Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex In Costume!

Here they are.  Brolin looks every bit the part of
Jonah Hex, other than some genetic stubbiness of body that can’t really be helped.  Other than that, both his face and costume look like they come straight out of the pages of the comics I love so dearly.

I don’t know why I got more excited about this than the shots of Megan Fox in costume not too long ago. 


Holy crap!  I also just found out that Will Arnett is in the movie.  Oh sure!  You’re gonna scalp the guy in the $3,000 chaps?  Come on!

Oh, what the hell…


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  2. I’ve never read Jonah Hex, but Megan Fox (?) looks quite pretty.

  3. Looks really cool.

  4. I’m with you, I was meh to Megan Fox pics, earlier, but the Hex pics have piqued my interest.

  5. mega fox! only reason i care to see transformers 2…

  6. Brolin’s a good actor and he looks like a great Jonah Hex here. The big question mark for me is the director. I had to look at the IMDb link once I realized I had no idea who was helming the film. So, the guy has worked primarily in animation, leading up to directing "Horton Hears a Who." This doesn’t have the same impact as a, say, Sam Raimi or Christopher Nolen type announcement, but I’m willing to give the guy a chance. Here’s hopin’….

  7. The reason you are more excited about pictures of Josh Brolin is because he’s an actor with skill. I’m sorry, but I’m really getting tired of all the hype around Megan Fox. She’s pretty, I get it…She just hasn’t shown us anything else. 

    Josh Brolin does look great though… 

  8. Damn, that creepy flesh thingy over his mouth is nasty!!!  Looks awesome though.

  9. IMDB doesn’t list who Will Arnett is playing but if it is a substantial role then my glee just went up around 80%.

  10. This is the about all the info I could find on Arnett: Arnett will play a Union soldier who enlists Hex and is blindsided by the dirty fighting style of his enemies. The role is not inherently comic.

  11. Wow. That’s much better than I expected.

    Brolin’s a really good actor and my gut says he gonna nail this one. My gut also says it’s hungry.

  12. Megan Fox me please.

  13. I’m excited for this movie now.

  14. At first I was like "WOW! Its frikin Jonah Hex!"

    Then I saw the Megan Fox pic and completely forgot about the Jonah Hex pix.

  15. Awesome!!! When is the movie slated for release?

  16. Some time in 2010

  17. Amazing

  18. This is the wrongest of the wrong, but I’ll go and pay $10.50 for a movie about Jonah Hex, but have no interest in spending $3.00 for one of the series’ books.  I definitely feel like part of the problem.

  19. "Oh, what the hell" ?

    HAHAHAHA, good stuff.

  20. Megan Fox wow!

  21. Megan Fox … would not kick out of bed.

  22. It doesnt look like Brolin fits in that coat. Like two sizes too big for him.

    Other then that, yeah this looks pretty close to Jonah Hex as you can get. If this is directed by the same people who did the Crank series….I’m all for this film.

  23. but you have to admit, if you need someone to shoot that will make the auidence feel that weird moral ambiguity of the Hex comics than Will Arnett’s your man

  24. The script is written by them, but it’s being directed by someone else.

  25. At least its not written by Palmiotti and Grey, who wrote (and I think is still writting) the core series. Their issues were so vanilla and lame, it was hard to care about it at all. They do drop a few spaghetti western references in, but besides that, they didn’t do Jonah justice.

  26. In contrast, I’ve loved almost every issue of the series for 44 issues. But hey different strokes…

  27. I’m disappointed that this isn’t future Hex.  🙁

  28. @josh: I’ll give the series one thing, I enjoyed spotting the western references in the issues I read. There was one issue which involved finding a cross of gold that made me absolutly giddy, since that was from a Django movie. But now I’m getting off topic…


    Josh Brolin will make a great Jonah, not only because he looks the part and can be a gruff motherfucker, but in this movie, he has facial hair. I’ve been doing research, and the facial hair is the deciding factor on whether or not Josh Brolin will be awesome in the movie. He has it here, so its safe to say he will be awesome.

  29. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Did Palmiotti and Grey write the issue where women rob some guys of their limbs and keep the torsos alive in a barn as pets? I still have nightmares about that one.  

  30. I’ve read the old issues, which are very cool and some hold up to the issues currently being written, but Palmiotti and Grey’s issues are so well written and tackle some serious moral and social issues. Easily, the current series is the best Jonah stories ever written.

    I hope this movie is a great Western.

  31. Is there any news of which issues/arcs the movie will be based on?  Or is it just "bassed on the characters from the comic"?

  32. @josh: Oh thats right; the guy who did nothing but Pixar films is directing this.

    Now for some reason I am worried about this. Unless suddenly Woody from Toy Story was as badass as Jonah was or this is suddenly an animated film….I am not too keen on the directing of this.

  33. He never directed anything from Pixar.  He was an animator.  Very different.  That said, I haven’t any reason to believe a first time director couldn’t do a good job.  Pixar focuses on story and character.  In any storytelling, those are core fundamentals.  If he learned from Lasseter, Bird, Docter and company, he learned a lot of good things.

  34. @josh: Well that doesnt give me any more hope since he didnt direct those films….But your right, if there is any company that focused more on story and character it’s Pixar. Hopefully he brought a lot to the table he Animated when he worked for them.

    But animation and live acton are two very different things (obviously). In terms of directing or camera work. Oh and he did direct a film before this: Horton Hears a Who….yeah thats even more reassuring.

  35. Animation and live action are not two different things.  They’re just different styles of filmmaking.  The basic tenets are exactly the same.

    Honestly, I’d be more worried about the script.  I don’t want to see Crank meets Hex at all.

  36. This is the Hex movie I wanted:

    (Not really.)

  37. That girl’s waist is like 20 inches… sup

  38. Brolin looks badass. I may see this movie. As well… am the only person who just doesn’t think Megan Fox is all that? Is she pretty… yeah? But there are far less "hot" women I think are much more attractive. Something about her just puts me off. Can’t quantify it.

  39. @Champ – Had you heard of Chris Nolan before Memento? Me neither. Let’s give the guy a chance.

    Brolin looks great; I’m assuming they’ll animate that lip wound in close-up dialogue scenes to make it extra gooey.

    Can I be the one who declares Megan Fox not attractive in these shots? She’s pretty as hell, but a waist that small is disturbing, ugly even. Makes me think of an eating disorder.

  40. one man’s disturbance is another boy’s stroking material

    so it goes…

  41. @Eyun – I think that’s Champ’s point. Nolen’s first film was Memento (well, a small film called Following was first, but Memento is the first film people know), while this guy’s first film was Horton Hears a Who. That doesn’t fill me with excitement in the same way. This reminds me more of the first time I heard that the guy who directed "Barbershop" was going to direct "Fantastic Four."

    Again, as I said upthread, there’s no reason not to give the guy a chance. This doesn’t fill me with dread. It just doesn’t fill me with excitement, either. 


  42. JOSH AS JONAH HEX IN COTUME! o wait its josh brolin… you had me excited there for a second. curse my lisdexia.

    that pic of Foxy is gettin saaaaved.

  43. I read the old Vertigo series but haven’t seen any of the new one. I like Josh Brolin. He’s gruff.

  44. YES that looks so awesome!! and megan fox. oh man. also wil arnett YES

  45. @PaulMontgomery: Yes they did write that one.  That is issue 26 and my favorite ish.  I wish the movie was more horror based as it was in that issue and the sawbones 2 parter.  I heard that the movie had more of a supernatural element to it.

  46. @daccampo – That’s a fair point, well made. I haven’t seen ‘Horton’, and wasn’t having a go at Champ, apologies if it came off that way. 🙂

  47. @PraxJarvin I know what you mean.  I think it is becuase she is rude and ignorant in interviews and on set.  I don’t for me, you got be a total package, not just looks.  But hey, I’m old school.

  48. Looks great!

  49. @Eyun – She’s wearing a corset.

  50. You’re too easy to please, but I guess I’m the only guy lamenting the fake nature of mainstream companies’ porn movies. They’re good for a laugh – the dialogue is hysterical, but they’re too fake.

  51. So this movie could go either way as a movie, but I think it’s obvious that Brolin is going to BRING IT!

  52. Listen I’m all for anyone trying out something new for their career. If this animator wants to turn into a full time director of live action. Let him do it. I just think it’s a little fair to be worried about him when his only claim to fame is animating SOME aspects of Pixar films and directing a bad Dr. Seuss adaptation.

    To anyone who is hesitant about the Crank guys writing this. Even if this does turn into a bad film….you can bet your sweet ass it wont be boring.

  53. @ TheNextChampion

    Yeah Crank wasn’t boring, infact I dug the hell out of the first Crank, didn’t get around to seeing the 2nd, but look forward to snagging it when it hits DVD shelfs. I’d say you’re not wrong about being trepedatious about a first time live action director, of course you can be. But sometimes (not everytime) animation people do great in live action because they have a feeling for story telling and how long a scene should be and beats/moments within a scene, because in animation adding time or having "fat" within the scene means more time spent animating, more man hours to make that animation and the higher the budget gets. I find animation people have a great scenes of timing. Now I’m not saying this will be the case for this film, but we’ll have to see. I’m wondering if we’ll get any kind of footage, even if it’s just a second or two at SDCC.

  54. I trust him. If you watched Horton Hears a Who you understand. The Whos’ president or whatever he was got hit in his invisible balls, and the entire village ganged up on Horton who was just a nice elephant, and they were ready to tear him limb from limb, lead by that kangaroo. If you think about it, it’s not unlike Hang ‘Em High. There were a lot of disturbing things in that animated movie, so transitioning to a western seems easy.

  55. Megan is hot, sure.  IMO she’s the second hottest chick in Transformers.  Hoefully the Aussie computer is somehow brought back for part 2!

  56. I heart chlop’s posts.

  57. @chlop: It’s true. Hayward really shows the depths of the Who-ville people.

    It was dark and depressing, and the mayor had family problems…..He’s perfect for Jonah Hex!

  58. I remember having a few issues of this comic as a kid. But who was his main villain?

  59. To be fair to Megan Fox – I think that costume is probably meant to squeeze her waist, being a corset and all. Also, she’s never been asked to do anything but look like she’s on the verge of orgasm for an hour and a half, so I’m not sure she’s had a chance to show if she can actually act or not. Maybe this will be her shot?

    I don’t really know anything about Jonah Hex, but those pictures look cool.

  60. YES!!