‘Iron Man 2’ Pics

This week’s Entertainment Weekly has pictures form the upcoming sequel to Iron Man. Here’s an early look:

I’m sure there will be more once the issue actually hits.


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Still love that Mickey looks like a deranged person who figured out how to electrify a bullwhip. That’s what a super villain in that world ought to be.  

    Scalett looks great, but we need a trailer. Could go either way. Excited though!  

  2. That is almost dead on what Black Widow looks like.

    But I second a trailer before I fully judge on this. Although Rourke looks like a freak and not in a good way.

  3. She looks great. They even got the wrist blasters!

    My only nitpick would be that her hair usually isn’t that curly/wavy.

  4. She is freakin’ gorgeous.

  5. Looks like they made a nice choice for Black Widow.  Even if the footage of Mickey in costume looks lame, I am more than willing to give this sequel every chance in the world.  Marvel has a good track record with 2nd movies in a franchise, and Iron Man is (arguably) the best 1st installment of a Marvel movie.

  6. I liked the interaction between Robert Downey JR and Gywneth Paltrow.  Might we get to see Pepper Potts don the armor?  If Scarlett Johansen has a good russian accent she might be able to pull it off. 

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ato220 – You can see Paltrow don the armor in the magazine. Just a glamour shot for EW, not necessarily based on any similar developments in the movie.  

  8. Another pic from the Iron Man 2 article featuring Gwyneth Paltrow [CAREFUL POTENTIAL SPOILERS]: http://bit.ly/BtN49

    I assume we have Mr. Downey Jr. to thank for all the luscious supporting actresses in this movie. Good on Marvel for shelling out for them.

    I enjoyed the first movie (while generally disliking Iron Man and his cast of hangers on in the comics) and have high hopes for the sequel.

  9. @Paul – The link I just posted contains that shot of Paltrow. Feel free to delete the post if the link/spoiler isn’t appropriate.

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I don’t really think it’s a spoiler, but that’s just me. It’s not a still from the movie. Or it doesn’t seem like one. Maybe I’m wrong though.  


    @Paul – I don’t even know who Iron Maiden is, so I am certainly not qualified to evaluate the pic.

  12. She’s all wrong.  Look at those fat knees.  The Black Widow *I* know isn’t that shade of white person.  It’s all wrong.  She’s too tall, and both not pretty enough, and too pretty.  This movie will be the biggest disaster ever.

    What happened?  I just blacked out.

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Josh – You’re coming very close to trolling. 

  14. @Josh – I believe you are now subconsciously #competitivegeekbaiting

  15. @Paul – Ban him! Ban him! Ban him!

  16. It’s funny; I’m really liking Black Widow (who is my favorite Marvel heroine, so this was gonna be a hard sale for me), but I think it’s because she doesn’t look much like Johansson at all. She’s a gorgeous woman and all, but I could not imagine her as Natalia before seeing these.

  17. It looks like Downey is wearing a halloween costume of the suit on the cover 🙂

  18. Oh my God, if we could ban people. There are days when I’d just be here talking to myself.

    I am delighted by this picture. I didn’t have an opinion one way or another until I saw the dopey wrist things and it all came rushing in. I have fully bought into the idea that these people know what they are doing. Can’t wait.

  19. Wow. As if Black Widow wasn’t attractive enough in printed form.

    And now between being married to Scarlett and being cast as Hal Jordan AND Wade Wilson, I’m officially not sure whether I love or hate Ryan Reynolds.

  20. @Jimski – I have a feeling that if banning were possible I would have been kicked out of here roughly a year ago. Would the site be better off or worse (or pretty much exactly the same)?

    @formerboygenius – Regardless of your love or hate, I think we can both agree that we wish we were him.

  21. @stuclach – yeah, after about five minutes I realized the emotion I was feeling was unadulterated jealousy… *grumbles several expletives with the word "lucky" in the middle of them*

  22. @stuclach: I could beat that, I would’ve been banned the day I first joined 🙂

    Does Samuel L Jackson have a bigger role in this? Or is it just another cameo by him?

  23. i dont like ironman armour update….

  24. Why everyone’s so confident in the inability to ban?

  25. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    What’s different about the armor?  Looks fine to me.  

  26. @chlop – I meant banning by Jimski (he just said he couldn’t ban).

    @smeeeeee – I don’t see any differences in the armor either.

  27. The Black Window costume looks dead on. To bad Johanson can’t act.

  28. Black Widow.  Oh, my. 

    I don’t think my wife is going to like my new desktop wallpaper.

  29. Wow Scarlett looks really hot as black widow. Wait she always looks really hot.

  30. @Paul: The suit looks a little bulky to me. Especially those hands, they look hideous!

    Again I’m sure this is just some random suit he had to put on for the shoot. Hopefully the final product isnt as bulky.

  31. I’m not sure why I bother posting things on here.

  32. I didn’t like the font Conor used.

  33. Somewhere in the world, a dark figure sits at a computer, typing up a Green Lantern/Black Widow slash fic.

  34. @Conor – What the hell does that mean?  I’m glad you posted this.  I’m interested in Iron Man 2 and was unaware of this news until you posted this.  90% of the comments have been on topic.  What did we do wrong?

  35. I like her as Black Widow. A promo poster should have her perched like a bird on the backrest of a chair typing on a computer station 5 feet off the ground.

  36. @stuclach: I think he’s in a period of ‘ifanboy middle age crisis’

  37. does RDJ look constipated or is it just me?

  38. @Bendrix:  To each his own, but I think she has been up for several Oscars.  Not that that instantly means you are a great actor, but one might think it exludes you from the "can’t act" category.  I thought she was good in Lost in Translation and Ghost World.

  39. Regarding differences in armor, it appears to be more muscular here, with some added yellow detailing. It’s not big enough of a difference to really matter though, just a slight upgrade like in the comics. At least there aren’t any nipples! (Will we, as a community, ever move past that? One thing’s for sure: I WON’T!)

  40. yea as soon as i saw the armour i saw the yellow on the shoulder blades on the armour and i dont like it. liked the original version a lot better.

  41. @josh

    I can’t believe that anybody could think that this font is better than the obvious choice of Times New Roman! 

  42. Damn, Black Widow looks pretty good.

  43. Me likey!

  44. One of my friends texted me yesterday that his brother is working on the set of Iron Man II.  I found that very cool.

  45. To those who have a problem with the change in armor;

    The ONLY difference (at least in this picture) is around his collarbone area.  That is it.  The area around his trapezius muscles is now more articulated and has yellow instead of red on the inner armor.  The hands are the same and there is even yellow ‘ribs’ on the armor from the first one.  It is possible that they changed the color on the upper forearms, but you cannot tell because of the font in the picture.

    If you do not want to believe that, don’t just take my word.  The original website is still up and you can get a 360 degree rotating animation of the armor used in the first one.

  46. @Conor

    Please don’t stop posting things. That just made my day. 

  47. Aw, Scarlett is so pretty. Thanks for this.

  48. Hmm.. Scarlett looks pretty. I should go take a look of that EW issue at my local BN.

  49. Pretty cool, I don’t know why I thought Black Widow would have short hair (guess because it’s been that way so long in the comics) not that it matter, I was just like "Oh, long hair, okay cool"

  50. I am a little afraid of this perhaps i am just being jumpy but this could go either way I mean i just say her in the Spirit and well….

  51. Wouldn’t be cool if Daredevil showed up for a cameo/lay?

  52. drooooooooooooooool! looks so hot this should be awesome if the action and acting is as good as starlet’s hotness level.

  53. I just remembered scarlet johanson signed a 2 movie deal with marvel. so she’ll probably be in the avengers too.

  54. @ultimatehoratio yes.

  55. To the Pepper Potts stuff: She’s got blonde hair and posing almost like a glamor shot, so I highly doubt it’s from the movie. Besides, the glove is the red and gold of Stark’s liking.

  56. I still think they should have casted Nathane Fillion as Tony Stark

  57. Woo!!!!!!!! (Bored posting in between chapters of Harry Potter, don’t judge! They’re amazing books!)

  58. That looks like a wig, and a mask. I guess they’re using Gary Oldman but want to keep it hush hush.

  59. @ Connor & Josh

    Your comments in recent posts suggest you are frustrated or dissatisfied the community here.   I thing the posts in this thread were reasonable opinions overall.  I ask the same question stuclach did:  What did they do?

  60. We’re really mostly joking.

    Y’all’s some literal mf’ers.

  61. Scarlett looks fantastic.

  62. @Josh @Conor @delphan – We need some type of snark-o-meter that is attached to each post.  Either that or we need a series of about 5 avatars that convey the seriousness of our posts (ranging from deadeyed, angry stuclach to gleefully mocking stuclach).  First you write your post and then you select your avatar.  IF I could code I would be all over that.

  63. Haters, this is why we can’t have nice things. Scarlett looks hot.

  64. I’m not feelin Johansson as the Black Widow. I’m officially worried about this movie.

  65. That is an awful perm/wig.

    My wild hope is that Scarlett gets some decent acting lessons before this movie finishes filming.

  66. Decent acting lessons? Did you see Ghost World? She was fantastic in that.


    I am for one totally stoked on this.

  67. I’ve had a mild crush on Scarlett since ‘Lost in Translation’.

  68. I’m a little thrown off by the armor here too, but I think it’s just that he’s not wearing the helmet that makes it look weird. 

  69. Girl with a Pearl Earring.

  70. I quite like the look of Black Widow here. Looks like a carbon copy to me.

    My gut reaction is that I’m not going to care much for the S&M-induced Whiplash, but I’ve never much cared for Iron Man’s rogue’s gallery truth be told. I tend to enjoy Iron Man stories on the strengths (and weaknesses) of Tony Stark’s character.


  71. So, Black Widow – russian accent or not?  That’s probably going to be the hardest thing for Ms. Johannson to pull off.  The Widow seems to clearly have one in the comics, but I think they might be better off pulling a Hunt for Red October.   

  72. @ultimatehoratio as long as it’s gratuitous and not Ben Affleck, lol

  73. Iron Man is the greatest superhero movie ever made. Iron Man 2 will probably be the 2nd greatest superhero movie ever made…unless it turns out to be the greatest.



  74. @diabhol don’t hold your breath.  They have big shoes to fill with the sequel and sequels have a tendency to be rather less than good

  75. @paul it looks like new stuff on the shoulders, a little more red than gold on the armor in general and the gauntlets look a little different as well.

  76. @vadamowens – I actually think superhero sequels — at least the 2nd movie, if not the 3rd– have a tendency to be quite a bit better than the first. The first movie seems to have to get the origin/introductory story out of the way, while the 2nd movie can just focus on being the best movie, telling the best story, possible.  To wit: Dark Knight was better than Batman Begins, Spider-Man 2 was better than Spider-Man (and perhaps the best super hero movie ever), X-Men 2 was better than X-Men.  Hell, even The Incredible Hulk was better than Hulk.  True, that was a reboot vice a sequel, but they did not have to concern themselves with an origin story in The Incredible Hulk– they handled that in one opening sequence.

  77. Scarlett Johansson’s Russian accent is going to be f’n terrible.

  78. Who would be the female equivolant to Nathan Fillion?

  79. @Jim Yeah, see I hated all of the X movies.  But I’ll agree that Dark Knight and S2 were better sequels.  I’m just trying to prepare people if it’s bad.  I’m not saying it’s going to be bad. 

  80. That’s a great idea for a skit – a candid camera thing – people going to places and interrupting conversations about movies etc, trying to lower their expectations.

  81. scarlett johannson has my undivided attention

  82. Yes. That will do.

  83. When it’s on the page you’re a weirdo, but once it’s done into a movie everybody’s doing it and it’s okay. Humanity…

  84. mmm scarlett

  85. Mickey looks ridiculous.  Really the whip guy?