‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Tie-in Writer Taking Over for Robinson on Earth 2

MTV Geek reports that Tom Taylor, writer of the Injustice: Gods Among Us tie-in comic is poised to replace James Robinson on Earth 2. Fellow Australian Nicola Scott will remain on the title as artist. Visual continuity in place, can we expect the same of the tone? We’ll find out with October’s issue #17.

From Injustice to the new Justice Society. Should be an…interesting transition.


To be continued.


  1. I’m disappointed that Robinson is leaving, but I really have enjoyed the Injustice tie in comic, even though I have no interest in the game.

  2. Yeah, I have really enjoyed the Injustice Gods Among us comic too. And I haven’t played the game yet.

    • You should try the game, I had a fun time with it.

    • It’s on my list. So far I have beaten Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City and Lego Batman 1. Trying to beat Lego Batman 2 now. Once I beat that I will get Injustice. And then Batman Arkham Origins this fall.

    • Good man, I’ve also come around to Arkham Origins and will be trying that. And possibly the Fables game too; just when I was getting bored with gaming!

  3. Well, both books are kind of crazy in their own way, so, maybe it’ll work! #cautiousoptimism

  4. I see what you did there DC, well played.

  5. Haven’t read the Injustice comic so I guess we’ll see what happens.

    Very disappointed Robinson is leaving though. Especially when he had some long-term plans for the book.

  6. Fitting, considering Robinson’s departure is itself an injustice.

    • Yea especially since we have no idea why he left.

      I was liking Robinson’s earth 2, but not loving it. Hopefully this is good.

    • @Arathi411 – the rumour I’ve picked up is that DC plan on launching a ‘sister’ comic to ‘Earth 2’, without Robinson’s input. Once he got wind of this, he took it as an affront, what with ‘Earth 2’ being his vision ‘n all. So, he walked.

    • I still have a hard time not resenting these writers who leave. They’re writing for DC comics for crying out loud. No amount of editorial would change the fact that they had a dream job, a primo title, and walked away.

  7. Oh thank god it’s not Scott Lobdell. Injustice has been all kinds of insanity, taking advantage of being being a parallel world.

    • I’ve been joking about Lobdell taking over but I’m so glad he isn’t, I know that there are people who like his writing and good for them, but for me he pretty much ruins everything I love (superman/boy and teen titans more specifically).

      I’ve not been reading injustice but ill give the new writer a chance, hopefully they’ll change the flash costume too 8)

  8. You have got to be kidding me. I was afraid that the disagreement Robinson had with DC was that they wanted the book to be an alternate universe death shlockfest, and this just cements my fears. Earth 2 was great because it was the polar opposite of the Injustice comic.

  9. Tangentially, I haven’t been reading Injustice but I was aware of the type of story it was. But man, that image is crazy.

  10. SUPERMAN – “YEEEAAAAH…You didn’t see that coming did you Joker?”

    JOKER – “But, but…Supes, you said you had my BACK….ohhhh, I see now”

  11. I will start buying Earth 2 again because of this. I bought the first five issues but dropped it. Tom Taylor is killing it on “Injustice.” Not just the shock moments but the dialogue and direction are just fantastic.

  12. Tom Taylor will be great on this !!! He ‘s doing a great job with injustice and besides he’s a aussie !!