Jason Aaron Talks About Ending SCALPED With Issue 60

Lost among all the big news coming out of San Diego Comic-Con 2011 was word that Scalped, one of the best books being published over the last five years, will be ending its run with issue 60.

Over the weekend, series writer Jason Aaron talked about ending his creator owned book.

Still feels weird to see it finally spelled out so definitely, but this has actually been the plan for quite a while now. This was my choice. We were not canceled or forced into an ending. The series will be ending just the way I've always imagined it ending. There are a couple of smaller stories I always thought I might get to which I ultimately won't, but those were set aside in the interest of giving the series as solid a finish as possible.

Check out his blog for more from Aaron on the end of Scalped.

When we heard about this news in San Diego, Josh and I were, of course, sad because Scalped is one of our favorite books. If you look back over the years we consistently put it in our Top 5 lists of best books being published and it has been named Pick of the Week so many times over the years that we are running out of things to say about it. But the more we talked about, the more we came to terms with Scalped ending. 60 issues of a series about bad doings on an indian reservation is noting to sneeze at, especially for a book that routinely sold under 10,000 copies a month in single issues. Plus, comic book readers might be conditioned by years of never ending battles in their super hero stories to want books to go on forever and ever, but let's face it, all the best stories have an ending.



  1. I feel the exact same way. I’m REALLY sad that it’s ending but, on the otherhand, I’m glad that it’s going out on a high note. 

  2. While I’m not happy this is coming to a close, I urge anyone who hasn’t read Scalped to start it from the beginning. It is amongst the beat comics ever written and the art is gritty and gorgeous. I only hope Vertigo gives the entire run the Deluxe Edition hardcovers it deserves.

  3. A bummer but 60 issues is a great run and its always best to leave the party early. 

  4. As dingwog said, if this ever is released in Deluxe Edition, I’m on board for picking those up. I’ve read the first five trades from my library and they were great. I’d really like having these in a nice hardcover format.

  5. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’ve been reading this in trade instead of issues because I was late to the party but this has been a great series.

  7. meh… gave it a try a couple times and it never really stuck. just gritty and violent and depraved for the sake of being gritty violent and depraved. Then again I’m more of an existential/big idea genre fan so I’m a bit biased.

  8. @nightwalker  It’s fine that you don’t dig the comic, but I couldn’t disagree with you more about the purpose of the tone of the comic.  Through violence and depravity, Aaron breathes to life some of the most complex and tragic comics characters I’ve ever read.  Sure, Scalped started off seeming violent and depraved for the sake of it.  I was even turned off by the first issue because of what an ass the protagonist was to his mother.  But I kept reading and it developed into something far more than what you attribute to it.

  9. Appropriate for the Vertigo tradition really which just means we’ll get another really series coming to take it’s place.

  10. @lifesend  WORD!

  11. ANTI-WORD!

  12. I’m glad for the news.  I’ve love this book since book #1 and had a feeling that it was culminating towards some end.  This will be one of my most charished series from Vertigo, or comics in general. My concern now is…DMZ, Northlanders, Scalped…who’s gonna be the next big thing at Vertigo?

  13. @nightwalker  There are several existential/big idea themes used in Scalped. How much did you read?

  14. @vadamowens Enough to know it wasn’t for me. I tried the first trade and the pick of the weeks the crew mentioned. Never wowed me, not once. Doesn’t mean it’s not a talented book, just not my cup of tea. When i mean existential/big ideas I mean stuff like Invisibles, Hellblazer, Flex mentallo, SHIELD, Seven Soldiers, Philip K. Dick et al. And in saying that I don’t mean to condesend like anything other than that stuff is somehow unintelligent or rudimentary, that’s not it at all. 

  15. also, forgot to mention, not to stoke the flames but in all honesty, I think jason aaron is INCREDIBLY overrated, near the level of matt Fraction’s overratedness. I just don’t see where Aaron gets the credit. Wolverine is absoutely abyssmal! A caveat: Schism, so far so good.

  16. I adore this book and hate that it’s ending.  That being said, I was starting to wonder how Aaron could keep it going.  The main story is coming to a no way out ending.  Also, Red Crow might be the best villian in any medium right now.

  17. I LOVE Scapled and I try to push it on anyone I know who might be interested. That said, I only collect it in trades and am therefore not counted among the 10,000 paltry single issue sells a month. I know Aaron said that it was a story decision and not a financial decision to end the run, but my question is….by buying this (or Fables…or Walking Dead….or Incorruptible…or..DMZ…or…etc.) am I part of the problem?

  18. @finbarbat  No.

  19. @nightwalker. To some degree I understand when readers want to criticise a creative team of a book they’ve enjoyed over the years, but I can’t understand why you’d read an article about a book you’re not interested in, and then slam the writer. I know opinions are opinions but if you don’t care then where does the passion to bother commenting come from?

  20. @nightwalker  I’ve only read Aaron’s current Wolverine run and it started off with the lackluster Wolverine Goes to Hell arc, but it’s gotten so much better since then, especially with the last few issues where Aaron showcases Wolverine’s victims and why they sent him to hell.  Aaron also made a Ghost Rider comic enjoyable for me, which was previously damn near impossible.  He’s doing great work with Dillon on Punisher MAX.  I haven’t read all of Ennis’ Punisher comics, but it never comes across to me as though Aaron is simply aping Ennis.  The Other Side, a war comic, a genre I have no great interest in, was fantastic, with really nice art from Cameron Stewart.  And his one shots on the Penguin and Rip Claw were really, really good as well.  For these reasons, and of course his incredible character work in Scalped, I think Aaron deserves all the praise he gets.  Now, Matt Fraction?  I’m with you there, man.  I’ve tried to give him a shot, but he just doesn’t do it for me.

    BTW, I’m reading the 2nd HC volume of Seven Soldiers and it’s fantastic.  Those Frankenstein and Klarion issues are so well-written and downright gorgeous.

  21. Bummed to hear this is going away.  I hope Veritgo gives this book the right treatment with some nice HCs like Y: The Last Man and Preacher.  I would totally buy all of those since all I have right now are the issues.

  22. Great book tht I started with the first two trades but had to convert to monthlies because I just couldn’t wait for it.  Thing is, I also buy the trades still because it NEEDS to be on a person’s bookshelf, it’s that special.  And it’s not depraved for one simple reason…EVERYTHING HAS CONSEQUENCES…

    And Aaron has been just about the best “new” writer in comics ever since he was navigating this book early issues with his Ghost Rider grindhouse run.  One of my favourite omnibii.

  23. @lifesend: damn, totally forgot about Punisher max! That’s good stuff, gotta give you that.
    @Deadlyfoe: Do you only read about stuff you’re already familiar with and a fan of? that sure sounds limiting. It’s not a slam if i’m commenting about his work, now if i made fun of physical apperance or something petty like that it would be uncalled for.

    okay, i’m finished bothering everyone with this topic, promise.

  24. You like Punisher Max but don’t dig Scalped because it is “gritty and violent and depraved for the sake of being gritty violent and depraved”?

    Oh . . .

  25. @nightwalker. I read about plenty of books I’m unfamiliar with. The difference here being, you tried a trade and several issues, decided it wasn’t for you but still read and comment about it. I recommend you give it another go!

  26. sorry to see it end, hopefully it is omnibussed via HC or on comixology

  27. @scorpionmasada: Touche’. I dunno, it’s Punisher. I guess I’m just desensitized to him doing that stuff. but good point none the less.

  28. no, i don’t know why the m button is doing that page break thing. it annoys I as well.

  29. This series has been amazing the whole way and I’m sure it will maintain through the end.  I haven’t cared much for his Marvel work, but I look forward to Aaron’s next creator owned book.

  30. Whaaaat! I knew it was bound to come to a close in the next few years, but I was hoping they would wrap it up closer to issue 75. I have no doubt that I will love the next 10 issues, but this will be the saddest I’ve been about a series ending since Gotham Central ended. Maybe we’ll still get some sort of 1 or 2 volume treatment in the couple of years (I hope!).

  31. Bummed out about this…great characters, great story. Can’t wait to see the end.

  32. Love this book but agree that the best stories have an end. I look forward to re-reading all my issues.

  33. As far as I know none of Aaron’s other work has Guera attached so Scalped speaks for itself. IMO a masterpiece. I’m not sorry that the story is ending, it’s been building up to one for quite a while, but I am sorry that there likely won’t be another good one to take it’s place.

  34. This issue has been a constant favorite of mine and while im not happy its ending im glad the story will get to wrap up the way Aaron intended it. When its done it might be in a 3 way tie for my favorite seires along with Preacher and Y:The Last Man.

  35. I am hoping that whatever stories Jason won’t be able to include in the last stretch of issues would eventually get released as an anthology/one shot years after the series ends.

  36. I’ll miss it for sure, but it’s ending how Aaron wanted it to end and of his own will, so I can respect the choice to conclude the story.

  37. Truly this has been one of the most prominent and excellent series, not just Vertigo series, out there for the past 4 or 5 years. Aaron really puts the ‘A’ in tragedy with this series and I for one am both heartbroken and excited at how this finale will be showcased.