It hurts when New Comics for 10/07/09 coughs

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

This week is not notable so much for what I am picking up, but for what I’m not. For the first time in, I dunno, let’s say fifteen years I’m not picking up Daredevil. I think I just need to walk away from Hell’s Kitchen for a while. I need a break. My enthusiasm has waned and Matt Murdock and I need to be apart for a while.

I’m also not picking up Planetary #27, because as much as I may have loved that book — and I did, it was one of my favorite comics back when it started coming out… ten years ago — it’s been three years since the last issue and I just don’t remember what was happening and I just don’t care to find out right now. I’ll probably end up reading it once the eventual collection hits.

It never seems to be a light week when it’s my Pick! Josh had seven books last week and this week I have over twenty!

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: How are you feeling today?


  1. Ridiculosly awesome week:

    Batman & Robin #5

    Criminal: Sinners #1 (!!!)

    Days Missing #2 

    Haunt #1

    Jersey Gods #8

    King City #2

    Mighty #9

    Proof #24

    Sweet Tooth #2

    BQ: Porno? 

  2. great week, just awesome


    BQ: Papa?

  3. 23 books this week.  God I love comics!!!

    BQ:not sure how to respond

  4. Criminal, Sweet Tooth and Proof! yay!

    I’ll be trying out Doctor Voodoo because Remender did a damn fine job hyping it up.

    I dropped War Heroes.  Was luke warm on the book before and the lateness didn’t help.

    BQ: I feel uncomfortable

  5. Batman And Robin #5

    Cable #19

    Captain America Theater War Ghosts Of My Country

    Criminal Sinners #1

    Dark Reign List Secret Warriors One Shot

    Deadpool #16

    Jonah Hex #48

    Mighty #9

    Sweet Tooth #2

    BQ: What is written on most beverages I consume here in Kentucky.

  6. Wow, incredible week: Amazing Spider-Man #608, Batman and Robin #5, Irredeemable #7, Jonah Hex #48, Strange Tales #2, Superman WONK #8, Sweet Tooth #2.

    My wife is going to kill me. 

  7. Going to give Astonishing X-Men a second chance after completely giving up on it after the last arc. Hopefully this time itll be better and the art wont be as murky and muddled like it was w/ Bianchi. Otherwise, Ill be eagarly buying Deadpool #16(which, to the contrary of the iFanbase, I love as a character), Daredevil #501 to try out this new run and see if its for me, Starge Tales #2 especially for the Jhonen Vasquez story, Planetary #27 so Ill have the conclusion after i get the rest of the issues at the Baltimore Con this weekend, and others.


    BQ: xXx with Vin Diesel was bad, but xXx 2 w/ Ice Cube is even worse. Its good to watch for a good laugh though, as its so hysterically written and acted.

  8. Only got three books to pull this week, but after the Top Shelf bonanza I went on a few weeks ago and the con I just got back from, I’m totally okay with that.

    I’m dropping JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE though.  It’s just… ugh.  The pointless fight scene in issue #2 and the lack of nearly any kind of forward momentum is killing me.  No thanks.

    BQ: Going crazy at work.  Can’t wait to get back home and read. 

  9. Another short-but-sweet week: the return of Criminal and XMen vs. Agents of Atlas top my list, and I’m also psyched for the new arc in Cable.  Models Inc is showing up on Marvel’s website but not on the Diamond list so I guess I’ll wait to get to the shop and see if that’s happening.

    BQ: Pretty relaxed, which is a nice change.

  10. Short week for me with only Spider-Men both Amazing and Ultimate and Batman and Robin.


    BQ – Stir crazy.  My newfound state of unemployment is driving me crazy. 

  11. 5 books this week.  But when you only get 9 books a month, that’s a lot!  Looking forward to Spider-Man, Proof and Moon Knight.  I’m going to stick with Daredevil, for now at least.  I’m also going to give Doctor Voodoo a shot because I’m really interested in the magic portion of the Marvel U. 

    BQ: No? Yes? Maybe…? 

  12. BQ: Well, since the question changed after I posted my previous response makes only a little sense….  So my answer now is – Like my day is going by way to slowly…

  13. This is the week I drop Buffy. I realized last night that I hadn’t read the last two issues and I didn’t really care.

    BQ: awkward

  14. Only Batman & Robin for me, and I’m pleased as punch with that. I might pick up Criminal, but Incognito really underwhelmed me (I dropped it after issue 2), so a title that I would otherwise read is now questionable for me.

    Yikes, I don’t know how you guys who read 20+ books a week do it. Not only money-wise, but I couldn’t fathom spending so much time reading comics. Or I’d end up rushing through them faster than I’d want to, just to get the reading experience over with. Every comic I read, I usually spend about half an hour on, between reading it, thinking about it, and then reading it again usually a few days later. If I had 20 books, that’d be 10 hours a week spent doing that, which is over one work day. I can understand doing it if you run a comics website, though.

  15. Huge, huge week -Goddamnit! (more on that later). Anyway, looking forward to Batman & Robin, Amazing, Boys, new Criminal and Ennis Wormwood from Avatar, Ultimate Spidey, Planetary (yes, I’ll buy it), Cry for Justice, War Heroes, Strange Tales, Starr the Slayer with SPECTACULAR Corben artwork. I’ll give Haunt a try only because Kirkman is writing it, Irredeemable is always good. Plus about 40 other books! ARRGGGHHHH – guess I won’t empty the box this week.

    BQ: When Andy Dufresne crawled through 500 yards of shit and piss to come out clean on the other side? Well, I just started into the pipe and will be out of it Friday around 4 p.m. when vacation (and Balt Con!!!) starts.

    Ummm… how are you?

  16. Much better week for me.

    Batman and Robin #5 (Can Philip Tan keep up the amazing quality he dished out from last issue?)

    Deadpool #16 (Are we close to seeing Deadpool as a member of the X-Men?)

    Strange Tales #2 (First issue was POTW, does it have a chance of being pick again?)

    Sweet Tooth #2 (Now at regular price, does Lemire’s first ongoing series still has that twinkle in it’s eye?)

    Special Guest: Green Lantern #46 (Did my LCS hold a copy for me or took it out for another costumer? Find out on Wednesday if the shop get involved on the evening news.)

    BQ: Very chipper. Even though I have work in exactly one hour and thirty eight minutes of this post.

  17. This is a big week for me, too. I’ll be grabbing Amazing Spider-Man, Batman & Robin, Irredeemable, Superman: WONK, Sweet Tooth, and I’ll be jumping onto Criminal. I’ve only read the first volume so far, and I know they say this is a perfect jumping on point, but I know I’ll still feel like I’m missing something.

  18. Brubaker has driven me away from Daredevil as well.  I’m thinking of selling all the comics.  Sad.

  19. @Conor  Damn you for changing the question, now my answer makes even less sense.

  20. Some fun comics come out this week. still no Phonogram though.:( my comics of interest are: Batman & Robin(tan’s art was ok last ish. but i’m eagerly awaiting Stewart), Savage Dragon, Sweet Tooth, Ultimate Spider-Man, JL: Cry For Justice, Greek Street, Criminal(Yay!!!), Batman Annual, Superman:W.O.N.K. and I’m giving Kirtman’s Haunt a try(though McFarlane’s involvement makes me a little leery). and I think I’ll probably trade wait on X-Babies(though the temptation is mighty)

    BQ: All right, i guess. I have the day off work so thats good. Miss the gf though.  

  21. A bunch of books for me this week and I’m not really excited for any of them. Just not in the comic book mood.

    BQ: freaking out 

  22. I was just wondering when the next Sweet Tooth was out. Plus: King City! Irredeemable! Etc!

    Daredevil is officially auditioning for its life this week. I am also quite ready for Buffy to conclude.

    BQ: I just got back from the dentist, so I feel like I just escaped ritualistic torture.

  23. One book this week (Criminal!), just like last week. The hole is now in my heart and not in my bank account.

    BQ: Determined, as in to get back into the saddle. Long, fun, exhausting, wet, cold weekend camping last week. 

  24. Batman And Robin #5
    Final Crisis Aftermath Run #6 (OF 6)
    Justice League Cry For Justice #4 (OF 7)
    Mighty #9
    Star Wars Invasion #4
    Superman World Of New Krypton #8 (OF 12)
    Sweet Tooth #2
    Witchfinder In The Service Of Angels #4 (OF 5)

    BQ: Tired.  I am preparing to teach my third class of the day (with a 45 minute drive in between).  I wear myself out teaching.  I have to stop caring so much.

  25. I’m feeling like I can’t afford all these comics, and I’m going to have to make some cuts.

  26. same here. my first pull list draft is giganormousful. I’m actually adding several new titles that maybe I shouldn’t. Gonad have to do some cuts.

  27. I feel like I should read (more of) the Bendis and Brubaker runs on Daredevil before I dive into this new Diggle era.

    I’ll still be plenty busy with books like Criminal and Doctor Voodoo. Here’s hoping VotMK #2 holds up to its launch.

  28. I am also feeling a comics doldrum. I’ve got nothing this week, and only a few books really spark my interest. i was reading Astonishing X, but since Whedon left, it’s been "meh" at best. I’m just not looking forward to anything this week.

  29. @Josh – It is my understanding that Mighty will end at 12 and we know World of New Krypton ends at 12, so there go two books (3 months from now).

  30. Mighty, Iredeemable, Batman and Robin and Sweet tooth sare books I am looking forward to. And I am going to buy Planetary #27 just for closure.


    BQ: I want to puk. ALOT.

  31. ASM, Boys, Deadpool as per usual. Giving Strange Tales and Kill Audio a try and can’t wait for X-Babies!! Just me? Yeah ok, I thought so.

     BQ: It actually does hurt when I cough. Kinda wish I’d have stayed home today. Maybe Wednesday to watch the Phils and read my books. 

  32. Most looking forward to SWEET TOOTH and KING CITY!

    And it’s obviously ‘Jeff Lemire week’ cos he’s doing the mini story in HOUSE OF MYSTERY too.

    Also looking forward to CRIMINAL and WAR HEROES. 

  33. Batman and Robin # 5,Daredevil #501,Doctor Voodoo Avenger Of Supernatural #1, Haunt #1, Sweet Tooth #2,Vengeance Of Moon Knight #2.  

    Most excited for Haunt, Daredevil, and Sweet Tooth.  Waiting to see if Moon Knight can keep it rolling after a great start up issue.  

    BQ: Exhausted and looking forward to the weekend all ready.  

  34. Really looking forward to Planetary and Sweet Tooth. 

    My wild card choice this week is Doctor Voodoo. I’ve always liked Doctor Strange, and I’m eager to see how this starts out. 

    I will decide at the shop if I pick up X-Babies. Is this anything like Tiny Titans? If so, then my daughter might like it. 

    I think I’m going to trades on Batman and Robin.I thought about getting Haunt, but decided that it just doesn’t sound interesting enough.

    BQ Answer: I’m a little under the weather, but fall is always a bad alergy time for me. Plus work is very, very busy. 

  35. The perfect week – 6 books….maybe 8 if I can find Sweet Tooth #1 & 2

    Batman & Robin, Batman Annual, Run!, Cry for Justice, Mighty, & World of New Krypton.

    Let’s keep it right about there every week please.


    BQ: Had a cough for the past couple weeks, but finally kicked it. Back to school is always rough on the teachers.

  36. BQ: Feelin’ Fine.  I love having Mondays off.

  37. Good looking week for me, but I’m really excited to read:

    Doctor Voodoo


    Jonah Hex

  38. @stuclach: where did you hear about Mighty being only a 12 run? That would be a shame. It is such a well-written book.

    Lots on the list this week. Especially psyched for Criminal and Mighty, but any week with a new PROOF is my favorite Wednesday of the month.

  39. USM and ASM.  

    BQ: With my hands, mostly.

  40. Kill Audio #1 (OF 6) 

    Superman World Of New Krypton #8 (OF 12) 

    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3 

  41. Big week for us Fables fans

    Jack and the Peter and Max novel.




    Better now. 

  42. After 2 lighter-than-average weeks, I’m hit with over 20 books come Wednesday. Heh.

    Batman & Robin #05
    Sweet Tooth #01
    Haunt #01
    King City #02
    Proof #24
    ASM #608
    Captain America Theater of War: Ghosts of My Country #01
    Daredevil #501
    Dark Reign The List: Secret Warriors
    Doctor Voodoo Avenger of the Supernatural #01
    Iron Man: Armor Wars #03
    Strange Tales #02
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #03
    X-Babies #01
    Absolution #02
    Cars: Radiator Springs #02
    Incredibles #01
    Irredeemable #7
    Sherlock Holmes #05
    Crimina: Sinners #01
    Vengeance of Moon Knight #02

    At least there’s a ton of great stuff, BATMAN & ROBIN, SWEET TOOTH, ASM, STRANGE TALES, INCREDIBLES, IREEDEEMABLE, etc., etc.

    B.Q.: A little foggy headed. I didn’t get much sleep this past week until last night where I slept from 7:00 PM – 11:00 AM.

  43. 12 books this week.. maybe 11 if I cross one of the list before wednesday.


    BQ: Confused mostly.  The first few BQ responses left me wondering if my reading skills were slipping…  what was the original BQ question? 

  44. Everyone should be reading SWEET TOOTH and KING CITY.

    It should be the law. 

  45. batman & robin #5, Sweet tooth #2, daredevil #501, dark reign: the list: secret warriors one shot, moon knight #2.

    BQ: I’m feeling quite pleasant thanks for asking.

  46. Witchfinder.

    BQ: I’m good,thankyou for asking. How are you?

  47. I’m looking for an independent book. Quick the first suggestion I get, I will buy! I find it funny that i got into daredevil when Conor is bailing on it.

  48. Looks like this is going to be a great week.  I can’t wait for the return of Criminal and Daredevil.  

    BQ: Tired. 

  49. Thinking of dropping spiderman this week and looking forward to WONK the most. It’s a light week for me with only 4 comics

    Should i get the Dark Reign Fantastic 4 TPB?

  50. Excited for the double dose of Lemire, new criminal, and Daredevil, just picked up the brubaker Lark omnibus and it got me real excited for the character again, and finally the Dark Reign FF trade as the main series has been phenomenal so far.

     BQ: Feeling happy, just got a new iPod Touch!

  51. Astonishing X-Men #31

    Batman and Robin #5

    Criminal: The Sinners #1

    Doctor Voodoo #1

    Haunt #1

    King City #2

    Planetary #27

    Sweet Tooth #2

    Ultimate Spider-Man #3

    Vengeance of the Moon Knight #2

    War Heroes #3


    Looks like a solid week to me!

    BQ: Quite good.

  52. Great week for me: Haunt #1, Criminal: Sinners #1, Sweet Tooth #2, Savage Dragon #153, Irredeemable #7


    BQ: Merciful 


  53. Last week kinda sucked, but this week is crazy good; Batman and Robin, Criminal!!!!, Irredeemable, Sweet tooth, Strange Tales, and U. Spider man. Unfotrunatly, I’m even poorer than I used to be so alot of books are going to have to be cut, at least till next week.

    BQ: George Washington! Crap, this is too hard. 

  54. @conor Dude! You should at least give Diggle’s first issue on DD a chance! You might love it! At least read one of the other guys’ copies!

  55. I’m also shocked you aren’t giving Daredevil a chance. I know you hate the Tan’s with a passion, but didn’t you (or maybe it was ron) stated the premise is more then enough to be interested?

  56. @TNC: Wasn’t me. I just need a Daredevil break. I was close to dropping it a bunch of times in the last few years.

  57. Looking forward to Doctor Voodoo, Planetary and Ghost Rider. Sticking with Daredevil as I’m interested in the new status quo and the Tan isn’t staying on board, so hopefully Diggle will come up with the goods (he can be hit and miss when not working with Jock). The one title I’m pulling andnot looking forward to is Cry for Justice, and I’m a die hard Robinson fan from waaaayy back.  For some reason, Superman aside, I’m not loving his stuff the way I used to.

    BQ:  Well the British weather here is absolutely pissing down and I’ve got the late shift at work in 2 hours- HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK I FEEL? 

    …But other than that I’m just fine, thanks for asking

  58. Wow, I have a ton of books this week, but I guess that makes up for my really slow past two weeks. I got B&R #5, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Greek Street, Sweet Tooth, Haunt, Ultimate Spider Man, Strange Tales, and a couple others I think. I just hope I’m able to make it to the comic shop this week to get all these. (I live an hour away from the closest one, so thats the problem)

  59. @HailScott – I thought that was the situation and miyamotofreak mentioned it on the thread for this week’s issue.  I sincerely hope I am wrong.

  60. Criminal #1 Sinners

    Planetary #27 — where Elijah Snow will bring back Ambrose Chase. So excited to see Cassaday and Ellis back together again. 

  61. @deadspace – how is King City so far?

  62. @dneufeld

    King City is utterly sublime (and a great bargain, $3 for oversized full 32 pages of stories and extras on the inside cover flaps).


    I recently read a Newsarama interview from before the Mighty started that it was a 12 issue series, then they wanted to take a break, and come back for another 12 issues, Sleeper-style.

    Unfortunately, they’ll also be fighting to not get cancelled, Sleeper-style as well. 

  63. BQ: "Like I could take on the whole empire."

  64. Planetary. Yaaaauuuss!

  65. @Harper: That’s what I’m talkn’ bout!!!

  66. Since I live in a house with 2 other comic fans I use the pull feature for all the books we’re getting and i make the run to the comic store. I think this is probably the biggest week ever with almost fifty books and nearly 170 bucks before tax. HOLY SHIT. It would be so much simplier if we all had the same taste.


    BQ: Like i need to lift some weights for the stack i’ll be carrying home tomorrow.

  67. All i can say is Conor this is a tough week for POTW.

  68. @dneufeld – KING CITY is just fantastic. It’s possibly the craziest comic I’ve ever read. I picked up #1 on the off-chance that it might be good and I was so glad I did! It’s a heavy week but people should give this a try for something a bit different.