kind of way.  Factor in the fact that the books worth talking about seem to get canceled (*cough* Captain Britain *cough*), I’m left with the most exciting thing for me at Marvel being X-Men Forever.  I can only hope that Marvel has taken notice of the tide changing in July and will be responsible for blowing my mind sometime soon.  If anyone can do it, Marvel can and I look forward to what they come up with.  

How Do We Go On From Here?

As you can tell, July was a fantastic month for me personally in terms of having my mind blown repeatedly by comics and graphic novels.  It truly is a great time to be a fan of visual storytelling and to have such greatness available to us from so many different creators and publishers.  But a small part of me wonders, where can we go from here?  As I got home from San Diego and got back to my regular routine and have gotten a couple weeks worth of comics, it’s been a hard adjustment.  Sure I love my weekly comics, but after reading New Avengers or Justice League of America, it’s hard to not wonder, “This is it?”  The bar of quality and my level of expectation is way higher now, and not that I expect to have my mind blown in August or September like it was in July, but the world has changed and we can’t ignore it.

It’s not often that we get treated to best of the world of comics in such a small period of time, and I for one am going to bask in the glory of comics today, tomorrow and the future. It truly is a great time to be a fan of comics. 

Now go get Asterios Polyp and Parker! They’ll change your life and how you look at comics forever. Trust me.


  1. July, July, July never seemed so strange.

  2. Seriously Ron, my reading list can’t get any longer!  I already have a TON of books from San Diego that I’m still trying to get through.  Now I feel the need to stop at my LCS and get Asterios Polyp today. Thanks.

  3. Alright, I’ll put them in the queue for stuff I will own soon.

  4. Ron, kudos on the analysis, spot on. I hate to sound like a total fanboy (and yes, the irony of saying this on this site is not lost on me), but the biggest asset DC has on its side is Mr. Geoff Johns. His Green Lantern is a contemporary comics classic, and I’m eager to read his Flash ongoing (given the delay – heh – to reach Brazil). Now, I’ll stop gushing. 😉

  5. thanks to Around Comics, I can never read Aterios Polyp…

  6. AAAaaarggggh!!!
    I was totally on the fence in regards to ASTERIOS and PARKER but now, after this fantastic article, I am left with no choice but to PICK THEM UP SOON!!!
    And for that, I THANK YOU, RON! 😀
    Seriously thanks for the great article, couldn’t agree more with you about the other stuff too

  7. Thanks for the positive article.  I’m feeling the love.  Perhaps Kirkman’s hug deserves credit?

  8. a hug from Kirkman sure doesn’t hurt…

  9. This was, indeed, a strong month.  My wallet hates.  I shall make it hate me more with this Asterios Polyp book I’ve heard so much about.  Sounds awesome.

  10. I’m with you 100% on this. I’ve had the (somewhat rare experience at this point…) pleasure of sitting down in the morning with a cup of coffee to read a few pages of a graphic novel before going off to run errands, and just sat and burned through the whole book, totally unable to put it down. That happened a LOT in July. I would add the 2nd Mouse Guard HC to the list as well, it was far superior to the first. Thanks July!

  11. @NaveenM:  I feel your pain, dude. I’m trying to get ahold of so much stuff right now.  I need to get caught up on Scalped, Astro City: Dark Ages, Green Lantern, Walking Dead, Invincible, Chew, Sleeper, etc.  These people got to stop making so many damn recommendations!!  I’m going broke here!!  I haven’t bought myself a new PS3 game since Red Faction came out since I’ve been buying so many damn comics!!

    @msarsur:  I’m sure you’ll argue that Geoff Johns is the number one guy at DC, but my opinion is that Grant Morrison is the one.  Both Blackest Night and Batman & Robin are very good so I don’t know which one to nominate as the best, but you can’t forget about Morrison, man!  Greg Rucka is doing a damn fine job with Action & Detective too

  12. I haven’t even touched the DC stuff(I honestly know very little besides the basics about most DC characters besides Batman, Doh!) and I think July was great.


    Just bought Asterios Polyp, The Hunter, and The Nobody on Amazon. Fuck I am going broke quick. 

  13. Damn fine article sir!  Its always great to read a love letter to the comics industry.  July certainly was an incredible month, and I didn’t really stop to think about it until reading this article.

    Let’s hope every month is a July!!

  14. @robbydzwonar: I agree that Morrison should receive credit for the great books he does, especially his material on Batman (I’m eager to read it, but have to wait almost a year for it… In Brazil, Batman RIP just started, and I’d rather buy the TPB through Amazon); but Final Crisis wasn’t a high point for me (Due to the reviews, I’m skipping it altogether except for DC Universe 0, which had a nice Blackest Night teaser). I love Morrison’s JLA, and I wish more of his works could be just like that: comprehensible to casual DC readers and Marvel Zombies, such as myself. 

  15. It certainly was a great month. It really does prove why there should be different formats and publication schedules since they both totally justify their existence.

    I woudn’t want to see Parker, The Nobody or Asterios Polyp as a monthly comic.They were not made for that. Likewise the serialized series work great as monthlies and Wednesday comics is a nice weekly.

    Comics I love your variety.

  16. Great Article…Will definetly put these books on my to-do list.

  17. Everyone on all the different podcast have been raving about Asterios Polp and I had no plans to pick it up.  Damn it Ron!!!! You and Blair Butler’s recommendations, I will probably buy this now.

  18. This is exactly why I love this site. So much passion. It’s always obvious to me that you guys are head over heels about the medium and it’s hard not to get as excited as you do when I read your articles. Thanks for turning me on to Phonogram, Ron. What an amazing series.

  19. I was looking through Asterios Polyp in the shop yesterday and the pages all looked familiar to me and just realized why. The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) in New York had a David Mazzucchelli special exhibit with pages from the book as part of the display. The exhibit runs until August 23, so if you’re in the New York area you still have time to check it out.

  20. I agree with everything in the article, but I want to defend Marvel a bit.

    Dark Reign: The Dark Reign tie-ins have been very good (not all of them, but the majority). They have strong talent on these minis and they flush out the Dark Reign status quo really well. With the exception of Norman Osborne and the Hood getting their asses kicked far too often, these are some fun comics. If Dark Reign were to start to take more risks by locking up heroes or killing heroes (and ending series), we could have something even more fun.

    Agents of Atlas is a well-crafted and fun comic. If you were reading Exiles and not Agents of Atlas, give it a chance when Exiles ends at issue #6.

    Invincible Iron Man Most Wanted storyline. Excellent work by Fraction. See the ifanbase under this comic for more gushing.

    Avengers Initiative: This is a book I’ve almost dropped in issue to switch to trade on twice (during status quo transitions), but the book keeps impressing me on a monthly basis so I stick with the issues. It focuses on a big cast of characters that I had no knowledge of but have come to really like.

    Amazing Spider-Man: Let’s not forget this thrice monthly super hero soap opera romp. In fact, if you like ASM, then you might want to check out Avengers Initiative for the same reasons. Fun. 

  21. Funny how a week ago, IFanboy was practically in tears of joy of how "Awesome" Marvel Man was, and now that he’s actually here, they’re like "Meh."  It was the most exciting news of the con.

    Even Ron saying how he knows Marvel can blow his mind soon seems unconvincing.  He’s been complaining about the best things at Marvel for years now, despite it being great.  Maybe it’s just the podcast forum that his him complain happy?

  22. I was at Barnes & Noble a couple days ago and saw The Hunter in the GN section. When I saw Cooke’s name I almost picked it up, but I didn’t remember hearing about the book so I actually bought what I had come in for (B&N gift card, if anyone is wondering why I was buying GN’s there in the first place).

    Now I feel like I need to go back in time.

  23. Ok, this article has convinced me.  Mr. Richards, it is now apparent, nay, nessiccary, that you write more articles here.

  24. Are those links to the ifanboy amazon store?

  25. Love Wednesday Comics and Detective.  Blackest Night is good but nothing incredible.

    I agree that Captain America doesn’t hit the mark.  I quit after two issues.

    Millar’s FF run has been astounding.  I may be the only one of that opinion, however.  It’s a shame how Dark Reign has bogged down the entire Marvel line. 

  26. @Gabe: Yep.

  27. Also, Ron needs to write more 🙂

  28. Oh, I’d like to say War of Kings/Guardians of the Galaxy succeeds despite the fact that Vulcan is 1000x more annoying than the Sentry.

  29. Well written, Ron.  But, see, now I’ve got to go out and find a copy of ASTERIOS POLYP and THE HUNTER.  I just can’t wait until my library gets them!  I must read them now!

  30. I agree Millar’s FF was astounding.  Just wish he would have finished it!

  31. I started getting into comics towards the end of June and let me tell you that was an AMAZING time to start. I am so addicted now I have found myself at my LCS almost every day it’s open just wandering around looking for something new to read. Thank you iFanboy for introducing me to this wonderful world and helping me to plant me feet well.

  32. Hunter, Asterios? AAAH! goddamn you richards!


    Also, I have just flipped through my copy, but The Nobody looks awesome.

  33. I think we’re gonna look back at June-July at the end of the year and really think to ourselves:

    This is where DC leap frogged Marvel as the top publisher.

    Maybe we won’t see it in terms of sales figures but in terms of quality it’s like DC publishes a good 2 to 1 ratio in terms of good comics. Sure the end of Dark Reign is upon us and maybe next year Marvel will actually try and tell a story and not force a universe spanning take over as a plot point for all of it’s books. But as of right now DC is besting Marvel in almost every single way, except for Cosmic storylines. They are still at a standstill with that.

    Great article Ron.

  34. Definitely forgot about Marvel Cosmic.


    Guardians of the Galaxy

    War of Kings

  35. @Next Champ – "This is where DC leap frogged Marvel as the top publisher."

    Oh sure, if the only criteria for that is your opinion.  Until they can top Marvel in a significant way, such as with sales, they haven’t topped Marvel by a longshot.

  36. @Kickass: I stated originally that for sales, yes Marvel will clearly win.

    But in terms of quality and originality then DC is totally destroying the company at this moment.

  37. Yeah, currently I’m not pulling any Marvel U books with regularity. 

  38. Though I’d like to be. I just like to jump on from #1’s and they haven’t caught my interest with any recently or they were $4.

  39. A few follow ups based on your comments:

    Like I said, I love Marvel and I read a TON of books, and think that Dark Reign and the War of Kings and other stuff has been good, it hasn’t been great – as in game changing great – maybe there’s value in the amount of goodness there, but for the month of July, not a single Marvel book stuck out to me like the ones above.

    Regarding Marvelman (or Miracle Man) – the Moore/Gaiman stuff is fantastic – maybe if Marvel had announced they were reprinting the Omnibus and had it at the con, or they announced that Gaiman and Buckingham would be finishing the story and when the first issue woudl be out, then I would be more excited.  But all they had was one pin up by Quesada.  Too many announcements at SD have ended in vapoware for me to get excited by that…


  40. Other then Marvelman and end of Dark Reign; NOTHING newsworthy came out for Marvel at SDCC. It was everything we have heard of already or leaked out. Then again DC didn’t say much either at the con.

  41. These days cons usually aren’t places for big breaking news.

  42. @conor: Someone doesnt remember last years SDCC. There was breaking news almost every hours from what I remember.

    TV/Film took over that thing even more so. I wouldnt be surprised if next year Comics is barely even covered.

  43. Meaning from an overall national perspective with my last post. Not from you guys, you’ll always cover comics.

  44. "These days"

  45. I loved this article Ron, thank you.

    The graphic novel section in particular got me excited. Conor’s book of the month review already had me about to buy Parker, but then the other two sound so good too. I wish I hadn’t just ordered my trades for the week. Maybe I’ll order a second batch.

    I remember you guys saying eons ago on the video show [Another Five?] when you were talking about Batman Year One, that you don’t think Mazzuccelli is working in comics anymore. It amuzes me to think of him quietly working his ass off, cackling at your comment. "They suspect nothing!"

  46. Great article Ron, and I completely agree! Not only did July offer great books week to week, but then out of nowhere I see the releases incoming of both Asterios Polyp a new work from David Mazzuccelli that immediately got bought from Amazon as soon as it was released, as well as Parker, a new one from Darwynn Cooke who is one of my industry faves as well. Also bought on Amazon almost instantly. And ironically enough, the two graphic novels I read back to back ended up being by far the best books I’d read all year, but some of the best books I’ve read. Period.

    July was great, but my wallet, and the dedicated student inside me looking to not flunk out is hoping that things begin to settle down as the summer comes to a close, and thankfully it looks like it will.

  47. Ron, great article.

     OK.  I might get in trouble for this one.  Though I completely agree that on a technical level–in terms of innovation inside the form of comics–Asterios Polyp was astoundingly good, bordering on genius; on an emotional, storytelling level I was kind of disappointed.  The plot, when boiled down, is that old cliche of a city guy having a mid-life crisis and finding his soul by talking to quirky rural folk.  I mean, that’s the plot of Doc Hollywood. The philosophical musings presented throughout the book were not as well weaved into the plot as say the literary contemplations in Bechdel’s Fun Home, and some of them came off more as something you’d hear in a new age seminar than in a work of genuine literature.  Still, the ambition of the project and the thrilling cartooning marked this as one of the great reads of the year, and I can’t really argue with people who loved the book–just not sure I loved it.

  48. Good article. I really loved the Essex Trilogy, seeing as I live in Windsor/Essex county I can touch on some of the things being written about. My local shop didn’t have "The Nobody", I told my LCS jockey about it and he was mortified that it managed to slip by him since he was a big supporter of Lemire. So he’s got my copy coming and a bunch to put next to his Essex Trilogy books he keeps stocked up on 🙂

  49. july totally was the best month of comics. it was so good and i just loved it. august started out good too though =)

  50. I’ll grant that Blackest Night and Detective Comics are awesome, but Wednesday comics isn’t anything special and JSA is flat-out boring.

    DC’s got *some* good books, but Marvel honestly has more. 



  51. Heh, I was reading back over the comments in this article and it just made me start to go back to joyously thinking


     Seriously, I know this is cliche, but getting excited about all the stuff mentioned here just makes me want to go out and scream that to people with an enormous smile on my face and then plop a copy of a book like "I KILL GIANTS" or "AMERICAN-BORN CHINESE" or "ASTERIOS" or "PARKER" or something similarly good in their hands and talk to them later to see how they’re minds’ve been blown.

    Cliche, I know, but I’m just glad to be part of a community like this where I know I’m not the only person to feel like this from time to time (or maybe even all the time! lol)

      I JUST got back from snatching up my own copies of PARKER and ASTERIOS and can’t wait to actually getting around to reading them; thanks again for an awesome article Ron!

  52. Not cliche and not embarrassing.  That’s the reason we do this site.  Let the flag fly.

  53. Ron: "Like I said, I love Marvel and I read a TON of books, and think that Dark Reign and the War of Kings and other stuff has been good, it hasn’t been great – as in game changing great – maybe there’s value in the amount of goodness there, but for the month of July, not a single Marvel book stuck out to me like the ones above"

    Hello!!  Not even X-Men Forever?!?!?!

  54. Man thanks Josh, I really appreciate that a lot 😀

    That’s why this is my favorite site; seriously, you guys kick ass, and I’ve got a lot of friends who’ve actually begun making the trek with me to my LCS based not only on the strength of them kinda getting the curious itch to check out where I get all the stuff I read that piques their interest, but also in great part based on having listened to the recommendations you guys’ve made via either books of the month articles or even POW and special edition video podcasts that I’ve gotten them to check out.

     So now my only question is, are we ever gonna get an official "iFanboy Flag of Awesomeness"?!?

    ‘Cause that would be totally flipping awesome l:D



  55. Ron, are you okay? I’ve never heard of anyone bouncing back so quickly after having their mind literally blown seven times.

    I mock because I love (and because everything I said was so damn literal during the first month or so of starting in on the podcast). I get it though, saying, "My mind was figuratively blown!", doesn’t hold the same impact.

  56. Unless this was like a sexual thing, in which case…

    (Ah, the elipsis; the ender of all jokes that lack a punchline.)

  57. I had some great books in July, the books I picked up this week did not leave me with the same amount of joy (thank you August!) maybe next week will pick up again as Blackest Night continues.

    I can feel Ron’s pain, I am a huge Marvel Zombie, I think I usually get one DC mini a year and a Green Lantern trade, if that, but this year I am getting three DC ongoings (Batman & Robin, Detective Comics, Green Lantern) and two mini’s (Blackest Night, Cry for Justice) and I’m loving all of it. My Marvel books mostly feel like a chore these days. Many of them are on the chopping block. If they have another bad arc they’re gone.

     I think my problem is I don’t like the idea’s behind a lot of the Dark Reign mini’s, I’m getting the Mr. Negative one, and once that’s finished I won’t be following Dark Reign. It doesn’t interest me anymore.

  58. @Ron: Don’t forget that July also had the greatest Isotope event so far* with the Geoff Johns Blackest Night party! Kirsten really outdid herself with all eight (count em, EIGHT!) rainbow corps cocktails.


    *If you’ve never been to an Isotope party before, or if you’ve only been to one, what I’ve always said and what I continue to find to be true is that the greatest Isotope party is always the last Isotope party.

  59. Great article Ron.  I love it when you write from the heart. 

  60. My next InStock Trades shipment with the Parker HC can’t arrive soon enough!

  61. I thought the first issue of the marvel’s project was fantastic…

  62. Ya lots and lots of awesomeness from DC and mostly 3 stars coming out of Marvel.

  63. @ lantern4life Totally Agree!!    I’m a Marvel Zombie but July had me running to my LCS to pick up Batman and Robin, Blackest Night, Green Lantern and all its tie ins!

  64. Very cool to see this kind of enthusiasm prominently displayed on the internet. Go comics!

    Filip Sablik
    Publisher, Top Cow Productions
    It will change the world.