Jonathan Hickman’s Return to the Drawing Board Will Make You FEEL BETTER NOW

Though Jonathan Hickman the writer (and Architect) has been no slouch in the years since producing The Nightly News, Jonathan Hickman the artist is ready for a comeback. This October sees his return to the drawing board for a series of graphic novellas for Image. The first in what they're calling the Plus! project, Feel Better Now is a 40-page self-contained story with words and art by Hickman himself. 

Here's the skinny from Image on this dark comedy: 

"Feel Better Now is the story of a group of psychiatrists who, out of boredom, decide to start recreationally tinkering with the lives of their patients. It becomes a game, and, as one might guess, it spirals out of control pretty quickly."

Dude's still got it. 

Feel Better Now hits shelves on October 19th for $3.99. More projects in the Plus! line will follow, each written and drawn by Hickman in distinct styles of their own. 


  1. I love his art, this is so awesome!

  2. sounds like a prefect film pitch… and a very interesting comic

  3. Hells Yes! So happy to have Hickamn back on the creator owned stuff!

  4. @edward My first thought, too. This should be interresting.

  5. quite good.

  6. I have the weirdest boner right now.

    A graphic design boner.

  7. Oh Yes! How long till October?

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Pompster  Three months. 

  9. I’m breaking into a college freshman’s dorm in October and I’m going to take down some kid’s Picasso print and put that image up in it’s place.

    Let’s all do this. Hickman will bail us out if shit gets real.

  10. I’m really happy that Hickman is doing so much right now.  FF, Ultimate stuff, the end of Secret Warriors, Red Wing, and now more image books.  Awesome.

  11. sounds really cool and i’m glad he’s doing his own work again. From the image above it looks like it will be a a lot like the Nightly News style which could be cool albeit repetitive. Would really love to see Hickman push it and do something new and different, cause i know he can. 

  12. That cover totally brings to mind Daytripper

  13. The only thing that would made me happier is an ongoing!

  14. I’ve been waiting for this a long time. Looks like it was worth it.

  15. A new written AND drawn Hickman book? Yay!

    Excited to hear about the future projects. 

  16. It’s great to hear that he is still sticking with Image too.

  17. Why did I not know Hickman was also an artist?