iFanboy Video Goes On Fall Break

It’s true! After 135 episodes, we’re going to take some time to recharge our batteries, and take a break from the video show. There will be no new episode this week, and then we’ll have one show next week (and maybe the week after), and then we’re away for a while, although t
here might randomly be a new episode during the break if something that we’ve been planning works out.

Before any panic starts up, let me make something clear right now. THE VIDEO SHOW WILL RETURN!  We promise. 

You might be asking yourself, “Why iFanboy? Why would you abandon us like this?” To that, I would say, “We’re not abandoning you!  We love you!” And then we would probably say something like, “No, not like that. You need to back up, because it’s making us uncomfortable.”

We’ve been doing the iFanboy video show for two and a half years now and after 135 full length shows, 144 Minis, and 14 comic book conventions we decided that we had earned ourselves an extended break. It will be the first time that we’ve taken a break from producing the video show since we started in January of 2007 (we actually started working on the show at the end of 2006). Sure, there were two times that we took a week off, but if you are at all familiar with video production you know that a week off is no break at all when you constantly have to be working weeks ahead.

And so, we’re just going to take a much needed break from the video show to get refreshed, recharge the batteries, come up with some great, new ideas, and come back stronger than ever!

At this time, we don’t have an exact date for the return of the show, but watch out, because we might sneak up on you before you know it. In the meantime, we might even remind you of some of our favorite shows from the catalog.

Thanks for watching, and we’ll be back! We hope you will be too!


  1. I thought we had something…special.  Why are you leaving me when I need you the most?!?!

  2. You guys have definitly earn it. Have you thought about "re-running old episodes" I know the show about Sketches really improved my con experience and I think it would be great for others that havent seen it. Granted they could always go back into the archieves and watch them.

  3. Is this one of those "it’s not you, it’s me" things?  Oh, I know how those work. 

  4. @English: "In the meantime, we might even remind you of some of our favorite shows from the catalog. "

  5. This isn’t like "we need some space to think over our relationship" break is it?  Because I can change man. Tell me what I have to do and I will make it happen. DON’T LEAVE ME LIKE ALL THE OTHERS! (Crying too hard to type anymore.)

  6. The break is well-deserved; we will miss you in the meantime!  Don’t forget to write 😉

  7. Why iFanboy? Why would you abandon us like this?

  8. Totally understandable, guys.  Taking a step back after a grind can be a good thing.  Just make sure you don’t forget about us!  🙂

  9. Well if you guys go to anymore cons this year, just put up some con footage instead trying to come up with anymore themed shows.

  10. Looking back, it’s clear that licking the lens horrified them so much it made them rethink the entire enterprise.

  11. Actually, I think Darwyn Cooke shamed Ron so much that he no longer wants to talk about comics for fear of getting made fun of.

    Damn you Darwyn Cooke!  DAMN YOU!!!

  12. Thank you for all 135 shows and 144 minis! (which has got to be at least 4500 minutes of iFanboy goodness) You guys have definitely earned a break. Rest up. We’ll be here when you’re ready to come back.

  13. This sounds an awful lot like getting rid of the mini’s.

    I hope it does come back.

  14. Please see the second paragraph.

  15. "I can’t live without you, and I won’t let you live without me!"


  16. @josh: I read it. But you said the same thing about the mini’s. "It’ll come back in the future!"

    But I know you’ll bring this back. You do need a break from this stuff, I know I couldn’t do all the content you guys do every week. Hell it’s 7 guys (and a gal) working on all of this stuff. One person trying to do this would go insane…more so…

  17. Yay! Time to catch up!

  18. We didn’t say the minis will come back.  We said they might come back.  We didn’t know.

  19. MY LIFE.



    I mean, until you come back… but until then… HOW CAN I LIVE?!

  20. It’s come back….

    and it’ll be bigger than 10 Superbowls!

  21. i guess i’ll have to continue shooting my own stop motion animation iFanboy episodes to get me through the hiatus..

    Enjoy the time off..  

  22. Hahahaha. Good, because it sounded like you were breaking up with us… and I didn’t want to do something irrational…

    I’ll be waiting here until you get back… (I kid)

  23. I’ll be twirling my necklace and flip the lights back off and on….Waiting….

    So another usual weekend for me

  24. a little disapointing…but i understand…sob

  25. @Josh, I just rewatched the mini where you showed us your shelves. I was wondering if its still pretty much the same or if your orginization skills have gotten better, where your trades and hardcovers are concerned?

  26. First you tell us to not make the puppy cry & now you give us this news.  Pass the Kleenex please.


  27. please come back soon, my wednesday won’t be the same without you.

  28. Is there any chance of staff shows?  Similar to Paul walking to San Diego?

  29. Oh, and also, shall the 200th episode of the audio show be a video show, like the 100th?

  30. So how does Disney play into this…?


     the Tiki 

  31. You know what. I’m totally cool with this. And why not (We don’t pay for it). I don’t think I’ve been giving the video show the quality time it deserved anyway. Only watching on commutes and lunch breaks. 

    I look forward to the return just as much as I looked forward to the Phantom Menace when I saw that preview. Only with the hope of better results. 

  32. And here I thought the show was the result of 100% CGI magic…computers don’t need rest…

    My disillusionment grows with each passing moment…


    J/K, guys!  Hey, it’s your show…we’re fortunate to have you folks work on it to begin with.  I don’t argue with free.  That’s why y’all can set your own hours.  We’ll see you when the show returns!  Excelsior!

  33. Any chance you might be willing to take some request for video show topics from the ifanbase?  It’s always nice to have a few ideas saved up for a rainy day.

    4 suggested show topics (2 of them are actually serious):

    1) A discussion of the trajectories you would like to see the various publishers adopt going forward. (For example: I would like to see IDW continue with the licensed work, but start offering to publish creator owned work for the writers of those books. That would likely help them recruit bigger names to work on their licensed properties.)

    2) A discussion of the strengths of some of your favorite creators and some creative teams that you would like to see in the future (For example: Grant Morrison and Dustin Nguyen or Geoff Johns and Frank Quitely) and perhaps what you would like to see them working on.

    3) A 4-on-4, full court basket ball game (perhaps at some future Con): Conor, Josh, Paul, and Sonia versus Ron, Mike, Jimski, and Gordon (aka Tats McGee) 

    4) A cookoff pitting Conor, Josh, and Ron against each other to see who can cook the most delicious Chicken Wing (with myself as judge). 

  34. Enjoy the break guys.  But the show will be missed! 🙂

  35. As a musician I know how tough it is when your hobby becomes work. Much like a great comic, Id rather it come out less frequently if it helps to maintain the quality.

  36. Just realized: one of the last images we’re going to have from the video show for a while is going to be Darwyn Cooke grabbing Gordon’s stomach and signing it.  Yeah, I’m cool with that.

  37. much deserved break though it sucks it comes as I start my new desk job that leaves me with much downtime on the computer, but maybe Paul will do more videos to placate us 😀

  38. Congrats on getting so many video shows done this far!  I’ve enjoyed every episode I’ve watched (though I haven’t watched them all).  Enjoy your break.

  39. I’ll admit it makes me a little sad . . . but you guys have fun.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.  Oh wait . . . on second thought . . .

  40. This means more ustream instead, right?

  41. First Battlestar, then Scrubs, now the iFanboy Video show!? No!!!!!

    But you’ll be back so I’ll be patient. But indeed you guys do deserve a break, I’ll miss the show, but like anything, the longer you wait the sweeter the return. Also going out with Cooke episode is pretty damn sweet. 

  42. Iterim idea: Mini mashup!

    On a serious note, maybe we could get the Josh’s crib mini. Easily my favorite. 2nd, the one when Ron stands in front of a green screen.

  43. Hows about I do my own video show?

    "a day in the life of iFanbase"

    It could be an anthology, we all know how you guys love those!  

  44. @drakedangerz – You could always do that unofficially via Youtube.  I’d watch it.

  45. You guys deserve the break. I can’t imagine sorting through all that con footage. You guys shot way more than I was expecting. Can you just have Paul film more videos with his mighty muggs? I mean, he’s getting a new camera and everything.

  46. Wow, today I found out my LCS is closing soon.  Rats.  Will you guys do a whole season finally type episode? (long fucking season)

  47. @Gabe: I’m not sure what you mean.

  48. …NOT LIKE THIS! 

  49. @Gabe – Do you mean a season finale?  Like an episode capping the year (summarizing it)?

  50. Enjoy the brain recharge, guys!  I look forward to your eventual return.

  51. Can we at least get Conor to show up in the feed once a week saying “I’m sooooory”?

  52. You’re leaving me, just like my mommy and my daddy did! Come back, daddy!

  53. @stuclach:  I did like my user submitted shows idea.  Though I’m not certain anybody wants to see my ugly mug on camera raving about X-Force.

  54. @ato220: I would rather see your show then mine.

    Just me raving about Deadpool and Incredible Hercules for 2 hours…..in a span of 10 videos.

  55. @TNC – It would be very interesting to read the comment section on one of your videos.  I foresee a few iFanhosts wanting to exact some revenge.

  56. @stuclach: Oh if I had my own website and/or youtube series….I would stop running it within a day. I’m shocked the iFanboys put up with so much crap. With 99.9% of it coming from me.

  57. @TNC – More like 85%. There have been a few other chipping in lately with their ridiculous accusations of bias.

  58. @stuclach: That’s still pretty high of a number. lol

  59. you’re giving me the "it’s not you, it’s me" routine? i invented "it’s not you, it’s me". nobody tells me it’s them not me, if it’s anybody IT’S ME!!

  60. @tnc and @stuclach: I imagine a show with tnc making some wild rants on Marvelism and then us having video responses with diatribes about why it’s really not that bad and we should all just read good comics. 🙂

  61. @ato220: You know those hobos on the street that rant and rave? Where do you think they learn how to talk like that? 🙂

  62. Bummer, but an understandable bummer.  I hope when the show comes back we finally get the "Statue Episode"

     As long as we get a few more Talk and Booksplodes, and the show does come back (Not like Ultimate Hulk Vs. Wolverine way, but a couple of months like a TV show way) I will continue to keep my membership dues curent.

  63. I look forward to the idea of some of the pre-HD episodes being re-run.

  64. is that possible?

  65. Sorry to hear that boys, this was one of the few vidcasts I watched on a regular basis. But if it means more opportunties to sling some drinks back with you in the city, I’m all for it.




  67. Only because it hasn’t been done:

    But YOU complete me!!!!

    Have a good break and recharge the batteries!  It just means I can finally catch up on all the ones I have squirreled away.  I’m glad they’re not going the way of the mini, although I missed watching those when I woke up in the morning.

  68. I really don’t know what I’m going to do for Wednesday now.

  69. Jackietam:

    Read your comics on Wednesday.


  70. You know what this means right? Around Comics is gonna try to make their own video show now that you guys are on break and steal your fans.. 


    I’d rather see a Tom vs The Flash video podcast. 

  71. Are is it that Lindsay, Ali, and the other lady from the Video episode Love taking over the video duties and will now be called iFangirl? 😛 

  72. *Allie, and Rachel*

  73. Will you guys be back before Christmas?! I need your X-mas recommendation episode!!

    This is a real bummer…. 

  74. Look guys , just tell the truth.  When Disney bought Marvel ,  they also bought ifanboy. Because of that Disney wants to add another member to the ifanboy team , someone from the Mickey Mouse Club.

  75. bummed that to see the show go on a break but like everyone is saying you guys deserve it. also would totally dig a reminder of your guy’s favorite episodes.

  76. So, just as iFanboy decides to take a break, Disney acquires Marvel… coincidence? I think NOT!

  77. While it sucks that I don’t get my weekly iFanboy video fix, the guys taking a break is probably exactly what was needed.  Recharge those batteries guys and come back better then ever.

  78. This "break" sounds like a cover up while one of you goes to prison. I’m guessing Ron.

  79. Spoiler – Ross and Rachel get back together at the end. Ok, now you can continue the videos, guys.

  80. I really hope that AroundComics doesn’t take this break to get into vidcasts. If anyone defines the term, "A face only for radio" it would be those guys <wink>. I have to agree that with an earlier post that having Connor’s mug saying, "I’m soooooorrry!" would have been great.

    Only one thing I have to worry about is that Josh is the one who seems to be always slated to hand out the bad news. We all know he hates fun, but jeez who gave him the black coat and sickle?

  81. bummer ! hope you guys come back by halloween! gotta have a killer halloween episode.

  82. this better not end up being like when a band takes a "hiatus" 

  83. You guys are being complete selfish bastards and I’m not standing for it.


    Wait! NO!  I mean….wait. 


    I love you….

  84. Shit man, you guys deserve a break. This will be good, maybe without you guys constantly reminding me of awesome books that I haven’t read yet I can finally kill my Amazon wishlist. Until then, I’m rewatching mini’s. Enjoy the break.


  86. hope you guys make another manga episode in the future.

  87. clip show.

  88. forgot to mention that thanks for you guys doing all this traveling and with ron’s frequent travel to nyc to the show. i know the mini’s is while back but it started with a bit of skepticism, then it grew on us, and it was sad that you guys stop the minis. it sux that there will be no video show for sometime since i learned about ifanboy through the video shows. liek the rest of the guys, you guys deserve a break. besides, you guys are still working with the audio podcast, the occasional talkplisode, the website articles, and then you guys got to deal with murmur now as well. hope you guys come back stronger. and I do agree with adam that we need a clip show. i still laugh about the "hugh" joke and the way josh trying to explain what happened in final crisis. oh yeah, and ron’s trip to hot topic. lol.

  89. How sad. I thought I noticed Ron looking a little bit irritated and possibly burned out during recent shows, so if this break is what’s needed, then more power to you guys. You really do a lot of good work on here, and you make it more fun to be a fan of comics in general. Hope you come back from the video break soon. Sorry for the anti-Marvel slant comments, Ron.

  90. Stuchlach said: @drakedangerz – You could always do that unofficially via Youtube.  I’d watch it.

    @Stuclach: ditto. But wouldn’t that make us the ifanbasefanbase…. ughhh I think I just blew my mind.

    @Gramercy: XD!!!!

    @ato220: …how ugly is it?

    @TNC: I’d watch that…

    @notadultyet: XD!!

    @Kuhan: Thefreakytiki made note of that as well. It’s an interesting conspiracy theory.

    @mypistola: A Tom vs. the Flash video podcast? O= That would be soooooooooo good! I would laugh like a giddy school girl. *snickers* eh…….it’s official, I have no dignity.

    @mongo: XD!!!

    =_=… phewww… after reading all 90 comments I’m burned out! How do the staff DO this? They must have eyes of steel.

  91. @Mangaman – I’m fairly certain the staff doesn’t read every comment.  Otherwise they would have heaped praise on my first post and then immediately set to work creating my four suggested video shows.  The only possible explanation for why that didn’t happen is that they simply didn’t read the comment.  Clearly.

    I have no problem being part of an ifanbasefanbase.  Some of the commenters on this site are extremely intelligent and/or knowledgable.  Some of them are also fun to interact with.  A very small subset of posters are actually both. 

  92. A hiatus well earned, friends. Looking forward to seeing more video shows in the future 🙂

  93. This is how I broke up with my first girl friend when I was a teenager. We’ve been at this awhile, I think we should take some time, you do some things, I’ll do some things and we’ll get back at this in a bit.

     I’ll miss the show. I vote that you do old shows, 1 old mini and a new one a week…but I’m being selfish. 

  94. Oh well, I always liked the audio podcast better anyhow.  That Astro City video podcast was excellent though.  I went out and bought every Astro City softcover on Ebay.  They were all good too, except for the Dark Ages.  Meh

    I hope they comeback before Xmas!!

  95. I still want to know how ron gets from san francisco each week to do the video show.

  96. @ adickhead- I always assumed that ron doesnt come from San Francisco every week. He comes to NY sometimes and whenever he does, him Conor and Josh record like 5-6 video shows at once at one of their places. They change shirts everytime they’re done with a show and change the books to the table also. Thats the only logical way i think they can do it. Plus there was an episode where Josh still lost his voice months after a con was over when the showed aired.

    This is just a guess… ifanboy wont reveal their SECRET. 

  97. @smeeeeee-Actually, Ron has a teleporter that his uncle Reed built him. 

  98. @drake- LOL i forgot about reed.


  99. @drake: stop baiting, bitch

  100. @smeeee Yeah, I’ve always been curious about that too. Your theory makes as much sense as any, but why the semi-elaborate ruse of changing clothes constantly? 

  101. I think the video show is the best part of this site.  Don’t get me wrong, i love the audio show and listen everyweek, but seeing some of the art and watching is just better. I was searching for some comic book related shows on youtube, but its hard to find one where you respect their opinions.  Lets face it, most of the shows about comics are pure douchbagery. Please bring it back soon.

  102. I’m with twooldridge. I remember that what brought me over to this site was the mini’s shown on youtube, but what kept me coming back was the great balance between professionalism and casual chemistry between the three podcasters. Find another three hosting a video show with chemistry remotely as entertaining. The Stack yousay? I think not.

  103. I’m backlogged anyway, so it’s cool. Thanks for the heads up!


  104. I think you guys have more than earned this break. Looking forward to whatever you guys have planned for the future! 

  105. I didn’t know what to do with myself on video day so I actually went outside. The sun felt really hot on my exposed skin, and hurt my eyes so much I had to squint. Then I heard something weird and scary. I think it was a bird. I ran inside and covered myself in comics and cried. Oh how I cried.

  106. You ventured…. outside?!


  108. Seems like a good idea to step away for awhile and come back fresh.  I’m still catching up on the old episodes and having a lot of fun doing it.

  109. take ur time (^-^).  u guys deserve it!

    I await the return of the vids patiently.

  110. Will you guys return with a new number 1? Will we get a big shocker to start off this reboot? May I suggest: Josh turns villian, Ron is a clone, Conor has a ‘comic book death’ passing on the Conor mantle to Paul, or Gordon gets retconned back into continuity (that was obviously Earth-2 Gordon on the Darwyn Cooke show)?

    (I had to control-F search to make sure no one else made a renumbering/reboot joke.)

  111. @captbastrd Impressive.

  112. Very Happy for you guys, I guess I’ll have to listen to the audio show…Which is fine, but it’s always considerably longer, and doesn’t do as much for me if I haven’t heard of the comic. At least in video there’s a visual reference.  Enjoy your time off, I look forward to having you back soon!

  113. welcome back missing hour of my week.

  114. Oh well, at least Big Bang Theory new season is coming, but you guys are better.

  115. Where’s that pitch you guys made?

    "Three Guys and a Comic Book Store" If a show like Big Bang Theory can still be on the air then that show can work!

  116. Man, I miss the minis… I hope the video returns soon.

  117. Somebody having plastic surgery?

  118. I noticed that in last week’s video announcement of the Fall break you already had copies of the Fables Deluxe HC and Peter and Max. Is it wrong for me to want be a journalist, partly for the advance copies of highly anticipated works?

  119. If it makes you feel any better, I don’t usually get around to reading that stuff until after it’s been released anyway…

  120. @Josh – I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Fables Prose.  Murmur article, perhaps?

  121. Look for it in 2013!

  122. @Josh, you’re so funny, because we all know the world is ending in 2012!

  123. If anyone can show me where the button is, you’re damn right it is.

  124. We love you, Josh. 

  125. Yes, we love you all!! Well, maybe except Ron. We just kind of like him.

  126. iFanboy loves you as they love Jacob

  127. Oh god what am I saying!!  We love you too, Ron!!

  128. I don’t know if I love any of you, but rest assured that I am willing to tolerate you forever.

  129. So odds on the show returning with NYCC? That’s what I’m guessing.

  130. I don’t love you guys, but I don’t wish death upon you either.  That’s all I have to give. 

  131. Sorry.

    Mea Culpa.

    Momentary lapse of reason.

  132. Has a return date been scheduled yet? 

  133. Nope. When it is you guys will be the first to know.

    (It hasn’t even been a month!) 

  134. @Conor – It shows how much we love the video show.

  135. There is nothing that is more pathetic than being a grown man right clicking "Update Podcast" in Itunes, even though he knows there is nothing there.

  136. I’m all out of love…I’m so lost without you!~

  137. Air Supply!

  138. And the hits keep coming!

  139. How much longer, I can’t take it any more!!!

  140. Agrees w/ sahdmasood, when is the break over? 


  141. Still clicking!

  142. Still waiting and refreshing.

  143. Well, we know there’s going to be a APE episode (or maybe some interviews that were done at APE). 

  144. APE?

  145. Alternative Press Expo

  146. this is getting lame. A break is couple of weeks, not months…bring back the show already!!

  147. @mscelfo1: "Sure, there were two times that we took a week off, but if you are at all familiar with video production you know that a week off is no break at all when you constantly have to be working weeks ahead."

  148. Having worked in post-production, Conor’s absolutely right. Editing video footage week to week is a full time gig. Taking into account that the boys also run this website (which I can also say, from experience, can be a full time job all of its own) AND they’ve got day jobs, I’m surprised this is the first hiatus they’ve gone on.

    Fact of the matter is, if you keep running yourself ragged week after week, year after year, eventually you burn out. If the guys need a sabbatical to recharge those batteries and get the creative juices flowing again, I’m all for it.

  149. @Viewt

    Agreed. I was amazed when they were doing the mini’s and all the usual stuff. Post production is fun, but it is extremely time consuming. 

  150. *click*





  151. Whew…only a few more weeks left

  152. Hey, if you need a little Ron video action, he does appear in the latest episode of Scam School (episode 87).