Jock Joins Detective Comics

Those of you who follow me on Twitter might remember a teasing little post about hearing some amazing news during SDCC that I couldn't share anything about. Well, now you're hearing it too.  Before I knew this was coming, I wouldn't have seen this coming.

I could not be more thrilled about the selection of Jock as the new artist on Detective Comics.  He's probably my favorite working artist in comics, proving himself previously on Detective Comics with Greg Rucka, as well as The Losers and Green Arrow: Year One with Andy Diggle.

Working with David Baron on colors, as before, Jock will be taking over Snyder's scripts, which promise a Batman (no idea which) who focuses on solving crimes and big Bat adventure.  So  now we know, at the very least, that it will be a beautiful book.

Says Jock, “Scott and I got the chance to talk a number of times over Comic-Con weekend in San Diego and his original and striking hook for the story took me completely by surprise – I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been done before and I was instantly hooked… I’m thrilled to be working with him on this and along with David Baron on colors can’t wait to get this story out there.”

I'll try to hold on, because we won't see this until November. Good enough to wait for, I hope.



Also, look forward to interviews with Jock on this week's upcoming Video show, and Snyder on next weeks!


  1. I was hoping to keep ignoring Detective Comics, but Jock?  Got to check that out.

  2. Yay!  I didn’t anticipate I’d be reading Detective again after Rucka left, but between this team and the Gordon backup they’ve got their hooks in me.  Way to go, DC!

  3. OK yes, it’s not November yet, but I’m officially declaring this book to be awesome when it does come out.

  4. That image is gorgeous. Very excited for this.

  5. Wow! I was going to by this because of Scott Snyder alone. Jock as the artist only adds to my excitement. This is definitely going to be a great book.

  6. Ah fudge me. Just when I thought I can now save some money by dropping a few books, they pull me back in.

  7. Excellent.

  8. Love the art!  Good news for an already good book!

  9. As long as they don’t Kolins me every issue like last time.

  10. nice =b

  11. Yup. I’m in.

  12. This sounds like a great team. Can’t wait to give it a test drive. 

  13. on board

  14. I want to read Detective because I like Snyder. But I really am not a fan of Jock’s INTERIOR work. What to do?

  15. I don’t care this will add more to my pull list.  It’s great news.

  16. I couldn’t decide if I was going to keep a Batman book after Morrison left B&R…we have a winner!

    I love Jock, and that cover is awesome.

    Jock is one of my top 5 artists, so this a must.

  17. Been on Detective Comics since Rucka last year. Now this might actually pump some life back into the story. 

  18. Awesome.

  19. Excellent news. I’ll be jumping back on Detective when these guys take the helm.

  20. Starts in November, will be over by February. Not falling for the "Jock will be on interiors" line again.

  21. Nice.  I was just saying the other day that my dream team on Batman would be Jason Aaron and Jock.  Halfway there!  I do like Snyder though.

  22. I love jock’s covers and pinups but hi interior work can often look lazy and not so good. That is an awsome image and I hope to good things from this new team.