iFanboy Video @ San Diego Comic-Con: Update

As you may have noticed, the iFanboy video show is back with coverage from the San Diego Comic-Con.  We’re changing things up a bit this year, so we wanted to share with you what the plan is and what you can expect.

Listen, we got A LOT of interviews this year and we didn’t want to bunch them up for too long.  So, as opposed to our previous approach of 4 or so long form videos containing many interviews, we’ll be rolling out short episodes, practically daily for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

You can watch the videos here on iFanboy.com, or you can subscribe the the RSS feeds (SD and HD) for the video show, or you can subscribe and watch in iTunes (SD and HD), or you can watch them on YouTube.com/ifanboy – the choice is yours.

Have you seen the first 2 episodes, our con wrap up and coverage teaser and our first video with Robert Kirkman? No? Then check them out here. Enjoy!


  1. The shortness of this Kirkman interview, bookended by the cheerful music, just makes it somehow funnier.

    Can’t wait for part 2!

  2. Cool stuff guys. I would love to go to Comic Con someday. Thanks for the coverage!

  3. Guys, I really love the site and I dont want to be negative but…

    These interviews are fun but I’m really disappointed with the lack of the old style of video show. It’s what set iFanboy apart from other websites.

    Those other comic sites are bigger and have the resources to get interviews up quicker, and often have longer interviews with higher profile creators. They had these type of interview video up during the con rather than over a 2 or 3 week block after it wraps up. It doesn’t seem that you have the resources to match these big sites so why bother when you already had a more interesting and individual format to your videos? They gave iFanboy it’s own identity and really made you stand out as something different. Those video shows are what grabbed me and made me a daily reader for years.

    Guys I love the site, you have great writers who constantly entertain (especially Paul and Ryan who are some of my favourite writers on comics anywhere), I just wish you’d go back to that style of video that dragged me in at the beginning.

    • Thanks for the feedback and I understand where you’re coming from, hell, I agree with you – but as we said when the video went on hiatus, that after 200+ episodes, we needed a bit of a break from that – as well as outside factors that affect our reality. In a perfect world, we’d be doing it for you every week (or more), but we all know the world isn’t perfect and so we do the best we can

      That said, you haven’t even see the interviews yet.

      While we enjoy doing the in-depth discussion shows, we’re also pretty proud of the interviews we did at SDCC, especially this year as we focused on who we wanted to talk to and got some really good stuff. So, while we’re just 2 videos in of what’s going to be a bunch, I would hope that you could reserve judgment until you’ve seen them. We could have dumped them all out early this week, but we’re spacing out the releases so that it can be enjoyed over time. We approached our interviews the same way we do our in-depth discussion, in a timeless manner – so it’s less about “OMG RUCKA IS DOING LAZARUS AT IMAGE” and more about talking to Rucka about what Lazarus is, what his approach to creator owned books is, and a MUCH longer and deeper conversation.

      Thanks for the compliments on Paul and Ryan (I too enjoy them) and the other writing. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these videos that we’re working hard to bring you.


    • Thanks for the reply Ron. I agree with what you say about your interviews – the iFanboy crew are always informed and prepared interviewers who do a great job. Sorry if I sounded too down on the video interviews, it wasn’t really my intention. Compared to some other big sites (one of whom interviewed Kirkman with the line “I haven’t read TWD #100 yet but…”) the standard is suberb and I’m sure you have some great ones in the pipeline for us.

      In fact some of my favourite audio interviews are iFanboy ones. The Talksplode episodes with Brian Wood that you did stand out in my mind as some really great interviews. The one Josh did recently with Sean Murphy was really good too and gave great insight into his career and mindset. I loved the Booksplodes as well and I’m waiting patiently for you guys to fulfill your promise to finish all 6 Starman Omnibus volumes! 😉

    • I’m would love to get the rest of the Starman Booksplodes! But no rush I know you all are busy guys, if you end up recording those episodes from a nursing home when your in your 90s I’d be happy.

  4. Hahaha “It’s a natural kind of thinking for apocalyptic – Kiss my ass!”

  5. i like the short approach better! great move guys. I never really like video podcasts that are longer than 10 minutes anyway. I prefer those long form shows in audio format. I just can’t ever seem to make the time for longer video podcasts so this solution is perfect for me! Can’t wait for the rest of the interviews

  6. The iFanboy interviews with Krikman are hands down the best interviews anywhere. No one else can capture his charm and sense of humor. Keep it up guys!

    • I was cracking up throughout this. You can tell Kirkman and the iFanboys have a great affinity for each other in all the interviews they’ve done, which is quite awesome.

      I am fine with shorter segments, and I understand how that will allow you to get these posted faster. But I’m ready for more! POST MORE! YOU WILL POST MORE NOW!

  7. Lookin forward to these. It was great seein you guys together again. Pumped!

  8. Ron Richards (@ronxo) thank you for making them it is worth the wait, i really really hope yo guys do new york city comic con this year, it is geat to meet ll three of you guys Josh Conor Ron and Paul, i just hope ifanboy mobile version will return

  9. I like the short form approach and welcome the return of the videos.