In Russia, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Trailers YOU

The Russians get something different than we do with their X-Men: First Class trailer. It's oddly dubbed, but you still get some treats we've yet to see in our western decadence. You get a lot more of the effects and how the powers work, like Banshee and Beast, and it really looks like a movie about Professor X and Magneto, and that still sounds kind of fantastic to me.

Then again, all the lines in the movie could be dubbed to say very silly things. We might never know. I mean, we could know, if we knew someone who spoke Russian, but that would require a lot of effort.

Either way, how about that kid from About a Boy in Skins? How about that kid from Skins as Beast. Crazy, right?


  1. omg, could this be sweeter?! so excited!

  2. ok, maybe w cyclops, but im puting that outta my mind … lalalala

  3. Hope the movie is as good as the trailers have been!

  4. My Russian is so rusty. “Lyudi Iks”?

    Cannot wait. 80 days! 

  5. Comrade X men destroy capitalist America!

    Totally needs Collossus.  

  6. @kennyg Have faith in Goldman and Vaughn…This is gonna be so freakin’ sweet.

  7. Awesome. Also, I’ve been learning Russian so understood some of that. That’s cool.

  8. BANSHEE!!!! Nice.

  9. How awesome is it that they gave Banshee the stupid striped wings things? I totally squeed.

  10. “if we knew someone who spoke Russian, but that would require a lot of effort.”

    Josh, you already know someone who speaks fluent Russian 🙂

  11. One Word…Epic

  12. This isn’t the trailer for the full-length feature of “Worker and Parasite”?

  13. @CParadise  It’s so much effort, Ed! I had laundry to do!

  14. @Josh. Watch The Football Factory if you’re an anglophile. How real football firms have their meets, much better than that other piss poor one about that journo from Harvard who some how become nails overnight. This is the Cockney real deal. Awesome film

  15. I wonder what the literal translation of this is. is there an way to transliterate X?

  16. Great Yakoff Smirnoff reference…

  17. These trailers really have been fantastic. Wish I knew what they were saying and the enthusiasm for this movie has really increased again after viewing this.

  18. Ha! Love the title of this article.

    And this movie looks awesome in any langauge.

  19. Jeez, this movie really came outta nowhere for me. I mean, sure, we’ve been hearing about the development for years, but these trailers just keep looking better and better. This could be my most anticipated movie of the summer, and this year that’s saying something!

  20. That looks so cool!

  21. At first of hearing about the movie I thought it was going to be a bust, but as it turns out its looking pretty sharp.

  22. I’m definitely still getting a nice tense of tone, atmosphere and tension. I think this may just be a good one.

    My only problem at this stage is that I’ve just seen Michael Fassbender in a little flick called Fish Tank, so I’m having an even harder time than USUAL in relating to Magneto. 😉 (If you’ve seen the movie in question, you’ll know what I mean…)

  23. Um, that trailer was the bees’ f*ckin knees. I am so shocked that a film that was so widely regarded as going to be horrible has been able to impress this much, so quickly. Wow. Emma’s diamond form doesn’t look great in this trailer, but all the other effects look really solid.

  24. Who said it was going to be horrible? Where did that come from? What is the origin of this notion?

  25. I’m getting the feeling that this movie is going to go over better with comic nerd crowds than it is the masses. Which selfishly, I’m more than content with. Looking forward to it.

  26. Has Ron watched SKINS? I always hear him talk about OC, 90210, and Dawson’s Creek but I’ve never heard SKINS on the podcasts. Would seem to be right up his alley.

  27. @conor: And people are saying it’s going to be the best thing ever with very little evidence.

    Come on, at least try and be neutral with us. 

  28. @TheNextChampion  Well, other than actual footage from the movie.

    I wasn’t aware I had to be neutral.

  29. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TheNextChampion  There’s also a wide margin between “Looks great” and “This is going to be the best thing ever.” I think most of us are just impressed with what we’re seeing after what I believe was a rushed, troubled production period. 

  30. @josh and @conor: 2 lousy X-films in a row is a quick way to get people to lose faith in the franchise, even with Vaughn directing. (and personally, I did not like Kick-Ass)

    But I’m going to wait until I’ve First Class before I say whether it’s terrible or not.

  31. @Paul But you’re missingy point. Apparently it’s alright to point out how stupid we were for giving our opinions on a film negatively with little support. But when it’s in a positive light, and you only have one good trailer to back anything up, then we cant say anything bad about it.

    I’m sorry but conor highlighting the text and pointing out how ‘wrong’ we were is a trollish thing to do. If I did it, or Edward, or kickass, or anyone else; we’d immediately have the comment down.

    It’s called opinion whether it’s good or bad. I still can’t fathom why this is such a mysterious thing for some people.

  32. again, looks pretty cool! I hope they dont call him ‘Banshee’ and make the same annoying mistake the comics always did.

  33. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TheNextChampion  He posted a link to an article. That’s not trolling. It’s a fact. 

  34. @Paul said:

    There’s also a wide margin between “Looks great” and “This is going to be the best thing ever.” I think most of us are just impressed with what we’re seeing after what I believe was a rushed, troubled production period.”

    Point nailed.

  35. @Paul: Alright you broke my arm.

    We’ll go back to telling our opinions while you all make fun of us for it.

  36. @TheNextChampion  Cool it.

  37. The first trailer really excited my wife and me. This new one does nothing to lower my expectations. The trailers make it seem as though the film is going to be focused on character as well as big explosions and submarines being pulled out of the water. Here’s hoping film’s as good as I want it to be!

  38. My first impressions is that it looks good so far. It looks as though it’s at least better than the X-Men 3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I think I’m more excited about all the new characters appearing in this movie than the story of Charles and Erik, especially January Jones/White Queen

  39. I cannot believe how awesome this movie looks.

  40. The new shots are impressive.  I was never impressed with any of the original 3 x-titles, but this has the potential to be exceptional.  Thanks for continuing to post these trailers.

  41. For all those falling in love with the two trailers, remember that Pearl Harbor looked f’n great based purely on the trailers, and my ass is still mad at me for sitting through that one.

    I am not predicting gloom and doom or anything, but isn’t it a complete failure by the production crew if they cannot put together a good trailer??

    My $10 is going towards this movie, and it always was.  But I put no trust in any trailer, save to show me the set pieces.

  42. I just hope the Emma Frost they use in this one is closer to the comic book hotness. The one used in X Men Origins: Wolverine was a crime against humanity

  43. you get Skins in the US? sorry if thats off topic!

  44. looks good to me! 

  45. yes!

    X-Men/Magneto stories should always be a period piece, with Magneto’s connection with WWII.

    (and Frank Castle to the Vietnam War).

  46. @Paul “I think most of us are just impressed with what we’re seeing after what I believe was a rushed, troubled production period.”

    Wait… “we”? There’s agreement between us? Left fucking field is where this is coming out of. Ah well, a good burning at the stake is good for a person every once in awhile.

    Anywho. Some of the extra footage looks killer.  For any curious parties the russian titles/lines are a bit different as well and are (roughly) as follows:

    Title: “Before he was Professor X, he was called Charles”
    Title: “Before he was Magneto, he was called Erik”
    Xavier: “Hi, my name is Charles Xavier”
    Magneto (raising drink): “Here’s to you”
    Title: “They were friends” – “One hoped for peace” – “The other was defined by pain” – “Their unique abilities made them different”
    Xavier to Magneto: “There is more than you know inside you, more than pain and fury”
    Title: “But fate will make them into comrades”
    Xavier to Magneto: “You have kindness in you, you can control this, you have strength inside that no one else does. Not even me”
    Magneto: “Tomorrow people will know that mutants exist”
    Title: “Find out about the beginning of the truth”
    Xavier to Magneto: “We can become better”
    Magneto to Xavier: “We already are”
    Title: “Which will decide our world”
    Xavier to Magneto: “Listen to me carefully my friend, killing will not bring you peace” 
    Magneto to Xavier: “Peace is not my goal”


  47. @kidCharlemagne  Assuming you mean the original British version. No. We don’t get it in the US. But we do get the internet in the US…

  48. @itsbecca  And it’s on NetFlix.

  49. I’m from Russia, and… 
    BDD2CED2 D2D0DDC9CBC5D0 C6C3E1D2 🙂

  50. This trailer needs more Kevin Bacon 😉

  51. @conor  That’s what I was referring to, it’s on watch it now. I mean I suppose you could get it physically through netflix. I just don’t know why anyone would choose that.

  52. BEAST!!

  53. Considering before the trailers started hitting this was the movie I was least excited about this summer, I have to say that these trailers are fast making it my most anticipated summer cinematic adventure. 

    Also, thanks @itsbecca for the translations!  

  54. I like the first trailer far more. This one gave us some more shots, but I thought the music, and framing the story around the Cuban Missile Crisis was really powerful in the first one.

    Then again, if I understood Russian maybe this would have been just as strong.

    @itsbecca – Thanks for the translation. After reading it, I think this trailer probably gets to the heart of the film’s story more than the first trailer.

  55. Looks to be just as good as X2 or better!  Could easily trump X3 and Wolverine Orgins (not that that’s hard) and X1.   Now I’m angry Vaughn didn’t do X3…

  56. Every time I see how awesome this looks, I get excited, and then the continuity nerd in me screams, “but that’s NOT the First Class!” … He’s very hard to fight.