Word has broken today via Newsarama that writer Mark Waid is ending two of iFanboy’s favorite books: Irredeemable and Incorruptible.

As for why he chose now to wrap the series up, Waid said:

I’m just stretched thin right now both personally and professionally, and I live in mortal fear that I’m going to overstay my welcome on these books. Moreover, I feel that Max Damage’s character arc is reaching its end in Incorruptible. And in Irredeemable, I’ve long known what the end of that series is, and lately, it’s as if all the characters are moving into position for it whether I want them to or not. So let’s go out big and grand, I say.

You should check out the whole interview (conducted by Boom! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon). It’s really interesting.

On the one hand this is sad news. On the other hand, this feels appropriate. Neither one of these books felt like they were meant to go on forever. It has always felt like there was a story that Waid wanted to tell with a beginning, a middle, and an end and he’s going to get to do that. That’s so rare these days, especially in superhero comics.

It’s also really impressive to get three solid years out of a superhero book written by a top notch writer from a company that isn’t DC, Marvel, or Image.


  1. Here’s comes the omnibus! Bring it Boom Studios!

  2. I loved both series but I’m glad they’re wrapping up. Not that I think Waid will ever have them overstay there welcome, i’m sure he could make the next 100 issues just as fantastic, but I do tend to like when series have a definitive end point. Gives me more of an opportunity to seek out new books.

  3. I drop both book last year. Not suprised. He had a good run

  4. As glad as I am that the Waid will the ending both series his way, I have to voice my gut feeling on this:


  5. Great books. I have fallen behind on the trades, but I would love to have a complete story.

    However I would love to see them revisited in the future. Even if it is just the world and not the characters.

  6. I stopped reading even in trade because they were always so small, but I’ve always wanted to go back to it. hopefully a nice series of hardcovers will come out now, and I can finish the series in style.

  7. I just got into Irredeemable. Fantastic book. Glad this is that they are coming to a natural end, and not cancelled.

  8. I’m reading in trades. Irredeemable is sooo fun in trades because it’s so action packed and fast that the issues arent enough. I’ll be buying the 8 trade soon.

  9. I stopped reading incorruptible at issue 5, I guess I should buy the trades? Yes/No?

    • While Irredeemable is one of the best superhero stories of the last 5 years or so. Incorruptible really hasnt been very good since after the first few issues. Im not sure that you need to catch up. I dropped incorruptible a few months back, after months of sub par art and repetitive stories. Although i may pick it back up when they crossover soon. There was supposed to be a crossover around now??

    • @iroberts007: The crossover just ended.

    • @iroberts007 – I just remember Max Damage just arguing with his underage girlfriend. Very boring. I guess when the crossover trade comes out, I’ll get that one.

    • @ conor.. thanks…oh crap! i missed the crossover then. hmm.. thanks.. ill go flip through the last few issues at my shop.
      @ AmirCat you just hit the nail right on the head with your comment. Those scenes were exactly why i dropped the book. I couldnt think of an exact moment but you just read my mind.

  10. Both seemed to meander for a while in the middle, but they’ve recently picked back up. May feels too soon to bring the story to a satisfying conclusion. I was hoping to spend another year or two in that universe before having a wrap up. But if there’s one thing Mark Waid knows how to do, it’s write damn good comics.

  11. I kind of love that this article is tagged, “sad.”

  12. When this book is good, it’s really good. But yea, it’s best to quit when people still want more, rather than when their over it. Sad, but good call Waid.

  13. Sumbitch. I love these books and have bought them religiously from the beginning. At least they get a good ending.

  14. Very brave and correct decision. The first 20+ issues of Irredeemable were the highest quality books and at the top of my pull list. The last 10 or so issues have been less so. It feels like the right time to end the series.

    With this news, I will jump back in to Irredeemable. Thank you Mark Waid.

  15. never checked these out definetly on my radar now to read in trade

  16. Well, my wallet is relieved, anyway. I love it when things end on a good note.

  17. I’ve been reading Irredeemable by trade and enjoying it, but have found the pacing slowed a little. It’s still a great story though…. and I’m glad Waid isn’t just going to keep at it for the sake of keeping at it. He’s telling the story he wants to tell and ending it where he wants to end it – good on him!

    • That’s why I dropped them long ago, the pace was just too slow. I loved Irredeemable at first, but after a bit it just seemed to go nowhere, and the other book got pretty bad pretty early.

      I loved Waid’s Empire, but that was just 6 or 7 issues.

  18. I look forward to their continued adventures in Before Irredeemable and Before Incorruptible 25 years down the road. sorry, someone had to say it 🙂

  19. I’ve been buying them both in issues and am glad to see they aren’t going out with a whimper.

  20. I will patiently wait for the inevitable $0.99 Comixology sale and buy both full runs.

  21. This is probably a good decision. I’ve been reading both from their starts. Irredeemable was awesome but meandered a bit as it kept going. Incorruptible was always well-written but it felt a little unfocused and repetitive. I’m actually pretty excited to see both books move toward actual conclusions. It just seems like this storyline has always been something better resolved than left dragging.

  22. i’ll bring nothing to the discussion here and say that i’m happy about this. i’ve been following irredeemable in trades for a while now and the whole time i was hoping that he would bring the series to a close after not too many issues. from where i am right now (fifth trade), the last thing i would want to see is the story stretched so thin that these characters are book in situations that are improbable outside of it’s initial world. my hope is that by ending it at this point waid is bringing this awesome little exploration of compromised moral to a natural ending.

    all of which is to say, bring it on!

  23. I’m with the above guys — “Irredeemable” was pitch-black from the word go (“Cheerio?”), and always seemed to charge towards a finite conclusion. If anything, it might have gone on for too long already. Keeping the Plutonian from finishing the job felt like Waid was just delaying the inevitable.

  24. It figures, just as I got into these books, too.

    It’s sad to hear both books are going to end, but then again if we all are having this reaction, then that’s a great sign. It lets Waid know that we loved his books. For those who have stuck with it since the beginning, I feel for them. For those like me who just got into both Irredeemable and Incorruptible it’s a shame we breezed through the series so fast. But, Waid’s an excellent writer who can wrap up a story, be it a run on a series (see The Flash before Johns took over) or a series (See anything he’s done)

    At least he’s going out on top with these books 🙂

  25. It never made sense to have them be unlimited series anyway, as how long can you stretch the plot? So like a Vertigo series, it’s going out on it’s own terms and coming to a satisfactory conclusion, and that’s great. It’ll be remembered as a great 2 series, and Mark Waid can move on to his next idea. And I can spend less per month too! It’s a win-win for everyone!

  26. I’m up to volume 6 in trades from my local library, and Waid will be in Dayton for the Gem City Comic Con late March/early April this year. Before then, I’ll catch up w/Incorruptible.

    Good Times.

  27. Perfect decision. Irredeemable needs to end. Bravo Mark Waid!

    My guess is the series ends with the title being proved wrong, and Plutonian in fact being redeemed.

  28. Time to shop the TV series.