Jeff Lemire Makes the Move from Essex County to Smallville with New Superboy Ongoing

DC announced today that Jeff Lemire will provide scripts for a new Superboy ongoing title with artist Pier Gallo. We'll get a special tease of the series in a one time co-feature in Action Comics #892, out in August. The new Superboy monthly itself will debut later this year.

Here's a look at Gallo's character study for the boy of steel:

And here's what Lemire has to say about the new direction for wholesome farmboy Conner Kent:

“I am really excited to be taking over the adventures of Conner Kent/Superboy in a new monthly series! The book will combine many of the classic touchstones of the Superboy mythos along with new supporting characters, new villains and new ideas, building a strong foundation that can support the Boy of Steel for years to come. I really want to work with our amazing artist Pier Gallo to combine a classic storytelling feel with a thoroughly modern sensibility and explore what it would really be like to be a super powered teenager, in the heart of rural America.”

The buzz words here are 'rural America.' Great news, because no one else in comics has a better handle on rural life and small town drama than Jeff Lemire. Except maybe Jason Aaron, but his baseball bats come pre-packaged with nails through them. This is the folksier side of rural. Then again, Sweet Tooth can get a little Blood Meridian when it wants to. And with all his cosmic adventures, I hadn't taken it as a given that Superboy would be based in Smallville, so Lemire's comments leave me assured that the kid is right where he belongs. Which is out in the cornfields playing fetch with Krypto and making the occasional jaunt to Metropolis or outer space or wherever. Here's hoping this series will keep with a spirit similar to those fantastic early issues of Johns and Manapul's Adventure Comics. No reason to believe it won't.

Anyways, tremendously excited to see Lemire branching out into more ongoing titles as well as trying his hand at some homespun capes and tights. Remember, we  can also look forward to his Atom co-feature with artist Mahmud Asrar in the pages of Adventure Comics.


  1. Still no costume with any actual effort put into it? Bummer.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Whaaaat? Superboy’s costume is awesome! Jeans and a t-shirt. It’s a great concept. 

  3. i’m with paul on this one, I like how it gives off the proper teenage rebellion vibe while still invoking the idea that someday he will be superman

  4. Art reminds me a lot of Mike Mckone

  5. It’s a lazy concept. The boy needs a cape. I totally wouldn’t let him on my super hero team with an outfit like that. 

  6. superboy exudes absolutely zero teenage rebellion, he’s a total square, man! I’m not a big fan of his outfit, but then i don’t much care for him as a character either. Surely the only reason they gave him that outfit is for the benfit of female and gay readers…?

  7. @Paul: I agree it may be lazy but I like the concept as well. It’s more real, besides if I was a superhero that’s how I’d do it.

  8. I’m glad Superboy is getting his own ongoing.  I really loved his adventures in… er Adventure Comics.

  9. At least he doesn’t wear that ridiculous leather jacket any more.

    This sounds promising. 

  10. teenage rebellion doesn’t always have to be about things like pierced ears, leather jackets, fade cuts and belts

  11. no i agree, but he’s just not a rebel type character. I guess his current outfit makes him look like a laid-back cool type of guy…fair enough, it’s better than that horrible leather jacket look. But rebel? no siree.

  12. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I’ve always felt that Superboy was "my" character, since his introduction was among the first issues I’d ever bought regularly. Glad to see him getting his own title again. Jeff Lemire writing? I’m looking forward to it.

  13. Superboy is generally not a character I seek out, but Jeff is both a friend and an amazing creator, so having him at the helm assures I’ll give the book a try. I wasn’t familiar with Gallo’s work before this announcement, but he seems to have a confident line. 

  14. Sold!

  15. seriously, jeans and a t-shirt can be perfect understatement, but at least let him look like a proper teen. that means: don’t tuck the fuckin’ shirt into your pants and get some cool sneakers and you’re fine. i’m pretty sure that even holds true for rural kansas. i don’t see tim riggins tuckin’ the shirt. and that’s some serious rebellion goin’ on right there. 😀

  16. I like the Superboy arc in Adventure Comics, so I’m interested in what Jeff Lemire will do.

  17. So can someone clarify here: Does this mean that Adventure Comics is dead again? 

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @jobob247 – Adventure Comics continues. In July they’ll be going back to the original numbering and the book will focus on the Legion and Lemire’s Atom co-feature. I think it’s going to be an ongoing venue for additional stories in the larger Superman family mythos. 

  19. @Kenza: You obviously don’t live in a rural area. Both archtypes are present and several "farm kids" tuck there shirts in there pants and where boots instead of sneakers. However, I agree no tuck but I like the boots.

  20. I’m interested to see his ‘voice’ translate to superhero books.

  21. Love Superboy…so i will defintly be picking this up.  Never read anything by Lemire, but always hear such good things.

  22. I was just thinking besides Jonah Hex, there isn’t a monthly DC book that I buy anymore. I guess I’ll be getting Superboy now.

  23. Awesome. Always up for new Lemire Stuff.

  24. If Lemire was also doing the art i’d be all in. But i’m still not that interested in this character.

  25. Who else could do a comic with a setting of Smallville? Only Jeff Lemire.

    I wish DC could do just a Smallville comic, cause it would be awesome. Maybe a bit depressing (if Essex County is any indication) but still awesome. Oh yeah Superboy is in this…..Yay? 

  26. After dropping my Superman books earlier this year, now I’m going to pick up Action Comics for Paul Cornell and now Superboy. Everytime I get out, they pull me back in!

     Does Connor currently like playing hockey? If not, I bet he will take an interest….

  27. @TNC  Totally agree! I only wish he was drawing it too.  The style would be a strech for a Super book, but man I would be all over it.  

    So glad I started reading Superman stuff a few months back, if I hadnt, I would be now.

  28. The costume is pretty much the same as Luke Cage’s with a Superman symbol on the shirt. 

    I don’t think the mainstream DC book is ready for Jeff’s artwork.  It works great on Sweet Tooth, but probably not in Superman’s world. 


  29. I love it!

    Need to buy the hardcover of the Johns stuff though.

  30. It’s funny…Superboy is my girlfriend’s favorite DC character, and when I gave her Infinite Crisis to read, she got so upset after he dies that she pretty much swore off DC Comics. When she said that, I knew that he in fact came back to life in Legion of 3 Worlds, so I’ve been subtly trying to push that book and the previous Superman/Legion arc onto her. Whenever I do, she keeps saying "Why would I give a crap about this? I hate Superman and I’m still miffed that they killed off Conner!" And since I don’t want to give it away, I always tell her "Not only is it better written than you probably think, but…something happens in it that I think you’ll like." She still hasn’t read it yet, but I think it’s going to happen soon, and will probably be estatic when she sees that Conner is in fact alive.


    This also means that when this book comes out, I’ll have to hide it from her in case she STILL hasn’t read that book, since I’m very much looking foward to this.

  31. This is something new for Lemire and I really want to see how he does. Hopefully it’s as good as all his other work.

  32. I dig the concept, with modern sensibilities. Would a teenage really wear a costume? Don’t think so. Rock the jeans and shirt, change it up thou to stay in style. Connor discovering clubs and indie bands, I would dig that. Teenage do listen to music ya know. So do thirty soms.

  33. it will be tough to come after geoff johns run but extremly excited

  34. Did his costume first show up in teen titans #1 or was it there before that? I think it really makes a good statement about him as a character now in that he’s comfortable being a superhero in his own way, and not trying to completely emulate superman but follow the ideals that supes lives by. And I personally really like him in the costume. It just seems really natural and fits with the smallville setting. And tucked in shirts are nice and formal…well as much as a t-shirt gets. Maybe it’s all because I dressed up like him for christmas. Yay me!

  35. Why would Adventure now focus on the Legion? They’ve got their own book coming out soon too don’t they? Seems like Adventure is unnecessary.

  36. You know if Adventure Comics was Jeff Lemire doing both Superboy and The Atom…..I’d probably pick it up. Whether he was the artist or not.

  37. Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    I love the costume that is more of a normal outfit. Superboy, StarMan, WonderMan… who else..