‘Iron Man 2’ Teaser Poster

Iron Man 2 Poster

"Next time, baby" is right!


Check out Yahoo! Movies for more stills from the film.


  1. Oh man, oh man that rocks

     *raises cup of gentleman’s brown

    "To peace."

  2. OH "There’s an evil Iron Man!?"

  3. My shoulder-mounted gattling gun is bigger than your shoulder-mounted gattling gun.

  4. I feel I must quote mikegraham6: "SWEET ASS"

  5. I’m not sure what to think…

  6. Hope we get some ‘Uni-beam’ action in this one.

  7. @JJ – Then think what I think.

  8. As a big Rhodey fan…. that’s a spot on take on the armor. I am giddy with excitement.

  9. this movie is gonna be AWESOME!

  10. The perspective’s a little off – it looks like Tony’s grabbing Rhodey’s hot metal ass.

  11. terrence howard! :'(

  12. I’ve always liked War Machine. He’s like a bigger and more badass version of what Iron Man is. It’s just a tease, but I like what I see with this poster. Can’t wait!

  13. Back to back they faced each other…

  14. Nice…loved the first one, all the footage ive seen for 2 seems pretty good.

  15. its very….Metal!


  17. This movie is gonna be too cool

  18. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Count ’em, two!

  19. love the poster and this movie is gonna kill the first one because of the inclusion of a better actor Don Cheadle. Am I the only who gets annoyed by Terrence Howard’s voice, it bugged me in the first one like Batman’s voice in dark knight.

  20. @Stepho: Yeah, his voice is kind of… uhm wussy.

  21. @Stepho: I like Terrance Howard. His voice doesn’t bug me. Neither does Batman’s in the Nolan films.

  22. This looks unbelievably good. Well done to the Iron Man team.

  23. i’m excited to see it. It’s on my "Must See List". The first one was really good and from what I see they are headed in a great direction. I’m just curious if this one has more SHIELD tidbits and if it alludes to more comming heroes. I so am hoping for a HawkEye and Hank Pym cameo.

  24. shouldnt war machine be taller than iron man?

  25. @smeeeeee: Why?

  26. YES!


  27. I’m skeptical about this movie… seems a little overpacked much like Spider-Man 3 or X-Men 3, but that War Machine suit does look good. Glad to see they didn’t take it too over the top.

  28. D-O-P-E!

  29. BADASS!!!

  30. are they going to address Tony’s drinking problem in this one? I really hope not.

  31. @Smeeeeee I second Conor. Why?

  32. @Smeeeee Height? Really? Is that what we’re going to complain about today?

  33. stoked

  34. @Anson: Ha!

  35. That’s pretty fucking sweet. Can’t wait!!!!

  36. SWEET AS….. candy!

  37. The shoulder gun is Rhodey’s way of over-compensating for the insecurities he has about his height.

  38. nm their both the same height

  39. I’m withholding judgement till the film comes out. I got burned on Spider-Man 3. I loved Spider-Man 2, and thought the third was going to be amazing as well. 

  40. ACDC has a track called war machine that I really hope they use in this film, like how they used sabbath in film 1.

  41. I wonder if War Machine is a villain of sorts? His red eyes make me think that something is not right between Rhodey and Stark.

    Could Rhodey side with the military/government, who wants Starks blueprints for the Iron Man armor?  

  42. I just found out that I’m getting deployed overseas again on May 9th. So I’m really glad this comes out on the 7th…